The Perfect Soluation: Dortmund land Ivorian Giant Sebastien Haller #1497

Dortmund finished second in the Bundesliga last season but suffered shortcomings and the most critical moments. Faltered in the Bundesliga when they needed results and fell on their face in the Champions League in the group stage than in the Europa League knockout rounds against rangers. To make matters worse, Manchester City paid the release clause of erling haaland as the Norwegian Superstar that scored 86 goals departed for Manchester on a 74 million deal that put Dortmund in a complicated position. More or less becoming a Julian Brandt-led team overnight. Dortmund needed to find a striker the replace the Norwegian freight train, someone that can provide 20 goals of a season to a Dortmund team that desperately wants to end the reign of terror Bayern Munich has held over them. Donyell Malen is already at the club, and they added Karim Adeyemi from RB Salzburg, an attacker that can be a wide player in the attacking constellation. However, Donyell Malen and Karim Adeyemi certainly didn’t feel like enough for Dortmund to put together a proper team that can challenge the league next season. Adeyemi has been a lethal goal scorer in the Austrian Premier League but is still incredibly Raw and Young, not the finished article or a proven goal scorer. Dortmund was still looking for a solution before agreeing on a particular Target. Dortmund’s board of directors has done an excellent job building the back line with the coop of Nicola Schlotterbeck and Nicolas Sule. As for the attack, the name identified was Ajax Striker Sebastien Haller coming off a 34-goal season in all competitions, a league title in Holland helping Ajax win their group in the Champions League and take them into the round of 16 despite the defeat. After the conclusion of the Champions League, he was still the third-highest scorer in the competition with 11 goals in Europe. The potential of a Bundesliga return was on the cards. He spent two years at Frankfurt, winning the German Cup against Bayern before his move to West Ham that never really worked out. The Ivorian striker agreed on personal terms before Dortmund and Ajax reached a fee of 40 million. His medical has been completed, and he is expected to be announced officially at signal iduna Park at the beginning of July. Fabrizio Romano has announced that the deal is done this week, and he will join Dortmund on a four-year deal. Sebastien Haller gives Dortmund the striker that they needed for a surplus to requirements in the Bundesliga next season. It may have been an unexpected transfer, but Sebastien Haller checks all the boxes to be the heir of the throne left by Haaland, filling into a Julian Brandt-led Dortmund for the upcoming campaign.

Physically Imposing Goal Scorer

Sebastien Haller and erling haaland have similarities and differences from one another. The style of play in which they play is not far off from one another. Obviously, erling haaland is one of the best young players in the world and a goal-scoring machine. Sebastien Haller may not be able to reach the type of numbers that the Norwegian freight train can produce; he is substantially less talented, but Sebastien Haller has similar qualities as his predecessor, allowing him to slide into the team and do an equal amount of damage maybe not in terms of goals going numbers. Still, the impact he can have on this Dortmund team could even be more influential. Dortmund is rarely a type of side that is uplifted by a superpower in the attack. For the last two-and-a-half years, they have played through erling haaland, a true Superstar and Incredibly dominant player. Jurgen Klopp won back-to-back titles with Dortmund in 2011 and 2012. Even though he had Robert Lewandowski at his disposal, it was a very different Robert Lewandowski than the Bayern Munich version, and furthermore, it was a team that wasn’t propelled or surrounded by his Talent; the pieces around him were equally important. Very different from erling haaland, essentially, he was the one dictating everything. Sebastien Haller is a proven goalscorer who has done this in various countries. 73 League goals in Dutch football and 26 League goals in the Bundesliga his first time out. The West Ham United situation didn’t work out, but that wasn’t down to him. Sebastien Haller is a physical specimen standing at 6’3 has an imposing element about him that makes it difficult for Defenders to handle him. He may not have brute strength that you would expect coming from someone of that size; he is rather thin and slim but moves incredibly quickly. He has excellent positioning finding himself in dangerous areas regularly knows how to space himself manipulating the offside trap and getting into those tight areas to score goals. His link-up play is exceptionally well time as his positioning it’s such a threat to the opposition; those around him will benefit from his movement and overall what he brings to the table. On top of that, he’s a proven goal scorer with all the capability. In the Bundesliga, again following a rising Amsterdam experience with an excellent goal-scoring record both domestically and in Europe, his physical gifts and athleticism will make him a menace to deal with consistently for Dortmund; they are adding a top player that will allow them to go back to what has made Dortmund a success but also having a player capable of scoring in large numbers for a Dortmund team that wants to chase down by Bayern.

Bunesliga Experience: Frankfurt Beat Bayern In German Cup Final

Sebastien Haller has familiarity with the Bundesliga already. He spent two seasons with Eintracht Frankfurt scoring 33 goals with the eagles. During his second season, Sebastien Haller and Luca Jovic became an incredibly formidable Duo, combining 47 goals in all competitions. Eintracht Frankfurt made it to the quarter-finals of the Europa League in what was tremendously successful. However, the crowning Jewel of his time in the Bundesliga with Eintracht Frankfurt came in the German Cup final as they took down the mighty Bayern Munich. He is proven to have the qualities to handle himself and pressure the moments in big games against elite competition. He scored four goals in the cup during the run to the final, helping them win their first trophy in many years. It prompted West Ham to spend 45 million on the Ivorian striker; he was expected to take them to another level it didn’t pan out in the way he would have liked. However, Sebastien Haller wasn’t the one to blame; he wasn’t properly used at the London Stadium and never really got to show the qualities he possessed. 14 goals in two seasons, yet during his second season at West Ham, he had seven goals; by January, he was showing some progress but never was putting position to make a real difference in the team. David Moyes may have had success, but he certainly mismanaged Sebastien Haller. It was essentially like having a Ferrari and giving the keys to a 5-year-old. Sebastien Haller is a very versatile goalscorer with an imposing size and the capabilities of scoring from mutually anywhere; his stint at West Ham wasn’t on him; they made it nearly impossible for him to be a success in the Premier League. It was a deplorable situation forcing him to return to Holland, where he earned a name for himself at FC Utrecht, scoring 51 goals from 2014–2017 before moving to frankfurt. Ajax picked him off West Ham in January and scored 13 goals in 23 games showing the quality of a top Striker. You add the seven goals he scored at West Ham earlier that he bagged a 20-goal season. This last campaign, 34 goals, a league title, and a Champions League run. Unfortunately, he had to go back to Holland to get a route back to the Bundesliga, but he is back and could not have come at a better time for Dortmund. They have an absence at striker and need someone to give them between 15 and 25 goals this season. Sebastian Haller may not have been what was expected, but he certainly fits the bill; he has been a 20-goal scorer in three of his last four seasons. He knows the Bundesliga well enough to hit the ground running next season, and he’s even won a trophy on German soil; he’s not going into another going back into a league that he is familiar with; they will be no transition he will take what he did at Ajax and bring it into a Dortmund team that needs it.

The Dortmund Identity: A Perfect Fit for Brandt led Dortmund

Sebastien Haller wasn’t one of the striker options that was expected for Dortmund. This came out of left field, a rather unexpected interest from Dortmund before pulling the trigger in a 40 million deal from Ajax. Primary names associated with this were mainly Patrik Schick and Sasa Kalajdzic, along with several other Bundesliga attackers. Sebastien Haller was barely a name on the radar speculation surrounding potential options to replace erling haaland. However, the Ivorian Striker is a perfect fit for a Dortmund team led by Julian Brandt. Julian Brandt is one of the best midfielders in the Bundesliga and one of the most underrated in European football. When you look at this team and try to win something soon, Julian Brandt is the one Dortmund need to build around. Meaning systematically, the players that come into his team need to be able to bode well with his play style and skill set. Julian Brandt may have found his match made in heaven. While Donyell Malen and Karim Adeyemi are young up-and-coming attackers with quality, the Sebastien Haller move fits in perfectly with Dortmund’s desire to build around Julian Brandt. The German international is one of the most creative midfielders in Europe. He is very strategic yet incredibly Elite with the ball at his feet. He is a conductor of the Dortmund midfielder; he also has the creative juices and energy to take anyone on. Exceptional dribbling ability, ball movement and vision, and passing ability, including deep crosses from Midfield. As I’ve already broken down, Sebastien Haller is 6 ft 3, fairly athletic but most importantly, positions himself in dangerous areas and operates the front line attack extremely surgically. His movement and spacing are exceptional; he knows where to position himself throughout different moments. When you take the passing ability of Julian Brandt and the size and athleticism of Sebastien Haller, they have an unquenchable thirst for each other, this skill set both of them to mix well and so perfectly. While he doesn’t have the raw speed or power erling haaland, he has very productive link-up; he is lanky and has size that will make things very difficult on the opposite. The two of them will connect and fit like a glove with each other. In terms of signings that Dortmund make, one of the most critical things is how they will fit with a Julian Brandt. Sebastien Haller not only has Bundesliga experience, is a proven goalscorer, and is a very imposing Striker but he will systematically set up and fit with Julian Brandt. We are talking about deep crosses from the Midfield and short passing execution because Sebastien Haller has excellent footwork and quick feet and can quickly release the ball. Julian Brandt is not always deep crosses sometimes; it’s a short passing sequence near the top of the box to cutting into it. Sebastien Haller has the capabilities to connect and collaborate under those circumstances, given his figure and skill-set. Not to mention he’s a proven goalscorer. Like I said before, he will not be viewed as a superstar. Dortmund arguably will be better next season with Sebastien Haller than they were with erling haaland. The Norwegian freight train is substantially the better player; there are no questions about that, but if you’re talking about a player that fits Dortmund and the way they can build this thing, Sebastien Haller is a better fit for this team. He is a guy who’s a 20-goal scorer on a regular while he is a superstar; it won’t be dictated around his individual brilliance. Dortmund will play more collectively as a team. I remember they have other attacking options that can play off of Sebastien Haller and Julian Brandt that will dictate everything they do next season. Dortmund has already handled their defensive deficiencies with Sule and Nico Schlotterbeck. Still, they added athleticism with Karim Adeyemi on the outside and potentially as a two-strike Partnership if needed. Then they add a proven goalscorer Sebastien Haller that will fit with the Midfield Mysterio Julian Brandt. Dortmund may have played 40 million for Sebastien Haller, which might have come as a surprise, but this is a perfect solution. Dortmund will play together and return to the identity as they take a Swipe at trying to Dethrone the reign of terror.


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