Buy In Or Lose: Romelu Lukaku Returns to a Different World at Inter #1501

Inter Milan lost the scudetto last season to their greatest Rivals after having to watch Milan take the title from their grasp despite being in control and having it in their hands the entire time. Some incredible progress under Simone Inzaghi they couldn’t get it over the line. Those things seemingly are about to change, given their activity in the transfer market. They have had a very Lively Mercato already upgrading their squad, making them a more antagonizing Force next season. The most active team in the market in and will continue to build themselves into the winner that they’re capable of becoming, proving to be a threat on all fronts domestically. In the Champions League, they’re not being talked about all that much right now, but Inter Milan could be a dark horse for the Champions League next season, and the way they’ve gone about their business this far has been widely impressive. Despite losing out on the title, they managed to capture the Coppa Italia and made it out of the round of 16 in the Champions League. After a certain amount of critique of Simone Inzaghi’s appointment following Antonio Conte’s departure, he silenced the critics even though they seemed to falter in the biggest moments he proved his worth in Milan. He ended up walking into a very difficult situation after Antonio Conte resigned. Inter Milan also lost their top scorer romelu Lukaku and requested to leave the club to rejoin Chelsea for 97 million. Hakimi left for 80 million to PSG, which was also a problematic transition considering the circumstances. Simone Inzaghi did a remarkable job. This summer, they have already secured the services of Onana from Ajax, Kristjan Asllani from Empoli, and henrikh Mkhitaryan from Roma while also in the sweepstakes for Pablo Dybala and Bremen negotiations for another signing that could be on the horizon. Romelu Lukaku left Inter Milan in the dust and departed for Chelsea last season, that handled it in the worst possible way, and his exit enraged the fans. Romelu Lukaku was an erratic and destructive season despite scoring 15 goals in all competitions; it was a toxic relationship almost from the start of last season when it was made abundantly clear that he made a grotesque error as Inter Milan treated him like a king. He left them like they were nothing. He took an interview Midway through last season explaining the situation and his regret over how he handled it. Immediately we saw him being linked with a return Inter Milan as a club seemed keen on a reunion; the fans, however, are a different animal and at the time found the suggestion that he could return offensive. They didn’t want him back. However, the possibility of a return soon became a reality as Chelsea opened negotiations. Chelsea has already been burned by the deal already come away with something from the operation. Inter Milan was not interested in an outright purchase; considering the last year he just had wanted to proceed with caution while still having an interest in bringing him back, they were only interested in a loan deal. After several weeks of negotiations, they eventually struck a deal bringing back romelu Lukaku to Milan. Fabrizio Romano confirmed that romelu Lukaku would be returning one year loan deal costing 10 million-plus bonuses for the year. Inter Milan did not input an obligation to buy or an option to buy on the deal still back permanently after next season, but as things stand, he would return to Chelsea after this upcoming season. Romelu Lukaku gets his wish as he gets his return; however, the reaction and the situation remains a complicated one. He is returning to a situation different from the one that he left. The keys to the admission have been given away; he’s not returning as a superstar and will have to earn the admiration Inter Milan once had for him back.

Why Inter Loved Him: Lukaku was the Anti Icardi

Romelu Lukaku scored 64 goals in 94 games in his first stint with Inter Milan under Antonio Conte. Inter Milan won the league title for the first time in a decade. He was one of the most polarizing figures in Italian football. Simply put, he was one of the league’s best players, and Inter Milan loved him. They treated him as a king, their superstar that would take them into the fire. It felt like a perfect match made in heaven, such a dominant team with so many critical pieces that made them such an insufferable Force. They finished second in the league during the first season making the Europa League final. Unfortunately, falling short to Seville in that second season, they took that extra step and ended the reign of terror Juventus had over the rest of Italian football. There was an incredible love and affection towards Romelu Lukaku during his time at Inter Milan. His arrival had caught him off of a toxic yet polarizing Mauro icardi; he was incredibly divisive despite being one of the greatest clinical finishers in Italian football, the club 6th highest goal scorer in history with 121 goals in six seasons; however, the negative impact and influence of Mauro icardi and his wife Wanda the relationship. The Inter Milan Ultras with Icardi relationship went sour toxic and outright vicious despite his qualities. Antonio Conte decided to let him go; the arrival of Romelu Lukaku gave them a figure to love the affection that there was at that time was undeniable. Not only was romelu Lukaku one of the best strikers in the league, but also a player that embraced them. However, has been done since he burned those bridges following the title-winning season, and he’s not going to get that affection back immediately; you have to deal with summoning negatives and tedious moments before he is adored by the Ultras and the club. They felt betrayed by Lukaku because of how much they loved him. They took him into their hearts with all the problems that Icardi created despite his performances. It was a violent relationship, from throwing the armband to threatening them, “I’ll bring 100 criminals from Argentina who’ll kill them where they stand, then we’ll see.” The falling out with Ivan Persic, Geoffrey Kondogbia, and Marcelo Brozovic, the diction of Wada’s show tearing down Icardi’s Inter teammates. It was hard to say anything because he performed, silencing the opposing fans and players with a look of death. When it came to Mauro, it had no issue starting a war, even with his own. Loyalty was never he felt the need to associate himself with likable qualities; he was a villain even to his own supporters, the Maxi Lopez love triangle, and his actions of aggressiveness at the Inter Ultras. A fearless being, perhaps an adversary, a demon in nature complete cut down of emotion, he was one of the best players Inter ever had, yet Inter never felt they could love him because he didn’t love them; he loved only what he could achieve and the way the fans lifted him and his performance it was pure manipulation. Inter was broken by Lukaku’s leaving because he was everything that Icardi wasn’t. Someone they could put their arm around, someone they could love. Someone that would love them back. Lukaku was written off by everyone he came under Conte and found himself with the support and love given to him. The type of love they never gave Mauro. Conte found him in a ditch and brought him back to life as a figure that loved Inter and Inter loved him. Lukaku brought Inter to glory and lifted them through every significant battle until they got their hands on the trophy. The fans felt used; they helped Lukaku find himself and reach the mountain top. It’s the ones we love that hurt us the most.

The Bridges Burned Must Be Repaired before They love again

Many within Inter Milan are unhappy with his return; many fans remain upset about how he handled his departure. They were losing so much that summer that the last thing they needed was their Star Striker leaving them high and dry. The nature of their departure was a bit toxic, and there was anger regarding romelu Lukaku; this is why so many Inter Milan fans on back of that a lot of them feel he didn’t deserve to wear the shirt again. This relationship can be fixed he can undo the damage that was caused, but it won’t be easy catering to the relationship and what his actions represent not only to the relationship between romelu Lukaku and the fans but also remember Inter Milan just narrowly missed out on winning the league his decision to do what he did could have contributed of them falling short. Many believe that Martinez was the best player on the team along with Nicolo Barella; however, he was a walking 20-goal scorer a season had he stayed with Inter Milan instead of asking him to leave right as Inzaghi was hired, which made the relationship tense and strenuous. The relationship they once had cannot be recreated, but they can form something similar to that, but it won’t be easy. The Ultras at Inter Milan put out a statement that wasn’t nice; it was direct on their feelings about romelu Lukaku at this very moment. Essentially saying they will not cheer him until he earns their respect back. Romelu Lukaku will be booed until he scores a substantial amount of goals and he performs regularly; it does seem that he is a system-based Striker; luckily, Inter Milan plays his preferred system; he is likely to thrive with Inter Milan, but he will be jeered and booed until the respect is earned back he’s not coming back and being treated like a king he will be treated like a nobody till his actions are accounted for. The respect is gained; he did a substantial amount of damage regarding how he left the club; he has work to do before they worship him again; if they ever do, it can’t go back to what it was. Still, he can get to a place that will see him embraced again but must earn his stripes what he has done before with Inter is irrelevant until he rebuilds those relationships he is a nothing a no one The Inter fans and the Ultras are not to be played with that’s why it could be a long way back before he is shown the love again.

This is Lataro’s Inter: Lukaku for mere Assistance to the Throne

Romelu Lukaku will be entering a completely different circumstance and situation than the first time around. During the two years he had spent with Inter Milan, the league title under Antonio Conte, he was a mega-star for Italian football. He was the best Striker in the league, with a goal-scoring capability that was almost second to none. During his time at Inter Milan, he began killing all the narratives attached to before his Italian experience. He was in that conversation as one of the best strikers in the world. It certainly helped he had Martinez and Nicolo Barella around, having an incredible influence not only on romelu Lukaku but on Inter Milan winning the title his last season in Italy. He was in the Golden Boot race both seasons and was a goal scorer in European competitions; he was everything Inter Milan would have dreamed of when he joined initially. Regarding the reputation that he was the best player on the team and it was his team, the entire institution was built around his qualities favoring his strengths. Many of the signings they made were correlated with how those pieces would fit with romelu Lukaku. The Chelsea experiment blew up in his face, but at the time, it was understandable why Chelsea broke the bank to sign him; at that time, there are very few players in the world in the striker position who displayed more consistency than romelu Lukaku under Antonio Conte. Only erling haaland Robert Lewandowski and Karim Benzema operated at a higher level. I always argued that romelu Lukaku was necessary and one of the most difficult players to handle defensively. I defended Martinez as I always saw him as the best player during those two years; there was no doubt about it; not only was romelu Lukaku the best Striker in the league he was arguably the best player in Italy as a whole he came into Serie A and exploded there was nothing anyone could say about his quality and his performances he was the man in charge it was his team he was there star. He’s only been away from the team for one season, but times have changed very quickly short amount of time. Romelu Lukaku was the man, but he’s not anymore. The keys that were given to him, Captain this ship winning trophies, have been given to someone else. Romelu Lukaku doesn’t just come back into the team and reclaim his previous spot. He is not their Superstar, and this is not his team, nor would ever be his team again; that doesn’t mean we can’t contribute and be a crucial part of Inter Milan winning trophies again, but the reality that existed then doesn’t exist anymore. Inter Milan’s decision was to benefit the skill set of romelu Lukaku, and the entire institution was built around him. He will come into this situation as the third option; at Best, he could score loads of goals and be truly remarkable, but it also needs to be understood that Inter Milan is building everything surrounding Martinez; this is his team, and that’s not going to change look at the Personnel they brought in the type of players that they are a fit with Martinez the decisions that are being made by the sporting director in building this team into a champion are being sculpted around the Argentine let’s face it Martinez won the Copa America with Argentina last season he was one of the best players in the league one of the top scorers came up big in the Champions League and the reason or one of the reasons they won the Copa de Italia. He won a trophy without him settling the debate that was once had of which of the two stars was more important; it is Martinez; everything they’re going to do surround him with the pieces romelu Lukaku comes into this team is not a superstar, but as an alternative come in and take the pressure off making things less difficult on Martinez. Romelu Lukaku comes in as his vice, the role edin Dzeko played last season romelu Lukaku’s job isn’t to take over; it is to provide another dangerous option, a capable goalscoring threat that takes the pressure off Martinez, granting him more opportunities to score goals. The physicality of romelu Lukaku in situations he’s going to take defenders away from Martinez, leaving him open in dangerous positions, is the big difference. On top of that, in the Midfield with Nicolo Barella, one to be very best midfielders in the league and the world. In terms of linking up with the attack, he is the most important person in a creative aspect, and finding opportunities Remains Martinez team. Still, the influence of Barella is significant, and he is the right-hand man. Lukaku has somewhat of ego; the situation he is in right now will be unfamiliar and unexpected. He should expect not to return to the same world at Inter Milan; this is a Martinez Inter. He is there to assist and do a job helping Inter Milan take that next step, but times have changed; the internista has their frustrations with Martinez, yet he was the guy that stood and fought for the badge when Lukaku left them high and dry Martinez is their guy. They will go to battle for them even in the low moments; the fans have turned on Lukaku in his departure now; they Embrace Martinez because he’s the one that’s going to take them to trophies it’s different now.

Swallowing Pride and Embracing his Role Put up or Shut Up

Romelu Lukaku understands he needs to mend the relationship with the internista; he should also be aware that he is coming into a different situation than the one he left; this is Martinez’s team, and he needs to do whatever it takes to help him. Martinez and Lukaku maintain to have an incredible even after all of the drama from last season; they stay in contact and are very close friends. The history they made together as a Duo is remarkable, and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to reach similar Heights again. Now that we are here and certain aspects are understood, the question remains now that things are different and romelu Lukaku is an alternative someone that is going to assist this Martinez-led Inter; how exactly is romelu Lukaku fit into this Inter Milan puzzle, and what does it mean for the rest of the picture? This isn’t something that has a straightforward answer; this is complex but still could turn out to be perfect move for Inter Milan and Simone Inzaghi to get their hands on the scudetto again, potentially even further in the Champions League as well as a highly talented the most stacked deck in Serie A. how does this work? Can Simone Inzaghi get the best out of this team? the arrival of romelu Lukaku is a trial basis Inter Milan did not include an obligation to buy or a buy option on the deal, which tells me we are proceeding with caution and not ready to invest the level of money that most likely would have required. However, equally, edin Dzeko had a very productive season with 24 gold involvements Lukaku coming into the team very well could either see the Bosnian used very little or potentially lead to his departure. Another European Adventure seems somewhat unlikely with eyes pointing potentially a shock move to a new MLS team in St Louis; given the large population of Bosnian immigrants in St Louis, it could make that move somewhat plausible, but certainly, Lukaku arriving could see him getting phased out. Inter Milan already has Martinez Correa Hakan and have recently added Mkhitaryan in terms of the attacking players they can put into this that leaves someone out. However, him in the squad as a third option be incredibly dangerous when he is put in the 3-5-2 formation; he thrives under those circumstances and gets opportunities to score goals. Inter Milan plays the same formation as the Belgium national team. Simone Inzaghi plays the same system as Antonio Conte that got him 64 goals in two years; he has a reputation for scoring goals in Italian football and already has a good relationship with Martinez; he might be a system-based player, but luckily Inter Milan play his system. As I alluded to earlier, his responsibility comes down to assisting Martinez in any way he can; in addition to that, given his physicality that he will demand players away from Martinez, their star player on an island, putting him in a position to score goals or necessary play that puts Inter Milan goalscoring threat. He already has a proven goalscorer in record in Italy and still could in high numbers; it’s an opportunity for him to reinvent himself and put together the pieces of all of his reputations that he obliterated. Due to the fact no obligation to buy in his deal, he needs to show dominance in this league. Still, if he can do that, maybe he can earn a permanent deal next season. It will be interesting to see how he will handle being the third option and whether his ego will get in the way of it. As a third option, Lukaku can return to his best he still could score upwards of 20 goals; if he does that, it doesn’t make this his team; it makes him the most dangerous Vice in Italy; we see the potential of Martinez and Lukaku side by side with Hakan or Miki coming underneath Inter Milan will continue to upgrade their squad and position themselves in the best way to win the league title this is going to work as long as he understands his role in this team is to help Lataro and Barella take the title back. If Lukaku swallowed his pride and Embraces his role Inter Milan could win absolutely everything, but it’s on him to do that; we can’t make him do it only himself; he’s probably not going to like how things have changed, but if he’s able to adapt to it there’s no stopping this team.

An Inter Presective with Danielle Luhrsen

Eliot:What were your emtions of Lukaku leaving Inter the first time (Conisdering Conte Hakimi leaving)

Danielle: Due to the financial situation surrounding the club and needing to offload players I knew sacrifices needed to be made. It hurt knowing that we would lose our best players such as Lukaku. It pained me knowing he would have to be sold to help makeup financial costs especially with what he contributed.

Eliot:What has been the importance of Martinez in that year and why do you believe it should be built around him

Danielle: The importance was that Martinez even though he’s a top goal scorer in his own right he players more of a bigger role in the sense that he can also act as a facilitator in assisting other players goal opportunities if he’s certain that he doesn’t have a clear shot. I believe it should be built around him because of the bigger role he plays such as being a goal scorer, facilitator and in rare cases defensive. So he sees more aspects of the match and is better at being the top dog as a result.

Eliot: What does Lukaku have to do to mend the relationship and what would be a success?

Danielle: In order to mend the relationship he would need to prove that he deserves to be back in the squad again and in order to be successful he would need to be a top goal scorer again while also allowing this to be a Martinez centered team.

Eliot: What is the poteninal of this team with him in that attack? And would u ever embrace him the saw way again?

Danielle: The potential is huge knowing we have a physical presence in the attack and we have more quality depth in this area than ever before. Will I ever see him the same way only time will tell on that one.

Eliot: What are your thoughts on the Villan that was Marco Icardi? and how much did Lukaku being so differnt contriubute to the hurt of his exit

Danielle: Mauro Icardi was a very meticulous player who was a scoring machine as he was clinical. But with the physical presence of Lukaku and the agiility of Martinez they both made up for the loss of Icardi. So when Lukaku left it hurt knowing that our most physically dominating player was gone knowing that we’d have to rely on other avenues to achieve the same success. It hurt the most with Lukaku as he was a breath of fresh air after the toxic Icardi left. We saw not only did he provide goals he treated fans and the club with the utmost respect so when he left in the way that he did it felt like being stabbed in the back especially when we wanted him for the long haul. Whereas Icardi we just wanted the toxicity gone and were happy to say goodbye

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