Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United Dilemma: Winning vs Legacy #1504

Manchester United is a dysfunctional mess at the moment in a ruthless environment as they withstood an Incredibly demoralizing and problematic season. The perception was that they had an incredible summer bringing in the appropriate enforcements to at least close the gap and potentially win the trophy for the first time in a long time. They finally delivered on their promise showing aggressiveness with their recruitment. As Manchester United saw the arrivals of Raphael Varane, Jadon Sancho, and the return of Cristiano Ronaldo. They had more work to do to make the ground up Liverpool and Manchester City ahead of the pack; however, there was this sense of feeling that they could find a way to finish in the top three. The one question was the manager Ole Gunnar solskjaer seemed to be on the verge of wearing out his welcome; it was trial by fire. Manchester United finished sixth place in the Premier League, nearly missing out on the Europa League. There was even a time in which the UEFA conference League could have been where they ended up. They barely qualified for the Round of 16 in the Champions League before getting knocked out by Atletico Madrid. Ole Gunnar solskjaer eventually was relieved of his duties coming in as take care manager was the grandfather of German Football Ralf rangnick; it wasn’t that much better. The entire organization of Man United is in so much disarray. Cristiano Ronaldo, at 37 years old, scored 24 goals in all competitions; however, discussions began about whether or not Cristiano Ronaldo was part of the problem. I’m not in the know in Manchester United affairs to have a strong opinion on that. Without his goals and contributions. Manchester United would have suffered much more drastically in the league, especially with Mason greenwood, and his pending rape case removed him from the team indefinitely. He wasn’t necessarily the problem but not the solution either. Had Man United spent their money on the midfield instead of bringing back Cristiano Ronaldo, the fortunes may have turned scoring goals, Even if the 24 goals he scores highlight the season. Given that they have had the Mctomminy and Fred in the midfield and Bruno Fernandes regressed, there’s a way to look at this differently. I’m a Roma fan; I don’t know the In-N-Outs of the situation as someone else might. I cannot sit up here and definitively say whether or not he was the problem or not from the outside looking in. He seemed important yet understood the other side of the coin. Regardless it has been a very toxic circumstance. Eventually, it occurred to Cristiano Ronaldo that he couldn’t win with Manchester United. Fast-forwarding to the current day, they were certain questions surrounding whether Cristiano Ronaldo would be able to be a factor under the new regime man united appointed Erik ten hag, having previously done work with Ajax. His style of football and Cristiano Ronaldo don’t exactly mesh together. The Dutch manager was still keen on having him. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest players of all time and doesn’t feel like wasting his last couple of years in a Man United with no short-term future. Cristiano Ronaldo has made it known that he would like to depart the club. Cristiano Ronaldo wants an opportunity to win trophies, and he feels that that’s not possible at Manchester United anymore. Regardless of his emotions about the club, his home is real Madrid, but Man United is where he got his start. He has positive emotions towards the club, but the all-time great needs to make a business decision for his career. He maybe has two more seasons in which he is capable of a 20-goal season. After that, it will taper off a little more, but he’s a natural goal. Scorer, and he will be able to find the back of the net into his forties. He would like a Man United to resolve. The real question is, what happens from here? Is this a legitimate possibility? Is this a weak move, or does Cristiano Ronaldo have a given right to do so, and would a departure benefit both sides. There are a lot of questions we can ask ourselves about the possibility of what’s being reported. Cristiano Ronaldo contributed mightily this season, but his decision to do so may have blown up in his face and not at a fault of his own. However, Juventus had a difficult season with a clown as manager, but despite a hectic start, they got themselves in gear. They signed Dusan Vlahovic in January; even though there are still issues with Juventus, they have the right man up top to take them where they need to go. Even if it will take some time, but he is one of the best strikers in the world. They replaced him In Turin without an issue. Juventus managed to get top four. Meanwhile, in Manchester, Ronaldo ended up having a host of problems. I think we all can feel empathetic toward his situation. He thought United had a strong enough summer to suggest that they could hunt for trophies at least of some capacity; that turned out to be not the world Manchester United lives in, ultimately leading to Cristiano Ronaldo wanting out after just one season.

Why he Should Leave: Winning

The infrastructure of Manchester United is a significant problem. As long as the glazers are in charge of Manchester United, there will be some level of dysfunction surrounding the club. It is an uncomfortable situation because of the aura of Manchester United. That seems that it doesn’t exist anymore. Manchester United used to be a club that would cause teams to tremble in their boots. They were the dominant side of the premier League. Under Sir Alex Ferguson, they were a truly unstoppable force. That’s not the case anymore. They are so far off Liverpool and Manchester City. It’s hard to imagine anything they do helping close the gap. Cristiano Ronaldo scored 24 goals this past season, and all competitions came up big. Important moments yet they still finished in sixth place and almost failed to qualify for the Europa League. Cristiano Ronaldo has never played in the Europa League and has no interest in doing so. The writing is on the wall when it comes to Manchester United. We’re in a stage now that Arsenal is a much more appealing proposition at this moment. Gabriel Jesus, marquinhos, and Matt Turner arrived with the Gooners this summer. They have also been linked with several other big names. Manchester United this summer has managed to secure the services of one player. They have been linked with Frankie De Jong for ages, and now that deal seems to be drifting towards Chelsea. The transfer window has been open, and they’ve only managed to sign one player. They have an issue with their recruitment and aren’t doing nearly enough to put together a squad that could convince someone like Ronaldo to continue. Cristiano Ronaldo carried Manchester United with 24 goals; he scored the hat trick against Spurs, and the two late goals in the Champions League he scored against Atalanta. He has lifted them to the highest possible point, and his acquisition didn’t get them any closer to winning trophies. There’s even more allure to Antonio’s Conte Spurs. Manchester United is losing relevance in English football. They are a couple of years away from potentially becoming Aston Villa, a huge club that fell away to the wayside. Bruno Fernandes was an incredibly dynamic Playmaker with so much to offer for Man United before his arrival. Last season he crumbled. Marcus Rashford doesn’t look himself. Harry Maguire seems to be making every mistake a defender can make. They’ve been ripped apart by Liverpool twice and Manchester City. Manchester United isn’t putting fear in anyone. They are never a threat in any of the domestic competitions and the chances of them winning anything at this moment are almost none. Erik ten hag did a tremendous job in Amsterdam. He is coming here to start turning things around. This is a transition and a rebuilding process. Something Ronaldo wants no part of. Cristiano Ronaldo was attached to the moves they had made before his arrival. It looked like Manchester United could push and maybe win something. They were even some talk of them being in the title race. I never felt that way but based on the additions that they made; it was reason to believe why some people would have gone in that direction as a train of thought. Fast forward to this moment. Cristiano Ronaldo is not what he once was as much as people want to claim that he is, but he still is dangerous that has something to offer. Whether he likes it or not, there’s no escaping the goat conversation against Lionel Messi now. I personally believe it is a losing battle, but at the same time to build his case, he needs to win. The goat conversation means a lot to Ronaldo, and even though he believes he is the greatest ever, he wants his name to be in those conversations. To do that, he needs to win and perform. Even though PSG are choke artists, they’re going to win trophies, and even though Lionel Messi was highly criticized for his season, he still had 25 goal contributions. His passing was elite and still showed his playmaking ability. Those will diminish his season because he didn’t put up cartoonish numbers, but Leo Messi is going to work in Paris. To stand on his two feet and be the greatest ever, he will need to win trophies. If he goes trophyless the rest of his career, some will take that against him. Even you can understand why he would want to leave. He is one of the greatest goal scores of all time, if not the greatest, and one of the four best players to ever play the game. Involving himself in a rebuilding project at this point is beneath him. Cristiano Ronaldo has the mentality, but it didn’t spread; it is his own right, and you can empathize with him wanting to go. He wants to win. He’s at the end of his career. He doesn’t want to be fighting for Europa League spots each season. He made a mistake by leaving Juventus even though they’re also dysfunctional. They’re still always going to be an opportunity to win things. The chance of winning in England against the Juggernaut at Manchester City and Liverpool is almost impossible. He deserves to have the opportunity to win somewhere else because he’s not going to win at United. He should have an opportunity to leave and win.

Why He Should Stay: A True Challange

On the other side, even if I believe Cristiano Ronaldo should have an opportunity to go when elsewhere. His demand to leave the club comes off not in the best light. Cristiano Ronaldo has been one of the world’s biggest stars before his career. He was allowed to leave whenever it was time for him to take on a new challenge. I’m not suggesting Manchester United should deny him of that, but at the same time, Manchester United needs to do what’s in the best interest of the club. Even though they’re in transition and they’re rebuilding, I’m not sure getting rid of Cristiano Ronaldo is a risk worth taking. Paul Pogba and Nemanja Matic have both left for free. They still have problems in the midfield, and they need upgrades all over the place; on top of this, Manchester United have failed to upgrade their squad and start getting the signings they need to push forward. They’re already having difficulty dealing with recruitment and bringing in the right pieces they can’t as a club. Let him walk without serious investment because if Cristiano Ronaldo is not going to be there, somebody else is scoring the goals. Manchester United needs six or seven signings, and they barely even got one from a business perspective. They can’t just go with his demands because it could damage them in the process. On the other side of things, to a certain extent, Cristiano Ronaldo made his own bed. He has to lie on it. It is the consequence of making the decision that he made last year. Nobody told Cristiano Ronaldo to leave Juventus. That was his choice. He has to live with the choice he made. He would have been in a better situation. He is dysfunctional but in a significantly better situation than he was at Manchester United. Had he stayed in Italy, he wouldn’t have had to deal with these types of decisions. It’s not only that, though; Cristiano Ronaldo had some idea of how difficult it would be to win at Manchester United. They didn’t have an elite manager. They had a toxic midfielder, a captain that made erratic defensive decisions, and was not a true leader. All of this is covered in a club that doesn’t possess the right mentality to win trophies. He also knew that it would be difficult to win trophies in England with Manchester City and Liverpool. Not impossible. Leicester City won the FA cup, but then on top of the two big dogs, there was Chelsea, who had just won the Champions League. He knew how difficult and how big of a challenge this was going to be for him this season. I don’t think anyone expected it to go as bad as it did, but there was legitimacy to a concern going to Manchester United. Cristiano Ronaldo knew the risks and the sacrifices of this particular move. He decided to make it anyways, but he knew what he was getting himself into. He can, in good conscience, come here after a year of figuring out the difficulties of this particular challenge and then ask to leave. Now he has the right to do so because he is 37 years old with not a lot of time left, and he needs to use his last couple of years wisely. You understand why he would want to leave, and I have no problem with him trying to get out of that situation. I completely respect him trying to do that, but on the other hand, it is also a weak move because he knew the risks of Manchester United. Manchester United starts losing pieces, and the problems become more and more obvious, and then he bounces. Cristiano Ronaldo once said that the move from Real Madrid to Juventus was a challenge. Not much of a challenge because in the years prior to his arrival Juventus was in much better shape. Cristiano Ronaldo is incredibly ambitious. He has a winning mentality and has all the capabilities of becoming something important going into a locker room and a team that needed his guidance. The appeal of helping Manchester United out of the gutter would have done so much to his legacy. I completely understand. Cristiano Ronaldo’s choices when it comes to trying to leave, but it doesn’t come off well. He is leaving or trying to leave Manchester United and their worst ever moment. He had his own career to think about, but he was totally aware of the situation it was going into. This challenge that he spoke of when he went to Juventus wasn’t a challenge but staying at Manchester United and helping them out of where they are is a real challenge if he was able to contribute and then getting back to relevancy, leaving them in a good place. The legacy of Cristiano Ronaldo would escalate. That’s not what’s happening here. He leaves at the first sign of trouble; as chaotic as it has been, there are still some bright signs to look at. Jaden Sancho is only going to get better next season. Bruno Fernandes had an inconsistent season but is capable of showing some world-class performances. They have a world-class goalkeeper. They started to sort out the defense with the left-back that they acquired help. Manchester United secured some of these deals. Cristiano Ronaldo has great power if he were to use it to at least help. Manchester United gets back into a stable place. He would have so much more respect now. Some think he was part of the problem. I can’t speak on that because I don’t know the situation well enough. But if he could stick around one more season, keep them at bay. Get them back into the Champions League, win the Europa League and leave after that. Once Manchester United are stable place, he will be respected. So much more to that than what he’s doing now. At the moment, it comes off weak even if he is in his right to do so. Ultimately and less, Chelsea can negotiate something. He is unlikely to find a buyer. Bayern Munich could be something, but Oliver Kahn already killed it, saying it was not an option for them. It minimizes where he could go, and ultimately, in the end, I don’t think they will find a solution, and I suspect he will still be at Manchester United next season. While I understand him wanting to leave, it is a weak move for him to do so, considering he had all the knowledge he needed before making the switch from Juventus. The mistake he truly made was leaving Juventus. Cristiano Ronaldo is someone that always seems to be up for the challenge. This is a challenge but is he up for it?


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