Paulo Dybala Coming Rome #1505

Roma has had a productive summer, having made several acquisitions to load up for the upcoming campaign after winning their first trophy in 14 years; the Champions League is the next goal in mind. Nemanja Matic, Svillar, and Celik have arrived as critical pieces to help the squad depth for next season. However, there has been a significant frustration around certain aspects of the summer window. Roma has an area of need in the midfield that needs to be addressed this summer. They have been negotiating with sassuolo surrounding Fratsci, a Roman-born midfielder that is determined to return to the club this season. It has been dragged on for almost a month now, with the validation of the player being at a crossroads. Nicolo Zaniolo, on the other hand, looks to be on his way out to Juventus, who also has offered Roma embarrassing proposals in hopes of securing the services of the midfielder. The young Italian behavior over the last week or so has been entirely unacceptable after agreeing on personal terms with Juventus; He refused to play in Roma’s first preseason game, and in the game against Sunderland, He wouldn’t sit next to his teammates on the bench. His overall vibe and behavior have been incredibly childish. It now looks like he’s poised to stay, but it’s not been a very optimistic situation from the Roma perspective as now the young Italian will have to show with his actions. Roma hasn’t spent a lot of money, and the transfer carousel has gone very slowly. However, over the last week, They have been negotiating terms surrounding a Serie A superstar, a former league MVP, and one of the most exciting players in Italian football. That’s right, Paulo Dybala has been on the Roma radar, and over the last week, they stop negotiations with all of their deals to try to get this deal over the line. It has been a very long and drawn-out process for Paulo Dybala, who ran out of contract at Juventus this last season. Inter Milan was the heavy favorite to secure his signature. However, the signing of Roma lukaku changed their perspective and they imminently dropped out of the race. Leaving an open door for teams like Roma, Napoli, Manchester, United, and Atletico Madrid. Paulo Dybala then lowered his contract demands. He was initially seeking 9 million per season and was willing to drop it to a 6 million deal so he could finally settle his future. Jose Mourinho has been relentless surrounding Paulo Dybala. He told the owners that he is his number one priority and has communicated to do everything in their power to get the deal done. When he initially was out of contract at Juventus, Roma was interested at the beginning, but it seemed like a pipe dream, something that couldn’t possibly happen, but that dream became a reality. Over the last couple of days, Mourinho called Dybala to convince him about the project. In addition to that, Roma has been in contact with his representatives non-stop for the last 72 hours. It reports coming out that they were closing on the deal. Roma allegedly put in an offer on Saturday. Roma offered Paulo Dybala a contract offer before both parties negotiated on a 3-year deal with a contract worth 3 million per season plus 2 million in bonuses. This was less money than his previous validation, even when he reduced his asking price as the 2020 Serie A MVP agrees to the terms taking a pay cut to join the revolution at Roma. On Monday morning, they officially agreed on the deal as Di Mazio and Fabrizio Romano announced it. Pablo Dybala got on a private jet on Monday morning, traveling to Portugal, where Roma is in the preseason. Paulo Dybala was pictured with Tiago pinto cracking a big smile as he arrived, finally deciding his future. He completed his medical Monday afternoon before officially being announced as a Roma player on Tuesday. He is Roma’s biggest coup since Gabriel Batistuta in 2001. After speculation that Francesco Totti would give him his number 10 shirt. It has been reported that. Paulo Dybala will wear the number 21, The exact number he wears with Argentina. Nemanja Matic will change his number to the number eight, allowing Paulo Dybala to wear the 21 for the giallorossi. Paulo Dybala now joins a frontline with Tammy Abraham and Lorenzo Pellegrini. Suddenly, with the big splash Roma has one of the best-attacking teams in the league. Pablo Dybala is here, and this Roma team with the acquisition has taken this team to another level; the influence of Mourinho has brought a jewel to the eternal City.

The Impact of Jose Mourinho

The influence of Jose Mourinho and the new ownership, along with Tiago Pinto, has played a massive role in having this level of power in having the resources and the scouting department to convince a player like Pablo Dybala to come to Roma. Jose Mourinho has admired The Argentine for a long time. He tried to bring him to Manchester, United, and Spurs during his recent spells in England. The difference is on a personal level; Mou wasn’t given the backing and support to bring in a player of Paolo Dybala’s quality. Make no mistake about it, Pablo Dybala is a superstar. A player that captained Juventus was an MVP in 2020 and, when healthy and is one of the most exciting and influential players in all of Italian football. It is very difficult to be able to bring in a player like that when you are Roma. When he tried to bring him Tottenham and Manchester United, He wasn’t given the green light to do so, and because of that, The clubs deteriorated after he departed. For Mourinho to have an ownership group and sporting director that will fulfill his requirements for his team in this project, He finally has a good organizational team around him that will give him the license to turn Roma into a winner once again. Jose Mourinho was asked to pull off the acquisition right back of choice Celik from Lille; they delivered then, following Inter Milan removing themselves from the Pablo Dybala sweepstakes, Mourinho made it his mission to secure the Argentine. Pablo Dybala was his number one priority of the summer. The special one was slightly disappointed with the lack of activity that Roma has done in the transfer market so far. However, the one thing he asked above all is to find a way to get Pablo Dybala to come to Rome and be the centerpiece surrounded by Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham to be a part of this Roma project after winning a trophy with Dybala Roma can take a further step. Mourinho personally connected with Dybala in hopes of convincing him. On top of that, the owners and sporting director attacked this as their number one priority. They dropped everything. They stopped negotiating all the rest of their deals and made the focus on Paulo Dybala; they put everything on hold until They got an answer from Pablo Dybala. Jose requested so many different players when he was at Manchester United, but the owners never were able to deliver. Had they, maybe he would have won more trophies and wouldn’t have had such a toxic departure. He was blamed for everything despite winning two trophies being their most successful manager of the last 5 years. He is finally involved in a Roma project where he has full support. This is something he has not had in a long time. Pablo Dybala doesn’t come without the influence of Jose Mourinho. He has the respect of everyone and has completely turned the club inside out in just a year. Roma was lacking so many crucial things that are attached to the reputation and success of Jose Mourinho. He brought in the right pieces to help Roma’s biggest problems. It was a swift and optimistic locker room. Everyone came together and finally won a trophy. This team hadn’t won for so many years. Pablo Dybala ideally probably wanted Champions League football. That isn’t something that Roma can offer, but the acquisition, I imagine, was heavily influenced by working with Jose Mourinho. The aggressiveness of the new owners brought Jose Mourinho to their doorstep, giving him time to build a winning team, and he nearly did it in a season. If it wasn’t for that level of conviction and aggressive approach, it’s hard to say where everything would be now. Monchi wrecked in obliterated Roma in a concise time. Mourinho nearly fixed the issues in just one season. There’s more to be accomplished and more to be done. Still, the impact of Mourinho and the way he changed the philosophy and the outlook on Roma certainly have changed so many aspects of this, which is why Superstars like Pablo Dybala listened to The special one still has enormous impact and influence on bringing in the appropriate talent. Jose Mourinho is building a team that could be feared in the coming seasons, especially considering what he is already put together. His impact cannot be overlooked. Obviously, certain aspects of this Roma team can be found very appealing, but the special one has put those things in place.

Dybala Adding to Roma’s Frontline

Last summer, Roma addressed their goalkeeping issues. That was one of the most important things that needed dealing with ahead of the campaign. Rui Patricio arrived. Roma needed a striker with Dzeko leaving Tammy Abraham Arrived. Rui Patricio was so influential in the success and improvement that was made over last season. Tammy bagged 27 goals up top a historic debut season. In contrast, the midfield has issues and needs to be addressed this summer or next. The priority of the summer is upgrading the attack. Once Paulo Dybala became a definite possibility, everything started swaying in the direction of the attack. It is an attack-driven Serie A Roma felt like they needed another piece to take them over the top considering the attacking options we have seen, especially with many others having elite attacking options. Last season Roma only scored 59 goals in League play, ranks 9th in the league for a team of Roma’s quality. A frightening attack only adds to what this team can do under Jose Mourinho. Paulo Dybala’s seismic arrival in Rome makes Roma such a threat. It takes them as a team to another level. This is a Champions League team that could push even further with what they have up front. It’s unclear how they’re going to line up as a group and what formation Mourinho will opt for next season. They could be setting historical standards for themselves heading into next season as one of the most dangerous attacking constellations. Juve has Chesia, and Dusan Vlahovic is incredibly scary. Inter has Laturo Martinez. Inter Milan is the deepest team in Italy, but they’re attacking setup is as mortifying as anyone. Roma may not be as formidable as those, but They have a lethal front three that will cause mayhem on Italian defenses; they’re going to be a problem. We are talking about potentially Tammy Abraham, One of the best strikers in the league up top, then in behind one of the best midfielders in the world. Roma captain Lorenzo Pellegrini with Paulo Dybala right next to him. That’s not to mention Nicolo Zaniolo out wide on one side and either Zalewski, Celk, or Shomurodov on the other. With the improved depth that they can have and bringing in attacking areas could be very dangerous. In 2016–2017 Roma had their highest scoring team in club history, 90 goals in the league in 125 in all competitions. The front line from that season was Dzeko Mo Salah with El Shaarawy and Perotti. As good as that attack is and as formidable as that team was Roma’s current front, three has the capabilities to be even more dangerous than they were. You could argue that that team was better top to bottom, but at the same time, they didn’t have the level of weaponry that this Roma team has leading the line. If they get on the right track together from the start and there aren’t any serious health issues, knock on wood. They could light the league on fire. Lorenzo Pellegrini is a Roman-born captain with still four years left on his deal. Then you have Tammy Abraham, that has already rejected approaches from several Premier League clubs, and even though Chelsea does have a buyback clause of 80 million next season, considering his explosion in Italy and how he is embraced by the fans and the culture that Jose is building is very unlikely to return to Chelsea even if they pay it. I have supreme confidence that he would stay where he is. Adding to that now, we have Pablo Dybala, who will be on the 3-year deal. The three of them will be together for the foreseeable future, and all three of them are under the age of 30. They’re all in their prime, and together, they could create history in Rome, take the next step, and win the league in the next few years. This attack is no joke Inter Milan is likely to win the league, but if you’re asking me, does Roma have the attack to do it? They absolutely do with no ands or buts about it. They go into next season as one of the most formidable deadly attacking systems in Serie A Dybala. Being a part of this now takes them to a whole another level. The sky is the limit for what they can accomplish next season and over the next couple of years. The possibilities for counterattacking football are coached and directed by the special one. This attacking team is going to be crazy. Roma now has an attack that can bang with the Best of them. Italy, watch out.

Dybala at Juventus: His Skill Set and What he brings to Roma

Personally, I have been an admirer of Pablo Dybala for many years. The level he has been able to produce that consistently has been truly astounding. Something that has made him one of the best players in Italian football. He first caught my eye as a young player climbing through the ranks and showing huge potential as a rising talent at Palmero. He spent three seasons with the club tallying 23 goals and 15 assists, earning the well-deserved move to Juventus. During his time at Palmero tracking his development into a superstar was rapid. Even in that first season, We saw special despite getting relegated, he was on the right track to becoming significant in Italian football, and it only intensified throughout the next campaign in Serie b and ultimately came into fruition during his final season there as clubs surrounding Europe became an admirer of Dybala. He then spent the last eight seasons under the microscope of pressure at Juventus. He was able to win 13 trophies over that time. Going through so many different types of teams and situations while handling himself at an elite level, quickly became one of the best players in the league and one of the most electric Italian football has to offer. He became Juventus captain and wore that shirt with a sense of pride. Every time he touched the pitch. He keeps his legacy at Juventus intact as He chooses Roma instead of going to Inter Milan, which could have tarnished his legacy at Juventus. In the end, it is probably more of his preference as his time at Juventus was very important to him. Paulo Dybala has struggled with some injury concerns but still remained prolific during his time there 115 goals, and 48 assists. He was a true playmaker and difference maker during that time and his era at Juventus. The question is, what does he bring to this Roma team? I’ve kind of alluded to it talking about the danger he provides to the Roma attack, but in totality. The better question is, what won’t he bring to this Roma team. Dybala has the winning mentality and has come up in big moments throughout several titles wins with Juventus. He has a catalog of big moments during his time there. One sticking out of my mind was the goal he scored against Roma that derailed them from potentially grabbing the league title. He always seemed up for it against the biggest teams arriving in the biggest moments. Even in years and campaigns in which he struggles with injuries. When he was called upon in vital parts of the season, He always delivered, finding ways to be effective and make the difference in many trophies secured by Juventus. He’s a proven winner that is coming into a team with Roma that just won their first trophy in 14 years. He has the personality and the quality to help the Romans; additionally, Roma would also have the ambition of winning the Europa League this season. He’s a type of player that has been ever so influential in the successes of Juventus in European competitions. He has played a part in Juventus reaching to Champions League finals and has scored hat tricks in the Champions League while also having scored memorable goals that stick out. Paulo Dybala free kick against the best goalkeeper in the world at the time Jan Oblak. Against Atletico Madrid, He had a free kick on the line and managed to rightful it into the top corner past one of the very best in the world. It was always the Champions League moment that is breaded in my mind when I think of what Dybala has done in Europe. Two other immense factors that he brings into this situation are versatility and adaptability. Two very vital parts of his success at Juventus. In an attacking system, you can put Pablo Dybala mutually anywhere. Paulo Dybala’s best position in my vantage point is right underneath the striker as a false nine or a center forward. However, He has also shown unbelievable levels of productivity on the outside on the wing, especially considering his athleticism and his movement, which have been deadly during many of his seasons. Jose Mourinho will have a plan in place of where he would like to play him, but there are many options outside of that. He’s even capable of playing up front as a striker, as he has done occasionally in the attacking system. You can put him anywhere. That makes his impact on this Roma team in the upcoming season. That much more dangerous because Mourinho can adjust his system and still always find a place to put Pablo Dybala. His adaptability is just as influential as any other asset that he has. He is gone through so many transitions at Juventus through the years. When he arrived, Juventus had Paul Pogba and Claudio Marchisio, and Andrea Pirlo in the midfield for Juventus. With a front line of Mario Mandzukic and Alvaro Morata. Later transitioning into Douglas Costa and Gonzalo higuain to Cristiano Ronaldo Kulusevski to Federico chiesa and Vlahovic. The midfield also went through an incredible transition, eventually becoming less dominant but still effective with guys like Locatelli Weston, mckennie Aaron Ramsey, Adrian Rabiot, Blaise Matuidi, and Sami Khedira, and many others was ever-changing, yet Dybala managed to adapt to it. In addition to that, he’s gone through Max Allegri and Maurizio sarri, and Andrea Pirlo. Under Max, it was hit and miss. Sometimes he liked Dybala in his team, and sometimes, he just didn’t yet. The playmaker always found a way to impact the situation regardless of how Max handled him. Sarri unlocked Dybala in a way that no one was able to during that 2020 season. The season with Pilro was a struggle; however, this had come after COVID-19, in which Paulo Dybala had it in his system for a long time. He was tested on four separate occasions during the season before he got a negative test from all the players in Italy. He had the most severe health conditions due to the virus. It plagued him during that season, but this past season he’s back at his best and showed his qualities. But during that particular year, the reason he didn’t thrive in the way he typically does was because of health issues. In full health, He’s one of the best players in the world. It is very little. He can’t do with the football. He is a creative playmaker that is extremely intelligent and can always find ways to affect the game. Efficient athleticism. Brilliant movement without the ball, a fantastic facilitator with world-class goal-scoring ability, especially on the counterattack. He is a gifted goal scorer that can score goals in multiple ways. Whether it’s beating his man inside the box, a strike from deep picking out the top corner on the counter-attack on a free kick. He had so much in his bag that he only needed half a chance to be a threat to score. At full health, there are very few in the league that can provide an operation at his type of level.

The Historic 2020 Season: The Year of Dybala

The biggest example of that is the 2020 season. I’ve been watching Italian football my entire life. Pablo Dybala’s 20/20 season was one of the greatest individual campaigns I have ever witnessed. It was undoubtedly the most dominant season from a player this decade. Individually He tipped the title race without the influence of Pablo Dybala Juventus, did not win the league title, and probably would have struggled to make the Champions League that season. It’s not simply his brilliance alone and is one of the greatest examples that deflates statistics in so many different ways. In league play, He scored 11 goals and supplied six assists. The numbers he put up in 2020 weren’t cartoonish or out of this world. They looked regular; however, the impact he had in so many big games tells a different story. The level he played at during that season showed that statistics only matter to a certain extent. He was magical during that campaign, and it’s something that always sticks out of my mind when I think of Pablo Dybala. The 2020 season was simply a masterstroke, a symphony of brilliance. He was the conductor of everything that Juventus did that season. There were other individuals that put up great numbers around him, but they were put in positions to do that because of the influence of Pablo Dybala. They were in a title race with Lazio all season Pablo Dybala being able to come up to the plate and deliver in the most critical moments is what made Juventus the champions. There are others involved, but ultimately the league title was won by Pablo Dybala’s, majestic brilliance that he showed consistently over the time frame of a 38-game season. He did not have one bad game. There are very few players at that level that can go through an entire campaign without one scratch, but that season Pablo Dybala did that. In the Champions League, he had a few performances that were a little spotty, but in the league, he did not have one performance that wasn’t at an extremely high level. It is one of my favorite Serie A seasons of all time because his impact showed that stats don’t exactly matter. They only matter to a point. It was the one year I was so proud of Serie A for getting the MVP of the league, correct. I was fuming the year before giving the MVP to Cristiano Ronaldo instead of Duvan Zapata. Dybala that season had 11 goals and six assists in the league. Despite others that put up ridiculous numbers. The league decided he was the best player because he was, not because of statistics. Not because of goals, but because he was the best player in the league, it was magical, and seeing him get recognized for that was a sense of pride because far too often, statistics determined too much. During that season, he scored critical goals against Juventus, Atalanta, Roma, and Lazio, as well as others, but especially the two goals he scored against. Inter Milan those in performances by themselves. Took Juventus to another league title The next season. When he wasn’t himself, they lost the title. Paulo Dybala played with Ronaldo for three years; two of those seasons, He was significantly the superior player, not that it matters but with the media circus surrounding Ronaldo and the fans from overseas didn’t see the magician that Dybala was at his peak. During that campaign, Ronaldo scored 34 goals in the league, Ciro immobile tied the record for the most league goals in the season with 36, and papu Gomez was magical in his own right with Atalanta with 8 goals and 16 assists going down the list of players that operated at an incredible level that season. That was probably the most competitive among recent seasons in terms of individual talent on display; despite all that, Paulo Dybala was still substantially the best player in the league. He’s had so many great seasons with Juventus, but in the 2020 season, it hits different. That’s hard to explain one of the very best individual seasons I have ever witnessed. Roma can tap into what he is capable of with one of the greatest managers of all time, surrounded by a team that has depth and star quality up front. The front line at Roma next season is going to be so dangerous. The acquisition Dybala as I mentioned before, is going to take this team to another level. If Roma can manage to add another midfielder and Center back elite title isn’t out of the range of possibilities. I am still in total agreement that Inter Milan will win the league next season, however. Roma is a second-place team next season and will be in the title race with the suitable acquisitions to end the summer window. We could even perhaps be in dreamland. He may not be Gabriel Batistuta, but He doesn’t need to; He is a player that can make his own history in the eternal city. A league title in the seasons to come isn’t a dream anymore. It could ultimately become an expectation. He is the player that Roma had needed for so long, and now that he’s here, Roma could win anything.


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