Roma Femminile Loading up adding Carina Wenninger Elin Landstrom and Norma Cinotti #1503

The Roma ladies captured the Coppa Italia in 2021, earning their first trophy in club history. Following That season, changes were made within the team. Elisabetta Bavagnoli, the manager that had been in charge and led to the domestic cup, departed at the end of the season, going upstairs to become a director for the Club. She brought in various reinforcements for the upcoming season and handpicked her successor opting for Alexandro Spugna. He took over the work she started and only enhanced it, taking Roma to Heights they could never have imagined. In 2022 it was the best season in club history since their Inception Roma finally has a team capability to dominate on all fronts and be a threat to win the league regularly. It was a mix of the reinforcement that was brought in starting a new change in Direction in terms of management. It turned out to be a historic campaign that saw them reach the goals they had set for themselves at the beginning of the season. Their ambitions Champions League football before the last campaign they had never been involved in Europe as a club. They only lost two games the entire season, with both of their defeat to Inter Milan and Juventus coming at the very start of the season; they went unbeaten in 19 games in all competitions and still have not tasted defeat in the league since October 6th. They finished second in the league, qualifying them for the champions league for the first time in club history were Four Points behind Juventus for the league title for the first time ever. Juventus will have a potent side breathing down their neck, potentially challenging them for the league title. They made it to the Coppa Italia final again unfortunately, at the very end of the final, they fell short as Juventus reclaimed the domestic cup. Even though AC Milan made the addition of Kosovare Asllani and Fiorentina added Valentina Giacinti. The battle for the league title at the top of Italian football to fall on the same two that met in the Coppa Italia final it will be a dogfight next season between Juventus and Roma. Juventus has the better individuals; there’s no question about that however, there was a strong argument that Romo has the better team. While Roma does have quality players and individuals that are capable of doing incredible things the way they play as a team together is such a threat the club had over 14 goal-scorers last season and had the best form in the league, closing stretch of the season typically the best team in Italy since January. Juventus will have a challenger to the throne for the first time in years. This Roma team hasn’t wasted any time building up their squad to take the throne that they feel is rightfully theirs. During the last campaign unexpected challenge for the title, this coming season will have the expectations to do that. This is why they have acted aggressively in the market, upgrading their team even further as they look to position themselves to win the league title. They managed to persuade one of the best defenders in the world as Carina Wenninger joins on loan from Bayern Munich. The club has also added Cinotti from Empoli and Elin Landstrom from Inter. Elite business from the giallorossi.

Carina Wenninger Bayern Munich (Loan)

Carina Wenninger is without question one of the best defenders in the world, only adding to the qualities of an already capable Roma defense. She has experience in the biggest games at the highest level; the pressure of the moment is never too big for a seasoned veteran like Carina. She joined Bayern Munich as a sixteen-year-old; he has been at the club for 15 years. On the women’s side, she is the longest-tenured player combining with the men; only Thomas Muller has spent more time at Bayern Munich than Carina. She has made over 300 appearances for the club; the trophies have been tough to come by considering the dominance of the Wolfsburg ladies. However, the Austrian Defender still has managed to collect 4 Bundesliga titles and two German cups. Bayern Munich essentially has been Champions League regulars on a consistent basis; last year, they were in the Champions League semi-final. Coming into a team that is about to spend their first season in the Champions League, securing someone like Carina, who is so experienced and well-rounded with the potential to be incredibly influential, can fight for the league title, but even more so, the pressure and the toughness of the Champions League something she has dealt with regularly her new teammates have not experienced these type of things and in tough games in that competition and experience will be vital. In Bavaria, she is held extremely high regard as a portion of the Bayern Munich Museum is dedicated to her. At an international level, she is an absolute game-changer Austrian national team; only one player in history has worn that shirt more frequently than her captaining her side and her country at the European championships. She is the Cornerstone of the Austrian defense and is one of the most important players at the tournament. This has been one of the biggest coups of Italian football this season; getting her on a loan deal one of the best defenders in the world and is operated on a high level for so long Roma being able to sign her for the year is such an extraordinary signing that shows their intent of winning the title. She is a natural Central Defender possessing the qualities needed for a team hunting for trophies. Despite her size, she is physically demeaning, showing such brute force in her defensive dominance. She’s able to track the ball very well, as her defensive abilities are extremely valuable, especially in a team like this. She is also very important when it comes to build-up play in the last couple of seasons at Bayern Munich, she has been one of the critical components to get their attack going through the defense. Roma already has a competent defensive back line; she only adds quality and experience while on a personal level having an opportunity to experience something different he has been in Munich for 15 years; this is the first opportunity she’s going to have to spread her wings and test herself against the very best Italy has to offer is one of the best defenders in the world coming to Roma with the intent of winning the title. Roma only has her for a year; they need to make the best of it; she is Elite in all aspects of the word; she has the versatility, the intelligence, the experience, and she’s a proven winner; this is exactly the type of signing Roma needed to make to show their intent of fighting for the league title it is just a one-year loan deal, and she will probably be very expensive if Roma has an interest in extending it they must make the best of her being in Rome Spugna will have a plan as Roma has one of the worlds best added to an already stacked deck defensively.

A big wish of mine is coming true after 15 years at Bayern, I really wanted to play abroad and Italy was always my preferred destination from the very first conversation, the people in charge at Roma always gave me the feeling that I was absolutely welcome and really wanted here. I want to play for all the domestic trophies with the club — and hopefully make some European history too. My ambition is unbroken.”

Elin Landstrom from Inter

Roma continues to do exceptional business, especially in the Scandinavian Market. Under New Management, Alexandro Spugna has identified that part of Europe as a common place for him to get the talent necessary and upgrade his Squad. He brought in four different players in the Scandinavian area in January and now is adding yet another early in the summer. Elin Landstrom arrived from Inter Milan after spending a season in the blue side of Milan, Providing two assists in 19 games for the 5th place finishers. She showed her quality done in this league and what she will continue to do this upcoming season in new colors. Before arriving in Italy, The Versatile left-back spent most of her career in Sweden, logging over 200 games before making a move abroad to Italy. Even though 19 games might be a small sample size, the Sweedish International showed her qualities in Serie A, showing more than enough to see Roma taking an interest in her abilities and eventually pulling off a deal to sign her as a part of the revolution of Roma as they look to hunt for the title they see her as a part of that algorithm. She completed 77% of her passes, and won 75% of aerial area duels with 54% of her challenges; all of these statistics justify her qualities, and these numbers ranked very high among the rest of the League last season. She is a left-back that provides a certain level of athleticism and versatility. She is a left-back by trade with the ability to contribute and affect the game in multiple ways. Highly productive movement with and without the ball is an incredible threat in the attacking sense down that Left Flank. Her speed and athleticism such a threat especially getting into dangerous areas on the outside but more so than anything else, she has a deadly cross from the outside, heavily influencing the aerial part of the game while also can be a threat on the counter-attack rips the ball into the box think about that skill-set as an asset especially considering the deep level of quality Roma has attacking positions to get on the end of those types of passes into the box. This also adds depth to the position with Lucia Di Guglielmo, a very active and versatile left-back in her own right. It is another sneaky signing from Roma, adding depth while also having an additional weapon on the outside. With five other Scandinavians on the team, She should adapt quickly to the circumstances and could be a very vital part of this upcoming season.

“I’m very happy to be representing Roma for the upcoming season,” Landstrom said.the club has high ambitions and that’s something I really wanted to be a part of. I am really excited for the possibility to play in the Champions League again and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together as a team this season!”

Norma Cinotti From Empoli

Norma is another no-brainer to this Roma team for the upcoming season. Roma wants to show how serious they are about winning the title; it will be a dogfight, as I mentioned, so bringing in players with certain familiarity will always be a positive contributing factor to a team with familiar faces. Norma arrives from Empoli, a place she has already worked with Roma’s current manager and has played with Bernadetta Gilonna and Lucia Di Guglielmo, two other players who had previously arrived from Empoli last season. She had been at Empoli quite a while; she got her start in Italian football; the club was named something else at the time but eventually became Empoli. She helped them earn a promotion to the top flight of Italian football. She slowly but surely started to make a name for herself, earning a reputation as a very capable and dynamic midfielder. She eventually went on a loan to the second division of France while also spending a season in Belgium with Anderlecht winning the Belgium League during her time there, winning her first trophy. Before returning to Empoli in 95 Serie A games, she has 14 goals, which is not a bad return. She will be joining a Midfield that’s not exactly a stacked deck but yet is surrounded by arguably one of the best players in the league in Manuela Giuliano; she is the anchor of the ship and orchestrator of all the counter-attacking play while also having Greggi Hauge and a few others. She has an opportunity this season to make a name for herself even further in a Roma that is going after the league title. Familiarizing with some of her teammates and the coach will help her get off to a fast start. Potentially offering something else in the Midfield besides what they already have. It is not necessarily a position of weakness as they have some exceptional players in that area, but at the same time, reloading the Midfield will make Roma that much more dangerous. Last season in 20 games, She scored three goals with 75% of accurate passes, won 74% of her aerial duels, and still managed 61% of winning tackles. She is a central midfielder with many capabilities, potentially giving Manuela Giuliano a perfect partner for a Roma Midfield that I believe will be extremely important. She is attacking by Nature but still can win the ball back in defensive situations allowing Manuela Giugliano, because of this to take a more attacking role being able to push forward and join the attack more frequently while still having the security and the coverage of Norma. She is a box-to-box midfielder that reads the game really well and will add a different type of element to this Roma team; she is very technical and robust with still a considerable potential to grow. Roma added another player from Empoli that will know the system and what the coach wants and now will be surrounded by some former teammates as well as a stronger side; collectively, these three signings are intended to put themselves in a position to do whatever it takes to win with the aggressiveness that they have taken here Juventus on Lookout it has become a game of chess Juventus and Roma are going to go out of this season for the title the nature of Roma securing these deals shows Juventus they are coming.

“I’m really pleased to be joining Roma and I cannot wait to start training with my new teammates,” Cinotti said.

“I want to achieve great things this season and I will do everything I can to help the team along the way.

“To the fans, I just want to say that we will see each other soon at Stadio Tre Fontane!


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