Roma Sign Lille’s Zeki Celik for 7 Million #1502

It has been a somewhat slow-moving Mercato for the conference League winners as Roma continue to work behind the scenes as they will attempt to strengthen more significantly in the coming weeks. Nemanja Matic joined Roma on a free at the start of the summer since then, there hasn’t been a lot of activity in the market at least in terms of securing deals. Earlier this week, Roma announced the signing of Mile Svilar from Benfica on another free transfer deal that was agreed upon in January but officially was introduced this week as Roma saw him as the heir to the throne to current goalkeeper rui Patricio. However, this week Roma’s finally secured a deal they have been working on for several weeks. Zeki Celik has been their top the Turkish International had a year left on his contract as Roma and Lille have been negotiating for several weeks in hopes of narrowing down the asking price, which was 9 million for the right-back. Zeki Celik reached an agreement on personal terms weeks ago. The two clubs continued to go back and forth for a price point. This week they finally reached an agreement settling on a 7 million deal, including an 8% future sale. He arrived in Rome on Sunday before completing the deal; after passing his medical was announced to the Press on Monday afternoon, becoming Roma’s third signing of the window; with Roma finally getting the deal done, the former French champion gives Roma a great luxury at the position as Rick karsdorp will now have some coverage on the right side allowing him to catch a breather this season as he logged the most minutes last season the arrival of Zeki Celik gives Roma depth at the wing-back position with Nicola Zalewski and Leo spinazzola on one side while having Rick karsdorp and Zeki Celik as it has become a position of strength overnight. The Turkish International will join Roma on a four-year deal before joining the team in preseason. Dan and Ryan Freidkin, along with Tiago Pinto, continue to work on deals that should progress relatively quickly in the next couple of weeks. Some updates here Justin kluivert has returned from his Loan in France and will join the team in preseason despite not being expected to be a part of this season with interest from Marseille, however, Jose Mourinho will give him a chance to prove himself and might still have a future in the Italian capital all depend on how he performs in the preseason could be an asset for this upcoming campaign granted he performs. Jordan veretout also confirmed he is planning to stay this season. Both players could exit with the right offer, but as it stands, both will be given an opportunity to earn their place under Jose Mourinho. The big news that has hit the papers recently is the impending departure of Nicolo Zaniolo. The young Italian scored the winning goal in the conference League final and has insisted for several years that he is completely committed Roma project. I have always pushed back as I just had a sense he wasn’t a building block for this Roma team; this is why I have told my fellow Roma fans not to fall in love with him because he won’t be here. That has turned into fruition as he has agreed on personal terms with Juventus. Roma and Juventus remain to be miles apart in their validation. Roma is holding out for 55 million. Juventus has tried to use players to sink the price, but an avalanche of ridiculous proposals has frustrated Roma as they are not stepping off their price for the midfielder. Roma would be interested in the right price and would only consider a swap if including Denis Zakaria, which Juventus does not want to let go of. However, Roma was already looking at Alternatives that they can bring in with Goncalo Ramos from Benfica; it’s unclear what the price would be to pull off the deal for 20 year old but considering Jose Mourinho and his relationship with Portugal, it is a very doable deal which would be a cheaper alternative than the Valencia package while also eyeing Berardi. On top of that, they continue to negotiate with Davide Frattesi on a Roma return Sassuolo has slapped a 40 million price tag on the player. Still, Roma has done in the past and have a good working relationship could be done for a little cheaper the current proposal is 20 million. Christian Volpato a proposal the clubs do not seem far apart hopefully securing the deal then the next week, the midfielder is uninterested in any other move; they have time to figure out the operation he’s already agreed on terms in the fee being negotiated is the only thing that stands in the way few other deals Roma will continue to negotiate with they look to have a more active next couple of weeks. However, the important thing here is finally getting Zeki Celik Over The Line as the Turkish right-back has arrived.

Zeki Celik comes in at a perfect time for this upcoming season. Getting this deal done for only seven million great business from Roma Tiago Pinto; excellent job pulling off this deal as it finally came to fruition. Zeki Celik has been a target for many months as Roma tried to bring him in January and instead had to settle for Maitland Niles, who was trial by fire. The French clubs asking price at the time was a little above that Roma was willing to spend, so the deal never came through. However, this summer, at the top of the list both in terms of the quality of the player also stealing a necessary need which they have done now. He has fantastic potential addition to the club in their hopes of securing the Champions League next season. While also having a sense of relief as they now have coverage at right back. Rick karsdorp is one of the best right-backs in Italian football and one of the most underrated in Europe. However, the number of minutes he has had to play last season was exhausting and brutal. Roma has no coverage at right-back, and he mutually had to play every minute last season. In Serie A, he had the most minutes in the league for a non-goalkeeper. Roma did not have the resources to back him up very often; the Dutch International was playing the full 90 minutes in the league and almost the same in the conference League. Roma had no coverage as they couldn’t give him rest very often. However, there are no two ways about this. Rick karsdorp is still Roma’s starting right back, and rightfully so considering the last two seasons he has had. However, now with Zeki Celik in Rome, it adds a certain level of Versatility and depth at that position which could make Romo extremely dangerous considering the options. Admittedly they are quite similar in terms of players systemically speaking, meaning the new right-back should be able to come in when he is called upon and provide without too much confusion. Rick karsdorp is the better player with a higher range of skill set, but Zeki Celik is a slightly more advanced Defender the collection of the two should mesh well together. Zeki Celik will still get plenty of action and will be an essential cover for the incumbent Dutchman; before players they have in those positions as a unit, we could end up being one of the best in the league. Roma has quality back and right back with four players with the capability the Turkish International going to come in and provide and give him that cover will start games and has the ability to be impactful while providing a different look it is a wildly significant signing adding quality but also taking the pressure off Rick karsdorp have to play the insane amount of minutes than he did last season the Turkish International takes the pressure off and adding incredible depth at that position. Roma is delighted they brought in, but as we can imagine, Rick karsdorp is very excited not only to have another top-quality right back but a player that has the quality to step in when needed while also giving him much-needed rest.

I’ve already alluded to this, but obviously, Zeki Celik comes in after a highly productive career in France to serve as an option on the right side behind Rick Karsdorp. Something necessary for this summer Mercato only adding more coverage and depth side operating with two extremely attacking Centric right-backs that will play different styles within that position; this will only enhance Roma’s capabilities on the outside; it was a huge deal to get done because of this importance. Now that he is here, let’s break down exactly what he can bring to this Roma team and exactly how he can enhance the right-back position in Mourinho’s system. As I’ve already discussed, Rick karsdorp is attacking-minded; he is a freight train, extremely athletic and agile, moves very quickly can get caught out occasionally; luckily, the Dutchmen have a gas tank, so it doesn’t happen often, but he is the type of right back that bombs forward this style of play might be an element of risk but has made him one of the best in the league for the last two seasons he has the mentality the consequences of his style of play the upside outplays the downside substantially considering what he brings to the table attacking strides the way he runs up and down the right flank. Zeki Celik has similarities but also various differences. Both of them are attacking-minded right-backs with the ability to contribute to the counter-attack when Roma is thrusting forward. However, a different type of mentality with a different element to bring into this team. Zeki Celik is attacking-minded and certainly has shown this over the years, while in France, 22 goal contributions with Lille. It may not sound like a lot, but for a right-back, that is a genuinely incredible amount. However, if you look at those numbers, you could be fooled; no, he has the attacking mentality, but won’t quite bombs forward the same way as Rick karsdorp. In a back 3 or a back 5 in France, he’s a calculated player; he plays a very high defensive line while also protecting himself and has a more of a natural defensive ability. Even though he plays a very high line in those circumstances and situations, he gradually pushes forward. Also, he positions himself to protect the defensive line if the Counterattack collapses and the opposition gets on the front foot looking to break. Due to his cautious positioning, it puts them in an accelerated movement going back to front, keeping oneself in between the passing lanes and the defender; because of this sense of style, he’s very rarely put into vulnerable positions despite bursting forward and having a very high defensive line talking in between himself in the Midfield he’s always in a good position he surveys the pitch very well and is always thinking about the defensive organization that he will be faced with. Zeki Celik also goes forward and finds himself in dangerous positions on the outside, sending a cross into the box he has worked with Jonathan David for the last two years now; he will have the likes of Tammy Abraham very accurate in terms of placement, but it’s just slightly more cautious then Rick karsdorp because he doesn’t have nearly the level of athleticism and pace which doesn’t give him the luxury of just exploding forward without the potential consequences he plays a very high line he is always aware of his surroundings cared for any defensive sequence. His positioning always puts him in the suitable space allowing him to get in one-on-one situations, something he particularly thrives in; he knows the movement, how to position his body, and has defensive Excellence allowing in those areas. I don’t want to make it seem that he is without flaws in the defensive structure; while he is exceptional in one-on-one situations, a lot of the time, his vulnerability comes into play when he’s clearing the ball; sometimes, he puts it into dangerous areas that could potentially put rui Patricio into difficult situations, however, on the other hand, Karsdorp not the defender he is but in those types of situations he handles himself better what we have is two attacking-minded fullbacks that have different levels of strengths and weaknesses but will balance each other out Zeki Celik he brings a lot into this Roma team and will be an incredible addition.


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