Salerntiana Eyes Dream Partnership of Edinson Cavani and Arkadiusz Milik #1499

One of the most compelling aspects of Serie A last season was the improbable survival of Salernitana. The seahorses dug themselves out from a nearly inescapable situation. They found themselves at the bottom of the table for the majority of the season. They were without a point in their last 12 games when they took a trip to the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, a turning point of their season. They took the lead early in the first half and held it almost all the way through before Roma found two late goals to come back and win. However, it was a turning point of their season; they showed their qualities as they fought from that point forward. The seahorses battled through the remainder of the season and finished the campaign unbeaten in 12, including points taken from Atalanta and beating the majority of their counterpart in the relegation zone. They got annihilated against Udinesse on the final match day of the season as their entire season hung in the balance, but thanks to a heroic defensive from already relegated Venezia, they managed to survive the second greatest Escape in football history. David Nicola is the man who engineered the two greatest escapes in history. When Crotone pulled off The Impossible, they hung around a little bit but shortly after the escape; they faced relegation. Salernitana understands the situation that they will be in this upcoming season. They would like to keep themselves in Italy’s Top Flight for a while as the club will aim for a higher finish. The seahorses are likely to lose their star midfielder Ederson, but they can achieve a higher finish next season with the Right Moves. Salernitana knows the critical approach; they need goals on a consistent basis next season. Even though they got some production from Daniele Verde, they will require consistent performances in attack, and if they’re going to stand a chance of breaking away from the bottom part of the table and not have to worry about relegation this upcoming season. The club has high ambitions for next season. They’re not expecting a top 10 finish, but they would like to go through a season without having to watch their back feeling worrisome about the possibility of facing the drop. While they may not have a huge budget, there’s still a lot at play for what they could bring into the attack next season. They are being very aggressive in approach as the two names on their list for the attack for this next campaign are Edison Cavani and Milik; the dream is to sign both of them to come together and build a formidable duo building the right partnership for this next season.

Edinson Cavani

Edison Cavani returning to Serie A is a very realistic possibility. He has been released at Manchester United, allowing the seahorses to approach him and start contract negotiations. They don’t have to worry about a transfer fee or spending too much money. All they would have to do to make this deal possible is convince Edison Cavani to make the move and negotiate a yearly salary in what I imagine would be a one-year or two-year deal. This would be a very short-term solution to the attack, given his age. However, if they could pull this off Edison Cavani could contribute to a team that nearly was relegated from Serie A last season. It took literal Magic for them to stay in the top flight. I’m sure Edison Cavani will have other offers, but returning to a team with the ambition of pushing further on the back of the Great Escape could be somewhat intriguing to the experienced Uruguayan. Edison Cavani is a proven winner, having won a barrage of titles in France, a Copa Italia in Italy, and a Copa America with Uruguay. He is PSG’s all-time top scorer and had three 30-goal seasons in Serie A when he was with Napoli, 104 goals in all competitions in thee years in Naples. He has spent the last two seasons at Manchester United. Before the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, Last Summer, Edison Cavani was the answer for Manchester United and a big game player in Europe. During the first season at Old Trafford, Edison Cavani scored 17 goals, including a bag of goals against Roma in the Europa League semi-final. This last season he was phased out due to the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo. Edison Cavani only score twice last season. However, that was mainly due to circumstances. Edison Cavani turns 36 years old in February but what he would bring to Salernitana is experience and capable goal scoring. I’m not saying you would come into this team and be fighting for the Golden Boot, but he certainly is a clinical finisher and could bag 15 to 20 goals in all competitions next season; they would have a legitimate threat that is a capable goal scorer that thrives in the big moments. This deal really comes down to whether they can convince Edison Cavani, but this is the exact type of aggressive approach that they will need to upgrade their squad and make them less of a threat to be fighting for their lives next season. If they’re able to secure this deal, it doesn’t get any better than this. Edison Cavani can score goals has the experience has played in Italy before and would be a real luxury item for Salernitana.

Arkadiusz Milik

Milik would be a slightly more complicated deal but still very doable. Milik, despite showing his qualities and having a decent goal-scoring record at Marseille, has a complex relationship with manager Jorge Sampaoli. The French Club haven’t made him available, but there’s no indication that they would be against it. This one is a little more difficult just because a transfer fee would have to be involved. Marseille qualified for the Champions League this last season as they probably want an upgrade at his position anyways. With the money they will get from qualifying for the Champions League, there will be some investment, and even though he is done a reasonable job in the goal-scoring department, the relationship between him and the manager is not ideal; the club wouldn’t be against moving him for the right offer. Salernitana doesn’t have an endless amount of funds meaning they would have to be very careful about how much they’re willing to invest in their transfer plans. If they spend a lot of money on Milik, it may shorten their finances for the rest of the summer window. However, if the club sells Ederson in the summer, one of the bigger teams in the league, they could potentially have more money reinvested in the market. Making a deal for Milik less complicated. However, regardless it will be worth the cost if they were able to pull it off. Milik scored 20 goals last season in all competitions and 10 goals and 16 games the year before. He’s a capable goal scorer with experience in the league; with Napoli, the issue with the Pole, is health, but if he can stay healthy, placing him with Edison Cavani would be a match made in heaven. He is only 28 years old and has 30 goals in his last two seasons. It is an aggressive approach, but if they could get this done for 15 million or less or maybe even negotiate a loan for next season, he is the type of player that can provide 15 goals next season if you put those two together for the next campaign there was a chance that they can reach the top half of the table. This team has other issues but having two players that can get you at least 10 plus goals a season can go a long way in creating the separation they need from the bottom of the table. Salernitana is shooting for the Stars with these two deals, but if it can be pulled off, they could be an exciting team that could give some top sides a lot of problems in Serie A next season.


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