Why Juventus fans should find The Return of Pogba offensive #1497

Paul Pogba moved from Juventus to Manchester United 5 years ago for a world record of 98 million before Neymar blew up the market with his 222 million move to PSG. It does appear Paul Pogba will be heading back to Juventus on a free transfer in what has been a disasters Manchester United reunion returning to his Boyhood Club for a second time after failing to break through under Sir Alex Ferguson. Paul Pogba arriving in Manchester, was expected to take Manchester United back to the Glory Days never truly happened as he turned out to be more harm than he’s worth. Dysfunctional business By Manchester United as he leaves on a free after so much money being invested in the French midfielder when they broke the bank to buy him. According to Fabrizio Romano, Midway through on the United stand with Mark Goldbridge, he confirmed that a contract extension was handed to Paul Pogba, but the midfielder rejected the proposal leading to his departure. It worked relatively quickly following the exit as Juventus, and Paul Pogba began contact almost immediately at the start of the summer. It wasn’t long before they reached an agreement on a four-year deal with an astronomical 8 million per season, making him a higher earner than Matthias Deligt, one of the best center-backs in the league, and Dusan Vlahovic, a striker with 44 Serie A goals. The deal is expected to be announced at the beginning of July he will officially complete his move. A disastrous Personnel decision by Pavel Nedved and the Juventus higher-ups brought in an incredibly divisive personality into a dressing room and a team that is looking to close an enormous Gap that currently exists between themselves and both teams from Milan. Not only is this horrible business buy Juventus, but Paul Pogba returning to Juventus and making this move comes across as cowardly nature with the potential to make an even more toxic environment that already exists in Turin.

Man United’s Destructive and Cancerous Social Media Star

Manchester United has been a dysfunctional Institution during his era at Old Trafford. The lack of success is shown only justifying those means. Manchester United hasn’t won a trophy Jose Mourinho one the Europa League and League Cup in Paul Pogba’s debut season at Manchester United. Ole Gunnar solskjaer eventually took over for Mourinho, substantially bringing Manchester United into multiple semi-finals and a Europa League final but he could not win a trophy for Manchester United. Almost highlighting the impressiveness of Mourinho finishing second with an erratic Manchester United. It was a dysfunctional environment, so understandably I know how so many Juventus fans and Serie A fans will try to spin this. I’m already seeing it on social, starting with iftv, and seeing it spread to so many different Italian football Outlets, better showing an entire lack of clarity regarding and revolving around the situation with Paul Pogba at Manchester United. The claim that Paul Pogba was misused and it was down to the circumstances at Manchester United rather than the behavior and the erratic performances of Paul Pogba. On occasion, there are players they’re not put into the best situation to succeed in the Premier League and come to Italy and become a star. It’s actually kind of seems to be a common occurrence regarding the transition from the Premier League to Italian football for some play, not all but some. However, this notion that Paul Pogba was sold short and underwhelmed because of Manchester United is nonsense. Blaming the environment a Manchester United being the reason behind his lack of success is absurd. This isn’t even anti-Juve type of argument. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Juventus and the winning mentality they have possessed for so long and the type of signings they’re able to make. I was incredibly complimentary of the deals for Federico Chiesa, Dusan vladovic, and Denis Zakaria to name a few. Absolute boss signings that have strengthened Juventus. Juventus currently exists in a very problematic situation in an environment that’s not ideal. Still, they have cooped some top players, and the way they’ve handled the transferred business for the most part despite all the issues has been incredibly productive, like getting Weston mckennie under 20 million regarding many other moves that they have made. However, we can’t sit up here and blame Manchester United for the whole thing. Paul Pogba is the biggest flop in premier league history. No player came into the Premier League with the level of status and world-class ability then Paul Pogba. Equally so, nobody in the Premier League faltered under their pretenses more than Paul Pogba. There have been some incredible flops in the Premier League. Paul Pogba takes the cake. He came into Manchester United with this Electric ball-playing midfielder that could do anything he wanted with the ball at his feet. He was the guy that was expected to take Manchester United to another level. Manchester United only regressed since his arrival; he’s not the only reason, but if you want to talk about who’s responsible for Paul Pogba’s downfall in Manchester, it’s not the environment at Old Trafford; it’s not any of the managers it is not the players around him is Paul Pogba he’s the one who is 100% to blame for how things went in the Premier League. We cannot sit up here and blame Manchester United for the toxic Wasteland let Paul Pogba created in Manchester. Prime Paul Pogba was such an outstanding player with so much to give we can’t ignore the obvious. Everyone related to Italian football will spin this in a way that benefits this, looking like a great signing at Juventus. I’m sure he’ll have occasional moments; he had occasional moments at Manchester; they just didn’t occur very often. He’ll have some man-of-the-match performances but is it worth the damage that he can potentially do? Paul Pogba has an extremely bad attitude, is not a hard-working player, and tries to slide on Talent alone. I’ve watched the majority of his performances in Manchester United, at least a big enough sample size to know. The only singular performance I can recall to the memory of him showing world-class ability was the game against Manchester City when they were going to win the league against Manchester United, and Paul Pogba showed incredible brilliance as Manchester United came from behind to beat Manchester City to prevent Manchester City from beating United to secure their title. He was Electric in the Europa League campaign, and that first season he had some really special moments, but those types of moments did not come very often, if at all. Not good enough for someone that cost 98 million with a bad attitude, who didn’t work hard. I don’t buy the argument that because he was around Scott mctominay and Fred that he didn’t perform or succeed; it is all on him. Not to mention the level of dysfunction and the toxic environment he created multiple times. Leaking that he wanted to leave the club before a must-win game against RB Leipzig in the Champions League, the constant social media glamorization on the back of horrible performances. The 15,000 haircuts he had at Manchester United. There’s nothing wrong was having his lifestyle and personality in football however, if you’re going to promote yourself that way on social media, you got to perform. Paul Pogba has been a disastrous figure and a destructive force in Manchester United. Manchester United has its own problems, and they certainly do, but Paul Pogba created some of those problems. He became a headache proving he was more trouble than he was worth. Yet they still gave him a new contract at an incredibly High salary, yet Paul Pogba wants to make this about Manchester United. He was disruptive cancer to the locker room and didn’t perform; this has nothing to do with him not being put in positions to be successful. Juventus fans should find it offensive that their Club is even entertaining this. They’re not getting the player they sold five years ago; they’re getting a player that occasionally has superb moments, doesn’t work hard, and has a bad attitude. Inter Milan and AC Milan are miles ahead of Juventus in terms of quality in terms of being a champion. Paul Pogba would not be welcome at Roma for me; when you’re trying to build a winning culture, this is the last type of player that you would want to be associated with at your club. This is a damaging element to a Juventus team that already has their own problems; signing Paul Pogba will make it worse; he will have world-class games occasionally, and maybe he’ll have something that he didn’t at Manchester United, but we can spin this in any way you want there is no reasonable conclusion that Paul Pogba is the victim. Manchester United has nothing to do with why he became the biggest flop in premier league history. I appreciate the sentiment of the fans trying to spin this in this way because if you are a Juventus fan, you don’t have a choice because the deal is done; he will be there next season, but actually, looking at the situation, he’s a player that is divisive and problematic Paul Pogba comes into this team next season as the third-best midfielder at Juventus Manchester United are not at fault here in any way the downfall of Paul Pogba is on Paul Pogba. No and or buts about it; they just made a grave mistake.

Dysfunctional Figure Dysfunctional Team

I’ve already alluded to it, but this is a dangerous deal for Juventus to invest in Paul Pogba. The Allure of what he brings in global endorsement will be essential for the club to make money. The fans will fill the deck at Allianz Stadium to see Paul Pogba again, but they won’t see what they expect. This isn’t Paul Pogba from 5 years ago. There’s still The Nostalgia of what he did the first time around at Juventus; we just won’t see that this time around. This is an erratic deal coming out of desperation. They watched Pablo Dybala walk because they wouldn’t pay him for what he’s worth. Now he is likely to sign with either Inter Milan or AC Milan if he stays in Italy, which is looking increasingly likely. Paulo Dybala will be in a position next season to be a problem for Juventus instead an X-Factor for Juventus next season. Let’s look at this situation Juventus lost Paulo Dybala, Giorgio Chiellini, Federico Chiesa, coming off an ACL tear De ligt has expressed a desire to leave Leonardo bonucci isn’t anything close to what he wants was, and Juventus haven’t made a splash in the market yet. All of this Aura of dysfunction he’s being conducted by Max allegri. He once was a great manager that got Juventus to two Champions League finals, having won the league countless times and used to be one of the best managers in the world. He then left Juventus, didn’t watch the sport for two years, and has made idiotic decisions after a foolish decision last campaign. He is a horrid manager right now and doesn’t have a clue, certainly not the manager to turn Juventus back into a winner. Now you have Paul Pogba come into this team has the highest-paid player on Juventus at 8 million a year. Vlahovic is Under 23 years old, with 49 goals in the last three seasons. They’re bringing in Paul Pogba, that currently is not better than Manuel Locatelli and Weston mckennie. He is a high profile on social media reputation alone. As I mentioned, this Juventus team is in total dysfunction with not a real clear view of the future coming into this, bringing in a Paul Pogba that will make 8 million a year and could capture 80 million in total by the end of this deal. Coming into a locker room in a dressing room of players looking to close the gap between themselves and Juventus being coached by a brainless idiot who has no sense of direction. This was a totally dysfunctional team before he even arrived. Vlahovic is outstanding, one of the best strikers in Italian football. There are very few limitations to his capabilities Federico Chiesa if he comes back strong, some version of what he was before the injury, is a solid player; they have the qualities in some of their individuals, but it is a dysfunctional institution that doesn’t have that winning mentality anymore. Paul Pogba isn’t an elite player; he’s coming off being the biggest flop in premier league history, showing up maybe six games this season disastrous on the pitch and in the locker room. Paul Pogba adores what football has given him his social media presence and his brand. He is not a hard worker; he has an extremely bad attitude; you bring that into a team that is already riddled and dysfunctional, it is a disaster waiting to happen. While Paul Pogba next season might have the ability to win a game by himself, occasionally, he will do a significant amount of damage on a dysfunctional Juventus. They have so much to do before they’re challenging or winning anything. This idea that they will get the Paul Pogba that was pinging goals from well outside the box is nonsense. The player that Juventus had last time doesn’t exist anymore; this doesn’t make Juventus any better; in fact, given the level of damage that he could cause in the dressing room could be a boiling point for Juventus. His agent Mino Raiola has since passed away, but who’s ever advising him will surround him with the idea that everything is for his brand, so toxic energy still is highly likely to come from him and be a negative impact on Juventus, a team that has the identity of Winning is Everything. Not only are they a toxic mess, they just made Paul Pogba the highest-paid player on the team and have done nothing to deserve it. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Paul Pogba is incredibly selfish and will have occasional great performances but simply won’t see consistency on and off the pitch; it blows my mind that the Juventus directors can be this brain-dead number one bringing back Paul Pogba when he clearly isn’t the answer has a bad attitude and isn’t even the best midfielder on the current team but secondly giving him eight million he hasn’t done a thing deserve even half of that Juventus just brought a toxic character into a club of winning mentality and tradition they should have learned their lesson from watching what happened at Manchester united.

Running Away: Why Picking the Easy way out makes Pogba a Coward.

This move is cowardly from Paul Pogba. His reputation was tarnished at Manchester United; no one looks at Paul Pogba the way we once did before the move to Manchester. At that time, he was one of the world’s best midfielders and a player with an incredibly high ceiling and potential to be one of the greatest midfielders of this generation. He lost sight of that and clearly has a mentality problem. We’ve been through this. Manchester United is not at fault at all for the downfall of Paul Pogba; his own self-doing created it. He began extending himself on social media and potentially been given lousy advice distracting himself from being the midfielder we all expected him to be. He is a victim of his own downfall, but Rehabilitation was possible. The image of Paul Pogba could have been repaired. He is a high-maintenance player that would be a risk to take on, even on a free transfer. Like I said bad attitude and can be a disruptive force. However, that is the current perception going into this particular Juventus situation that will just be Amplified. Those negative qualities are highly likely to continue, given the environment, he’s walking into. Paul Pogba should take some accountability and acknowledge all of this. There was a potential here to reshape his career and undo the level of damage that he caused to himself and Manchester United over these last couple of years. Running back to Juventus proves nothing and damages his legacy even further. You can’t rebuild something if you have no interest and reshaping the reputation. Running back to Juventus is cowardly and pathetic. As I said, there will probably be games where he lights it on fire this season, but he’s equally likely to be disruptive as he was at Manchester United. Going back to Juventus tells me that he’s not taking accountability, and he has no interest in recovering the image he obliterated. He has gone back and forth between Manchester United and Juventus. Had he waited for another offer, a new experience, a new adventure, Maybe he could have repaired the reputation that he obliterated. Running back to Juventus is a cowardly move; it would not have been the only offer he should have waited for, an opportunity to prove himself as an elite midfielder once again. It was the potential to turn this around to change the narrative or at least make it look like Manchester was the problem. Still, instead, he runs back because it’s comfortable I understand that this was the easy way out, and he has good relationships with players currently at the club. Still, his attitude isn’t going to change overnight, and this move itself is cowardly. Had he waited for another opportunity for a lesser Club to give him a chance, is it possible everything could have been restored the move itself just tells me that either he’s frightened that he’ll never be the same again and he can’t repair his reputation but more than likely it’s telling me the Paul Pogba wants the easy way out. This move is adding a dysfunctional figure into a dysfunctional team.


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