Why Robert Lewandowski Should Stay One more Season In Munich #1498

Since the end of last season, Robert Lewandowski has been a topic of conversation. The journey in Munich might be coming to an end despite the overwhelming optimistic circumstances that he certainly exists in. Julian nagelsmann took over last season, returning home to keep the reign of terror over the Bundesliga. As he successfully got his hands on the Bundesliga title once again. Julian nagelsmann one day will be the best manager in the world and is without question the best young manager in World football. Bayern Munich failed in certain areas, such as the Champions League, as they were silenced by Villarreal and ousted by Gladbach in humiliating fashion in the German cup. However, even though the season may not have gone the way Bayern Munich would have liked, we saw so much progression from the individuals that took an extra step under Julian nagelsmann. Robert Lewandowski had one of the best seasons of his career, reaching 50 goals for the second time in three years. As the Polish International secured 50 goals six assists season. Robert Lewandowski is a Bundesliga Legend winning his 10th league title 8 in a row with Bayern Munich and, of course, the two that he won Under Jurgen Klopp at Dortmund. The season prior, he broke the record for the most goals in a single season in the Bundesliga, breaking a record that stood for 49 years GERD Muller saw his record fall. That came in a season where he missed three weeks with an injury that ultimately stop Bayern Munich the let down in the Champions League. Had he stayed healthy, I am certain Bayern Munich would have won the Champions League. Robert Lewandowski is the second-highest goal scorer in the Bundesliga, and he is on pace to reach the summit breaking another record by Gerd Muller. Bayern Munich is the best-run football club in World football; they constantly upgrade their squad and are always pushing for the Champions League. They have a young coach that is exactly what is needed for Munich to take the next step and win the Champions League again. They constantly are upgrading their squad and seeing young Talent breakthroughs. It is a perfect situation. Bayern Munich is mutually winning the league every year, going on a Deep Run in the Champions League. Robert Lewandowski has mutually anything and everything he could possibly want. So the question is, why does he want to leave?

Desire of a New Adventure

It is a very puzzling situation without an honest answer. Since the start of the summer, there’s been a ton of drama surrounding this. Robert Lewandowski appears to want a different challenge. Robert Lewandowski has held out with the hope that he can secure a move to Barcelona. Making his position incredibly clear to Bayern Munich about what he wanted. He is frustrated with the situation and wants it resolved, hoping to join Barcelona this summer. He’s not a decisive personality but would like to get something resolved. I think it is a somewhat foolish move to make, but I respect that Robert Lewandowski wants something else. However, he has handled the situation quite poorly and shouldn’t be forcing his move to the exit door. He should have spoken to the Bayern Munich higher-ups privately without making a huge scene and having the public eye brought into it. Look at Sadio Mane, for example he told Liverpool that he would like to move on and got his move to Bayern Munich reasonably quickly without causing any sort of tension or stress on Liverpool. However, Robert Lewandowski’s desire to depart is understandable. Robert Lewandowski has completed German Football, winning everything there possibly is to win. He has double digits in Bundesliga titles; he is one League title with two separate teams; he completed a treble with Bayern Munich in 2020. He’s won a countless amount of German cups, won the Champions League had one of the most memorable games, give me the history of German football with his five goals in 9 minutes. He has broken records that never were supposed to break; he’s made history, again and again, he’s reached 50 goals in a season; he’s done everything. Spending another couple of years in Munich won’t necessarily see him achieve something he has before. He’s completed the journey; he’s won everything; there’s not a lot left to prove; the only thing left for him to do in the Bundesliga is enhance his legacy even further and try to win another Champions League with Bayern Munich. Robert Lewandowski has spent most of his career in the Bundesliga, the best player in the world who wants to test himself in a different League going through a different challenge. Joining Xavi at Barcelona is very intriguing to him; an opportunity to be in the same league as Karim Benzema with the two best players in the world, both in La Liga, would be a firework show. The desire to join Barcelona doesn’t take a lot of convincing; they are a historical team, a club full of History with the likes of Lionel Messi, Johan Cruyff, Ronaldinho R9, Ronaldo Andreas Iniesta, Luis Figo, Luis Suarez, Neymar, and so many others have all worn that shirt there’s history attached to Barcelona it’s more than a club. It wouldn’t take a lot to convince anyone to go to Barcelona. I understand the way he feels. He’s done everything, and now he just wants to move on with a new challenge. While I disagree with his decision, I sympathize with him wanting to do that. I don’t condone his behavior or how he acted during all of this, but understanding his thinking is not difficult. Robert Lewandowski is the best player in the world; he would still get my vote for the Ballon d’Or. Furthermore, as many are aware of, he should have won the Ballon d’Or the last two years. Robert Lewandowski is the best striker in the world in the pantheon of players in World football; he sits at the top of the mountain along with Karim Benzema. While he has this Burning Desire to play in La Liga with Barcelona, there are two observations about this. The deal will be extremely complicated. Secondly, it would not be in his best interest to leave Bayern Munich this season; they are building something close to Unstoppable. Having him added into that equation could see him leave at the very top.

Barcalona Finincal Issues Makes Deal Complicated

The Barcelona thing won’t end if he decides to stay at Bayern Munich. It is something that he can deal with next season, a year from now, not only will the move be more plausible, but it might make more sense for Robert Lewandowski to depart. Robert Lewandowski might consider his age 34 years old in August, making him 35 years old at the start of The Following season. However, based on his performances and how he has played since he entered his 30s, there’s no evidence to suggest any signs of slowing down. Robert Lewandowski will score into his 40s just because of his predatorial clinical finishing ability; even if he loses some pace, he will always find a way to score goals. This summer, the Barcelona situation is very complicated. I don’t believe Robert Lewandowski is remotely interested in anything else. Barcelona is the only destination in mind. Barcelona are in so much debt they have mammoth level of financial issues. Forcing them potentially to sell some of their players. Gavi and Pedri are young ascending stars in the Barcelona team, along with ansu Fati. However, the remainder of the squad isn’t untouchable. Frenkie de Jong could be on his way to Manchester United, but they need to do a lot more free-up space to give Bayern Munich a reasonable offer. They have even let people get married at the Camp Nou to raise money and get themselves above the red line. Robert Lewandowski is entering the final year of his contract; however, his price should still be through the roof, and Barcelona will not pump Bayern Munich in negotiations. Barcelona sold Neymar to PSG, wasted the money, and caused the financial situation that they are in. Robert Lewandowski should cost roughly between 100-125 taking. Given his one year left on his contract, maybe you could negotiate it down to 90 million, but that’s the floor that is the lowest amount Bayern Munich should be taking. Barcelona is in financial situation, but Bayern Munich should not handle these negotiations any differently; just because Barcelona are in financial turmoil, that’s not their problem or their fault Bayern Munich is one of the best-run clubs in the world; they will conduct their business to benefit Bayern they won’t be doing any favors to Barcelona. Barcelona’s opening offer was about 55 million short of what I would consider a fair offer. Barcelona offered 35 million-plus bonuses disrespectful type of deal. Unless they jack up their price by a lot, there is likely a Crossroads between the agreement; even if they were to reach an agreement, they would have to pay Robert Lewandowski at least 9 million a year if their salary they simply cannot afford at the moment unless there’s a major turn over. We acknowledge here that this deal is almost impossible to pull off.

Bayern Munich Building a Monster In Munich

Now there’s this other part of it that it makes no sense for him to leave the season. He isn’t even July yet, and Bayern Munich has acquired Sadio Mane, Ryan gravenberch, and Noussair Mazraoui. Bayern Munich is already filling the holes that they have with these signings. Sadio Mane is one of the best players in the world for 33 million, Ryan gravenberch, a young midfielder with huge potential, for 20 million and Noussair Mazraoui one of the best attacking-minded fullbacks for free. Those three signings only cost Bayern Munich 53 million. Bayern Munich isn’t finished; they’re only getting warmed up; they haven’t even spent big yet; as we approached July and August, they’re going to get a significant Coupe even further. The attacking options that they have already with sadio Mane, Kingsley Coman, Jamal musiala, Serge gnabry, Thomas Muller man in the Midfield, Ryan gravenberch, Leon goretzka, Joshua kimmich defensively, Lucas Hernandez, Upamecano on the outside, Alphonso Davies and Noussair Mazraoui not to mention they Benjamin pavard and many others. The only missing from this equation is a striker up top that can give them 30 goals or more in all competitions. That’s Robert Lewandowski; he has scored 40-plus goals for 7 straight years; realistically speaking, they said the only thing separating him from the Champions League. They have the manager, the starting lineup, and getting squad depth, and they’re probably not done spending. It makes little sense for Robert Lewandowski to jump off the ship now when this is perhaps their best chance to win the Champions League since 2020. Sadio Mane will score 20 + goals next season he; just will you put Robert Lewandowski in that equation who is going to beat them? They’re better than the lot only PSG, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Real Madrid because of their winning mentality and realistically have what it takes to take them down. Honestly, the only ones that I think could take them out in over two legs are Real Madrid. I know Manchester city has brought in Kalvin Phillips and Haaland, and they have depth and are loaded from Back to Front; with Robert Lewandowski in this team, I don’t think anyone can beat them. This team with Robert Lewandowski would win the Champions League. I am almost certain of it if Robert wants to leave the club, it’s fine to leave next season. You do not leave this situation this season; you’re letting a Champions League slip out of your hands. Barcelona isn’t winning anything this season; he is a much better opportunity to win big trophies at Bayern Munich next season than Barcelona. Again I don’t blame him for wanting to move, but after Bayern Munich’s work and the complication of getting the deal across the line, it’s so complicated that it is not in his best interests to leave a perfect situation.

Bayern Should Keep Robert and Let Him Walk in 2023

Bayern Munich’s CEO spoke out earlier this week on the situation regarding Robert Lewandowski; in a nutshell, he essentially says that he expects Robert Lewandowski to show up for preseason because he is a professional. I would be very surprised if he tries to force the move out if Barcelona and Bayern Munich don’t come to an agreement which is beginning to feel increasingly unlikely. Robert Lewandowski is within range of becoming the highest goal scorer in Bundesliga history; that’s something, and I would have thought that would motivate Robert Lewandowski even further to break that record and stand on top. It does seem like that is not as important to him as embarking on a new challenge. As I said, I understand where he’s coming from and his legacy, hence why he wants to go to Barcelona to embark on a new adventure. However, it’s unlikely that he gets his wish this season but the last year of his contract. At the end of this season, he can leave to go to Barcelona on a free contract. By this time next season, Barcelona’s financial troubles may have improved, and they can afford do sign him, and since it would be the last year of his contract, they would only have to pay him a salary. Instead of working out a significant fee for the best player in the world. This 35 million-plus bonuses aren’t going to cut it; they would have to pay deep prices to secure him this Summer, as I alluded to earlier. Robert Lewandowski will be frustrated with the situation, but it could only enhance his performance on the pitch. An angry Robert Lewandowski could be insane. Not to say that it is the preferred version. Still, suppose he can’t move to Barcelona, which is probably most likely. In that case, he will come out with a vengeance and win everything, potentially another 50-goal season, while leaving the Bundesliga on top of the pile. Bayern Munich should insist on his involvement next season; they could get the best version of Robert Lewandowski for one last campaign allowing him to go out on top, saying goodbye to the fans properly. Bayern should let his contract run out; even if he goes for nothing, it will be worth it in the end when they get their seventh Champions League trophy even though we’re talking about Robert Lewandowski, the best player in the world, potentially even Bayern Munich club that could get a fortune for him letting him go without a price. Bayern Munich are smooth operators. The best-run Club in World, Robert Lewandowski walking may not sound like an intelligent move from Bayern, but in this case, it is best-case scenario. Win the Champions League next year with Robert Lewandowski and let him go. Bayern Munich will not have to spend a fortune to get an adequate replacement in 2023. They’ll have plenty of options and different directions. Sasa Kalajdzic from Stuttgart, young striker Jordan Burkhart from fsv Mainz, they can take a swipe at Patrik Schick, Christopher Nkunku has a release Clause at 60 million next season seems like a type of player that can come in and produce then other alternative options such as Andrej Kramaric, Timo Werner, Inky Williams or potentially Lataro Martinez if they want to spend big. The point is they will have a variety of options in regards to what they could bring in to replace him. This is an unorthodox situation, but in the end, you get one more incredible year out of Robert Lewandowski and can slowly start working on getting a replacement for the foreseeable future. There is no sense and getting rid of Robert Lewandowski this summer. Bayern Munich operates their business in the market extremely well; letting him walk in 2023 does no damage to their Ambitions Beyond that.


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