Musiala wonderland Bayern Stomps Frankfurt to Kick off New Season #1515

Last Saturday, Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig met at the Red Bull arena in Leipzig for the curtain raiser they clashed in the German super cup. It turned out to be an eight-goal thriller, with The new look Bayern side capturing another trophy in the dress rehearsal. On Friday night, the Bundesliga officially got underway in what was expected to be an absolute belter to kick off the campaign. The German champions took to the road as 51,000 filled out the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt. The Europa League champions welcomed the Bavarians to their house as the super eagles lit smoke flares as we approached the unveiling of another season of the Bundesliga. Bayern already with a trophy in the bag. Hoping for a couple more before the season’s conclusion. Meanwhile, the Europa League champions have their eyes on a European spot as the campaign popped off in Frankfurt; it would be a thrilling affair even if it did favor one side.

Julian Nagelsmann made no changes to his side that got past RB Leipzig last Saturday night. Oliver Glasner went with a similar lineup to last season; Bayern’s control was evident early on. There was heavy smoke coming from behind the Frankfurt goal. Bayern Munich was given a free kick in the fifth minute Joshua kimmich stood right behind before striking through the wall into the bottom corner, leaving Kevin Trapp without a prayer to save it as Bayern Munich opened up the season with the Bavarians taking a 1–0 lead after just 5 minutes. Kevin Trapp’s body position was off; he adjusted well, as he expected a cross. Questions asked regarding deploying a one-man wall as Joshua kimmich finds space quickly. Frankfurt, bewildered by Bayern Munich’s hot start, came out without energy difficult time getting possession. Bayern Munich gets that early goal and goes immediately for the throat. The genius in the midfield for most of this game was Jamal Musiala. He wasted no time making an impact on the contest, orchestrating a chance for Gnabry his initial strike was blocked before the youngster found a way to get the ball to him again, but once again, a blocked chance. Musiala played in Thomas Muller, but the same result. However, Bayern Munich took advantage this time it was defensive vulnerability from Frankfurt highlighted. In the 10th minute, coming off a corner kick, atrocious defending Benjamin pavard struck a sweet missile into the top corner following as Bayern Munich took a 2–0 lead.

Kimmich’s free kick in the smoke and Pavard taken advantage of horrid defense puts Bayern into hot start early

Benjamin pavard, someone labeled as a Bayern Munich outcast this season, remains at the club and scores his second goal in two games. Frankfurt is already in a hole. Frankfurt has one of the best goalkeepers in the league, but they put him in an uncontrollable situation again. Showed incredible frustration and anger as Bayern Munich started to run away. Frankfurt came out flat; however, Bayern Munich’s second, they found a little inspiration, even if it didn’t last. Tuta Hits a well-hit strike into the top corner, clinging off the post before falling to new signing Knaff, who tries to do too much with it. Bayern Munich’s dominance continues. Jamal Musiala provides the magic with incredible movement finding his way into the box, striking at a slightly complicated angle. Unable to get the touch with it but shows the danger that he possesses. Bayern Munich maintained their control as their five in the middle defense suffocated. Bayern Munich nearly scored again and probably should have. After leased through Central midfield, Gnabry and Thomas Mueller were side by side. Gnabry supplied a pass for Thomas Muller but slightly timed it a little off. Muller eventually tried to supply a touch to put it into the back of the net, but somehow someway, he hits the bottom post falling out. Surprisingly, Frankfurt was nearly capitalizing. Lindstrom finds a way to maneuver himself through the Bayern defense into the box in a near one-on-one. Looking for the bottom corner, but he misfires in what was a brutal miss in the end. Bayern Munich nearly scored another goal in the blink of an eye. Jamal Musiala shows his range by launching a potent strike. Looking for that top corner. Kevin Trapp nearly gets a hand on it before hitting the post. Sadio mané could have scored the rebound but was ruled offside. Bayern Munich was coming, and nothing was to be done about it. In the 27th minute, Bayern Munich got on the counter-attack with Gnabry on the wing with plenty of space as he filleted a ball into sadio mané. Bayern Munich’s new acquisition flies through the air with a diving header rippling through the top corner. It was getting out of hand, Bayern Munich taking a 3–0 lead. It was going from bad to worse. Jamal Musiala was nearly in again. It was put through by Joshua Kimmich’s strike from deep Trapp makes the save in the bottom corner. Almost immediately after, sadio mané nearly got himself the second, striking from inside the box but hitting off the post. Frankfurt’s nightmare continued, and Bayern Munich got on the counterattack. Thomas Muller patrolling Serge Gnabry on the outside, Mane not far off on the other side, and Jamal Musiala positioning himself in the center. The 35th minute on the break. Thomas Muller managed to squeeze the ball into a very well-positioned Jamal Musiala, sticking his foot out and watching his strike go into the back of the net with Bayern Munich taking a 4–0 lead. We haven’t even reached the halfway point of the match, and Frankfurt already dealing with a four-goal deficit. A four-goal deficit is horrible, but you know what’s worse, a 5- goal deficit in the 43rd minute. Thomas Muller plays in Gnabry and comes into the box before chipping it over as Bayern Munich scores their fifth of the game. After the first half, Bayern Munich’s total domination with a 5–0 lead.

Musiala scores the 4th of the first half as Mane and Gnabry joins the party in 5- Goal First half

An abomination of a first-half performance, especially from a European winner. Frankfurt was out of their depth and provided absolutely nothing in that first half. Oliver Glasner had seen more than enough as Frankfurt made three changes at the start of the second half Randal Kolo Muani, Christopher Lenz, and Jakic are all brought on to at least try to limit the damage that had already been done to them. Bayern Munich laid off slightly during the early portions of the second half. Still in complete possession. We still saw magical moments from Jamal Musiala and a very efficient midfield. They saw the game out before preparing to pounce again. Roughly 12 minutes into the second half. Julian nagelsman made his first change of the evening. Bringing in Ryan gravenberch for Marcel Sabitzer. The second half was less eventful. Bayern Munich still dominated. Still had control and still were finding ways to damage their opposition, but with the game in hand, they didn’t risk too much and just found themselves controlling it. Frankfurt did next to nothing for the majority of the game. However, they had a sequence in the second half when it looked like they could minimize at least some form of humiliation. Knaff ripped a strike from deep that was handled by Manuel Neuer, and then shortly after, Manuel Neuer was being cute with dribbling right outside his box. Randal Kolo Muani eventually picked it off as the German captain was essentially shoved to the ground before scoring an open goal. It was now 5–1 in favor of Bayern Munich. Julian Nagelsmann made two more changes 17-year-old Mathys Tel makes his debut after arriving from France as he replaces Gnabry, while Leroy Sane comes in for Thomas Muller. Frankfurt attempt to get another one as Mario Gotze plays in Knaff but misses wide. Sadio mané replies for Bayern Munich with a strike from close Kevin Trapp managed to handle the situation. Frankfurt went to the bench again as Filip Kostic for potentially the last time, comes off Faride Alidou comes in to replace him Only for Kolo mani to miss right follwing the change. We saw the first inclusion of Tel Putting through Joshua kimmich but was denied by Kevin Trapp. Still very good vision from the youngster. Deligt was brought on following the chance as the Dutch international is trying to gain fitness; we could see him from the start next week as he replaces Lucas Hernandez. Noussair Mazraoui also brought in for Benjamin Pavard. We see Ryan gravenberch have a strike blocked from Deep, then Mazraoui misfiring high. In the 83rd minute, Bayern Munich even further adds to the humiliation as their young magician in midfield gets himself a double wet goal to put the exclamation point Sane puts in a well-timed through ball for Jamal Musiala. The 19-year-old barely receives the ball from inside the box with immense pressure from the defense. He’s able to find his footing staying up, overpowering himself from the defender while sending the other defender to the shops before dinking it into the back in the net as Bayern Munich takes a 6–1 lead. No stoppage time is added as the referee blows for the full-time whistle. Bayern Munich is handling their business, and it looks like Bayern Munich will be just fine without Robert. Jamal Musiala stealing the headlines in a demoralizing victory to open up the season as Frankfort all they can do is look on as they fall on their faces being spectators to a Bayern Munich clinic.

No Robert to Problem as Bayern role in 6–1 win in Frankfurt to kick off season.

Bayern Munich showed their ability to coexist without Robert Lewandowski in the super cup victory against RB Leipzig. It wasn’t a massive surprise at Bayern Munich’s level of dominance and control over their Frankfurt counterparts. Even away from home, there was a significant sense. They would find ways to make Frankfurt uncomfortable and show their dominance with their attacking mentality and options in that area. From a Bayern Munich point of view, keeping the same team from the super cup victory worked wonders. Bayern Munich has several new players that started on the bench and eventually will probably crack into the lineup and get more minutes, but the team they put out was under control. They dominated and showed their superiority. Bayern Munich is one of the best teams in the world, but my takeaway from their side is that this team might be even better. Even though Robert accounted for loads of goals for this Bayern Munich team, the way they have this team set up for this season and the foreseeable future is relied on everyone, not just one player. I’m not saying Bayern Munich with Robert only relied on him, but he was so impactful and meaningful in how the Bavarians played with this style in terms of the depth they have in all positions; it is a team that is going to be entirely difficult to stop. Sadio mané scores on his Bundesliga debut in the attack with Thomas Muller and Serge Gnabry as their attack was very lethal. A brilliant free-kick to open up the season by Joshua kimmich, but the most notable thing from Bayern Munich was the emergence of Jamal Musiala. Already showing the incredible qualities he has shown over the last two years. Now in, 19 years old seems poised to take the league by storm. He is a winger by design, but Julie nagelsmann has put him in Central midfield, a position he simply has thrived on during the last two matches. He secured himself a Bundesliga double and was the true genius behind the midfield and the way they controlled the game and dominated. Ridiculous movement on the first goal, putting himself in the proper position, and the second goal was purely magical. He’s going to play a big part. Frankfurt got humiliated, which can happen against Bayern Munich. My issue is why they got humiliated. Frankfurt has one of the best goalkeepers in the league in Kevin Trapp, and they continuously put him in a vulnerable position with the six goals scored tonight. He was only at fault for one of them. The defense let him down over and over again, and even though they have a decent defense, they could not perform under the game’s circumstances and made erratic decisions constantly. I think the defense can be handled, and they will improve in the coming weeks. However, an unavoidable problem is the lack of a striker. This has been their biggest issue and the most important thing that needs to be addressed. The Eagles finished 13th in the Bundesliga last season the year before. Andre Silva scored 29 goals in the league and 33 in all competitions. When he left to join RB Leipzig, there were many goals walking out the door with him. The Eagles have failed to replace him and still haven’t. I like the acquisition of Lucas Alario, and when we see him on the pitch for a full 90 minutes will understand exactly what they have. However, not addressing this issue with a top striker is a big problem; I don’t see 15 goals from any individual player in this team. Borre played well in the Europa League last year and was a big part of their success in the Bunesliga that he was simply not going to get you the number of goals. So you look in this team, and there is a significant issue in that area, and they refuse to fix it during this transfer window, and I don’t think they have enough time to figure that out. They need to figure out a solution because as much as their defense was horror tonight, the lack of a striker buries them, which is why they got their head ripped off at home in front of their fans. Oliver Glasner has done his part; Frankfurt directors need to do theirs.


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