New Look Bayern Thrive in Super Cup Thriller #1508

Score: Bayern 5 RB Lepzig 3FT

The Bundesliga campaign will get underway this Friday to kick off the new season when reigning champions Bayern Munich take a trip to Frankfurt as they will set to do battle against the Europa League winners. However, before we can proceed, we have to take care of the Curtain raiser, the German super cup, as Bayern Munich travels to a sold-out Red Bull arena in Leipzig to take on RB Leipzig. Bayern Munich last season captured their 10th consecutive Bundesliga title. Meanwhile, RB Leipzig won their first trophy in club history, beating Freiburg in the German cup on penalties with the German super cup to set the pace for a beautiful Bundesliga season. New look Bayern arrived in an optimistic mood as Robert Lewandowski had left the German club in favor of corrupt Barcelona. However, the Bavarians wasted no time planning for the future without Robert Lewandowski. Pulling off the acquisitions of Ryan Gravenberch and sadio Mane Matthias Deligt, among others. That should still have Bayern Munich battling on all fronts. RB Leipzig has made some additions and continues to build this team with Hoffenheim’s David Raum expected to arrive with 47,000 fans packed in Red Bull arena in Leipzig German football is officially back as the match got underway as the events began to unfold.

Jamal Musiala’s brilliance sees Bayern get off the mark

RB Leipzig and Bayern Munich were feeling each other out in the game’s opening sequences. However, Bayern Munich dictated the pace; with many attacking options, they push the ball forward, displaying their attacking strengths very vividly, finding places to exploit with a free-flowing start. It took some time before we saw the game open up. Nkunku, around the 10th minute, orchestrated an opportunity to find his teammate. Benjamin Hendricks outside the box. The defender ripped the strike from outside the area but didn’t phase the test and experience, Manuel Neuer. Even though Bayern Munich hadn’t scored yet, The way, they were moving the ball, the spacing the way they were attacking the tight areas was very dangerous. Bayern Munich is a very calculated side and was going to find the vulnerability and break it down. RB Leipzig hadn’t found the momentum in the game, Bayern Munich was all over them, and it seemed like it was only going to be a matter of time before they broke through and found the moment to capitalize on. The moment was right around the corner in the 13th minute; coming off the corner, RB Leipzig struggled to clear the ball out as the defense was closing down on Joshua kimmich as he held the ball in the center of the box before it was pushed. However, The exceptional Jamal Musiala positioned himself in a dangerous area with incredible spacing and movement. Collected the ball that was heading towards the end of the box. The German international cut in before putting forth a slick dribble to get around the defender before slotting in between the legs of a defender that tried to press him before tucking it into the back of the net, giving the goalkeeper no chance as Bayern Munich took 1–0 lead very early in the proceedings showing a very ambitious start for a team that’s going to want to challenge on all fronts.

Mane and Gnabry connect on 3-Goal first half

Inferior defensive structure for RB Leipzig, allowing Jamal Musiala to collect the ball before cashing in on the opportunity. RB Leipzig struggled against a fast-paced, high, pressing Bayern Munich attack. They were on the back foot almost constantly. Occasionally they will come forward on the break when a Bayern Munich shifted but found significant difficulty trying to make the transition from defense to attack very quickly, especially with the wide players such as Alfonso Davies. Once he got the ball in transition, it was immediately up on the attack. It’s sometimes caused them to have a bit of a rocky shape. Defensively, their movement, anticipation, and positioning made it very difficult to break down. RB Leipzig’s defensive line showed its vulnerability. RB Leipzig recently lost one of their top center backs for PSG. You can see the impact of the departure of RB Leipzig was in trouble. They were in threat of being run out after Bayern Munich about 15 minutes later. A Defensive collapse allowed Bayern to find the space to make them pay. Bayern Munich started in the midfield in the 31st minute as Jamal Musiala and Marcel Sabitzer pushed forward in the center of midfield, releasing Serge gnabry on the left with sadio Mane sprinting up the middle. Serge gnabry was pushing with the ball at his feet before sending a cross into the box to sadio Mane; mutually unguarded as he got his foot on the end of it, ripping the ball into the top of the net, giving Bayern Munich a 2–0 lead. RB Leipzig is a half-hour gone, already facing a two-goal deficit. Bayern Munich just continued to lay it on thick. RB Leipzig managed to get in the way to block Marcel Sabitzer from Lucas Hernandez, preventing them from getting a good look. They would soon be turned inside out yet again by rising Star Jamal Musiala. In the 44th minute, coming off the corner, The young German got the ball near the corner of the box with his signature. The dribbling sequence gets around the defender at exactly the pivotal moment before supplying the ball to Benjamin Pavard. He follows as Péter Gulácsi watches the strike roll into the back of the net as he. It was a ferocious opening 45 minutes for RB Leipzig as Bayern Munich held a 3–0 lead following a dominant display from the new look Bayern Munich. The exceptional work of Jamal Musiala proved to be the difference in the first half of extreme brilliance from the 19-year-old, showing once again the impact He can have in the midfield as Bayern Munich cruised.

A Smile from Sadio New look Bayern will do just fine

RB Leipzig needed something drastic as Bayern Munich was in its element, taking advantage of the vulnerability. Dominic Tesco Is one of the best managers in the Bundesliga; he could fix and undo the damage done to them in that first half. On the other hand, Bayern Munich was chomping at the bits. RB Leipzig had a lot of ground to make up. However, they came across a different approach. In the beginning, Bayern Munich maintains control. Bayern Munich got into attacking areas regularly, and with their speedy attackers looked like they were going to carve them open again. Dominic Tesco realized that he needed some adjustments to sway the run of play. The game began to change slowly but surely. RB Leipzig brought Andre Silva and Dani Olmo . It was still a mountain to climb but certainly started to change the game’s environment. Just 4 minutes after coming on. Andre Silva gave RB Leipzig their best chance of the game, coming off a corner cleanly hit by Dominic Szoboszlai. Andre Silva rose up and got on the end of it, directing it towards the goal, but unfortunately, his header hit off the crossbar. They may not have scored, but all of a sudden, RB Leipzig had some confidence and momentum about them. Just 3 minutes later, they would finally break through and get a goal back. In the 59th minute, coming off the corner, Marcel Halstenberg beat Benjamin Pavard to the punch. Getting his head on the ball as it rose into the back of the net. Leaving Manuel Neuer without a prayer to save it. RB Leipzig would minimize the deficit now. As some noise started to erupt at the Red Bull arena. Bayern Munich would go to the bench bringing on Kingsley Coman for Jamal Musiala. In what felt like a strange move at the time, considering the incredible first half Jamal Musiala had. Just as RB Leipzig was gathering some momentum at the right time. Bayern Munich once again showed their superiority. They broke through again in the 65th minute. Kingsley Coman played through to Thomas Muller, who collected the ball from inside the box. Drove it in before firing a powerful strike at Péter Gulácsi. He did manage to get a hand to it, but it fell towards Serge gnabry, who got on the end of it, sending the ball into the roof of the net. Bayern Munich pulled away again in a 4–1 lead. Thomas Muller was then replaced by the new signing Ryan gravenberch. Despite the considerable difference in scoreline, RB Leipzig remained on top of its much better performance in the second half than in the first half as they finally found a way to pose a threat against Bayern Munich. Nkunku had a shot blocked from close following being put through by Szoboszlai before Andre Silva followed through after being set up Konrad laimer but could not find the target. Roughly 7 minutes later, Dani Olmo played his positioning perfectly. He was taken down in the Box by Lucas Hernandez. The referee pointed to the penalty spot in the 77th minute. Christopher Nkunku stepped up, sending his penalty into the top left corner in one of the best penalties I’ve ever seen. Manuel Neuer tracked the ball very well, but it was just placed just an inch above his hands as RB Leipzig minimized the deficit again. Now it was 4–2. There would now be changes from both sides Delgit and Mazraoui both brought on as they make their debuts. As Leroy Sane also was brought on for Bayern Munich, while RB Leipzig brought Hugo Novoa. Following the substitutions, we saw a pair of sadio mané chances. after being put through by mazraoui, sadio mané came close from point blank range, but his strike drifts a little. Then a minute later, he hit a bomb from outside the box that nearly beat the goalkeeper. Still, he managed to get his hands on it, denying a double debut for sadio Mane. 4 minutes later, sadio mané looked like he had scored his second when he meticulously made his move before popping the ball into the back of the net in a very tight window but was offsides. Somewhat giving a lifeline to RB Leipzig as we approached stoppage time. RB Leipzig responded immediately as it turned into a classic Dani Olmo made a beautiful run on the break after Dominique played him a beautiful ball; he pushed the ball forward into the box and, in the tightest window, managed to squeeze it past Manuel Neuer. All of a sudden, it was a one-goal game. 4–3 with still 6 minutes of stoppage time remaining. Pushing it to extra time wasn’t out of the realm of possibilities. During stoppage time, RB Leipzig looked dangerous on a late chance that could have wrapped up the game. Bayern Munich alleviated a late chance from Leipzig. Bayern Munich cashed in on it as Alfonso Davies launched a fast-paced through ball from his box. Sane collected, showing his athleticism by driving the ball into the box with the defender and the goalkeeper trying to track back; the explosive winger took his time and slowed down the play. Went from full speed to stop, got around the defender, took one more dribble, and sent a strike into the bottom corner to score Bayern Munich’s 5th goal and what was a dramatic finish. RB Leipzig’s lack of conviction and mistakes in the first half ultimately collapse on them despite a valiant effort in the second half. Bayern Munich took the German super cup in the curtain raiser in what was an absolute thriller with a 5–3 triumph.

It was a growing advertisement of what we could expect in the Bundesliga this season. A match of true drama and what turned out to be an eight-goal thriller to start the season with a battle between arguably the two best teams in Deutschland. Bayern Munich’s absence of Robert Lewandowski didn’t seem to have that much of a damper on the Munich attack with their new signing sadio mané They won’t have any issues sticking the ball in the back of the net regularly. Lining up in frontline with sadio mané and Thomas Muller, It could be a very dangerous duo this upcoming season. We know. Julian nagelsmann rotates, It is what has made him such a great innovator in the German game, but with Thomas Muller and sadio Mane together, This could be as dangerous. Sadio Mane ends up getting a goal in his debut. This is a player that has the reputation at the highest level being able to operate at that standard. He showed it in his opening game, which worked well with the rest of the team. They get out to that hot start with Mane leading the line while Thomas Muller still sits back and is the orchestrator. Muller will score more frequently than he has in several years because of the circumstances, and he will be put into better situations to score goals. The creativity in the midfield they saw from Jamal Musiala was just terrific. He continues to progress as one of the best young talents. It seemed like they thrived under those pretenses of what they had out wide with wingbacks while having the midfield trio that seemed to be very effective. Then you looked at what they brought off the bench, and the depth they have in this team is the only thing that can take them over the line in the Champions League. They dominated that first half, and in the second half, they still managed to make things happen. Even though they conceded three goals, I would describe two of them as bitter misfortune. For RB Leipzig, all the mistakes they made in that first half They made in the second half, and they came across with the right approach making the right adjustments. It was a little bit of trial and error. I still thought they brought a lot of energy in the attack in midfield and are very well balanced all around. Had Andre Silva and Dani Olmo started from the beginning. It potentially could have been a bit more competitive during the first half. With the acquisition of David Raum, It will only help ignite the team even further. RB Leipzig can identify the mistakes they made in the first half. Will also have a sense of optimism about how they turn the tide in the second half to give them the right mindset, mentality, and optimism going into the season. An eight-goal thriller and impressive start to The upcoming season with Bayern Munich yet again grabbing another trophy.


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