RB Leipzig stopped by Florian Muller Nkunku’s hot Start #1517

On a Bundesliga Sunday, we saw a very interesting clash as the season took shape this week with intrigue regarding the new season. RB Leipzig, after falling short in their fight back against Bayern Munich in the German super cup, took to the road in what was expected to be a very interesting clash against a Stuttgart side that is expected to be a much more formidable institution ahead of the new season. RB Leipzig just finished up wrapping up the signing of David Raum from Hoffenheim as a different-looking RB Leipzig comes into the season with a belief that they are the ones to give Bayern Munich the biggest problems. On the other side of things. Stuttgart, a team that fought with relegation last season looks to have a very different season with a fully healthy squad at their disposal. They see this campaign as going very differently from the last. RB, Leipzig, and Stuttgart would clash on a Sunday afternoon at the Mercedes-Benz arena as 46,000 fill the stands approaching Kickoff, both teams opting to have a strong start to the new season as it was time for everything to unravel in the Wutternberg region of southwest Germany.

Dominic Tesco made a few changes from the super cup defeat last weekend. Andre Silva and Danny Olmo The pair that got them back into the game start from the beginning, as well as David Raum was thrown into the starting lineup from the jump. While Stuttgart came out with a very similar side to last season with a few changes ahead of the new season. RB Leipzig were the ones dictating from the beginning of the game with a lot of energy and attacking rhythm, putting Stuttgart on the back foot in the early portions of the game. Minutes into the game, Lucas Klosterman followed through on a strike from close after being set up by Danny Olmo. The attempted strike on goal was deflected by the defense. Not long after. Christopher Nkunku missed the mark after striking from deep, only for the league’s best player to get the touch he was looking for. In the 8th minute. Danny Olmo threads him a ball in the box falling to his right foot. Christopher Nkunku follows through with a slick touch bearing it into the back of the net as RB Leipzig took a 1–0 lead. A very fast start from RB Leipzig to the new season, but Stuttgart didn’t appear to be discouraged and just dealt with the circumstances of the game. RB Leipzig was in control and continue to go forward, but Sturtgartt did not show vulnerability as they were coming through. A moment. Later. Benjamin Hendricks saw a strike blocked by the defense before Lucas Klosterman attempted to direct a header into the bottom corner, but Florian Muller was able to get his hands on it. Christopher Nkunku connects with Danny Olmo but fires it wide. Stuttgart could withstand RB Leipzig’s ability to attack. Chris Fuhrich followed through on a headed pass. From Joshua Vagnoman but Péter Gulácsi still made the save. RB Leipzig returned the favor almost immediately with Danny olmo striking from distance but failed to add another as Muller makes another save. Stuttgart slowly finding themselves more significantly in the game, and before not too long, their youngster in the midfield made a mark in his Bundesliga career. In the 31st minute, Kalajdzic finds Ahamada as the youngster, positions himself well in the box, and comes next on a sweet strike slotting in the bottom corner scoring his first professional goal with the midfield. They have just lost; the youngster certainly seems to have given them some hope with his first goal in his professional career. RB Leipzig tries to fight back and get themselves back in front as Andre Silva and Danny Olmo connect but still lack the touch needed. Stuttgart, at the end of the first half, as we’re headed towards the second half, started looking like the better team as they found themselves in it after scoring, really having the confidence necessary. In the last several minutes of the first half, kalajdzic connects on a header, Chris Fuhrich misses from wide, and a pair of chances from Hiroki. However, the best chance was at the very end when Mavropanos followed through on a counter-attack hitting the left post as time expired in the first half with nothing to split between the two in a 1–1 game with a lot to play for.

RB Leipzig had control of the game for much of the first half, but they lost it temporarily, and Stuttgart took advantage of it. There was a lot of momentum for the hosts to keep it going as they hit the post at the end of that first half. RB Leipzig has the best player in the league and, in addition to that, has a rail-wounded squad against a team that is showing some early optimism. Jousa Vagnoman tries to keep things going for the hosts. As Stuttgart came close coming off a set piece situation, put into motion by Hiroki unable to convert but I promising start to the second half. As the back and forth affair continued with about a half hour to go, RB Leipzig went to the bench. Dominic szoboszlai was brought in to replace Kevin Kampl. The momentum slightly shifted towards RB Leipzig. Youngster Hugo Nova fire to strike into the bottom corner after being put through by Christopher nkunku. Muller managed to track the ball before collecting it into the bottom corner. However, the youngster did look dangerous when he was in his element. Stuttgart made a change as Darko churlinov replaced Sasa Kalajdzic coming off the corner moments later. Andre Silva found Christopher nkunku in a dangerous position as the leagues. Best newly cashed in, but Muller was there again. As much as Florian Muller struggled last season in the opener has looked quite strong and protected in goal. RB Leipzig seemingly started dominating the run of play again and found that confidence that they had at the very beginning. Danny olmo and Christopher Nkunku found connection again, with the attacking midfielder hitting a vicious strike at Florian Muller but still struggling to break through. 3 minutes later, Andre Silva took a crack at it, hitting from close range, but the Muller Express came up again. A minute later, RB Leipzig took upon a different approach. Benjamin Hendric filleted a well-placed cross into the box as Willie Oban got on the end of it. The Hungarian followed through but getting past four and Muller continued to be a problem. Even though it was a failure to launch in front of goal for RB Leipzig, Stuttgart did get in dangerous positions fairly often, but the defensive pressure shown by the backline really showed to alleviate the problems that were shown in the German super cup. David Raum may be attacking by nature, but his defensive contributions in that second half were incredibly effective. Stuttgart made a pair of changes bringing on Enzo Millot and Cilton Mola. Time was running out for RB Leipzig even though they had barely put a foot wrong in the game. Getting past Florian Miller was a real problem. If he’s able to maintain this type of form the rest of the season, we might be looking at one of the outstanding performers during this Bundesliga season. 8 minutes ago, Andre Silva ripped a deeply powerful shot from outside the box with frustration as the Portuguese striker looked disappointed in the touch. In stoppage time, both teams had one more shout at the end. Dominic szoboszlai Hit a very well-hit strike from outside the box in a tight window coming. Very close. Then on the last kick of the game, Wataru Endo misfired from out, and the final whistle goes with a 1–1 draw as they split the spoils at the Mercedes-Benz arena.

This isn’t exactly how RB Leipzig wanted to start their campaign. Péter Gulácsi spoke about the frustration of not being able to secure maximum points. They were dealt with a very difficult circumstance, but still, they should have found a way, in the end, to score that second goal and give them the points they needed. Going into the rest of the season, I don’t think this game, in particular, shouldnt have any sort of black marks on what they could achieve this season and what they can become during this campaign. Both in the league and in Europe. Stuttgart nearly got relegated last year. Their health was an issue, with a lot of the regular players being unable to participate and much of the year last year, which is why they struggled so much. This season with everyone back. They look much stronger, much more compact, and really have a reason to be somewhat optimistic. They’re not going to finish for the top 10 or anything like that, but they could certainly avoid the drop if they can use the energy that they had in this particular match and assess it for the rest of the season. They lost the majority of their midfield, and it seemed like that was the weakest point of their team. You see a young 20-year-old come up. Play such an inspirational role in the team. Scoring that goal able to hang on in the end. The goalkeeping magic from Florian Muller was exceptional. The attacking part of RB Leipzig didn’t lack much. It took them a while to get that confidence back after they were stunned by the equalizer. But all in all, they came forward. They did great things and Nkunku. Andre Silva Danny olmo looks strong. They’re bringing back Timo Werner and they have a lot of potential in the attacking spaces and also looked pretty formidable defensively. David Raum, who is a naturally attacking type of player, showed great effectiveness in the defensive areas, something that they needed, while also being a threat on that left side that his former team, Hoffenheim really lacked this weekend. Defensively they are going to do the business. They got a great goalkeeper, so it wasn’t a sense of they made mistakes, or they put themselves in bad positions as they did against Bayern. But they should be somewhat disappointed in their lack of ability to get the maximum points, but they’re still plenty of reasons to be optimistic. It was just a disappointing afternoon, and you could see that based on the frustration seen by the team. But this is a team that’s deep that has a lot of top players with the best player in the league. So they’ll get back and grooving as I think tonight they were just taken by surprise. This is still the team that will put the most pressure on Bayern Munich, and we’ll see next week and then get back to being themselves. It wasn’t a horrible performance. I thought they did a lot of things. Well, They just couldn’t get that second goal when they needed to. Disappointing. Yes, but no reason to worry for this season.

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