Serie A Storylines #1540

Too Much to lose Why Serie A Cant afford another Week like this

Italian football went through a dark era after the scandal in 2006. Prior to that, Serie A was arguably the best league in the world. There was a lot of momentum pushing Italian football to the top of the mountain. The best players in the world wanted to play in Italy. It was an outstanding time for Italian football and the culture of the country. It was an era not to be forgotten as it was leading Europe. AC. Milan, during that stretch, was one of the greatest dynasties in Italian football history, with seven champions leagues with Milan a good amount coming from that Era. Juventus making finals Inter always competitive without forgetting Roma Napoli and the lot. After the scandal in 2006, Italian football was filled with corruption. The fan base, especially the neutral fan base, took an incredible hit. It wasn’t a high-quality league for a number of years. Eventually, respect was exchanged. Italian football was trending from the bottom of the European pile. It finally got to a place where was getting respect. It deserved. Still remains a very underrated league over the last 5 years. It has improved the perception killing the narrative surrounding the league. However, because of the circumstances, Italian football needs to operate at a high level constantly. The Premier League can have a bad week occasionally and can manage themselves. The Bundesliga can have a bad week occasionally. It is the most entertaining league in the world. It’s allowed to have a pass occasionally. La Liga can occasionally have bad weeks as well because of the superpower and individual talents that exist in the league. It will always be respected. Unfortunately, Italian football lives in a world. That’s unfair. That’s cruel. Serie A cannot have bad weeks of quality. Italian football, by my estimation, is the second-best league in the world. I also think it is the most entertaining outside of Germany. It has improved drastically over the last couple of years. After Juventus lost the crown, The League became more competitive as there are a lot of top sides within the league. However, to keep the respect intact, Italian football needs to appease the neutral viewer. Having a week like this last week in Italian football is damaging. It cannot be allowed to occur again. Italian football has done so much work to earn the respect of the world back again, and even now, it gets disrespected occasionally. Italian football must keep the league interesting, and it must be entertaining. Unfortunately, because of the scandal, they don’t have the luxury of having uninteresting match days. This past week was brutal. As a Serie A fan myself, I think we have to be completely transparent about what we saw this weekend. It was entertaining. Uninteresting, and the majority of it was boring. It was a bit of bad luck for Italian football in the narrative it tries to grind against. We need the neutral viewer coming back each week for more. This last week it wasn’t shown in the best light. Of the 10 matches this weekend, six of them were drawn. Three of the six draws, four had had no goals. A large portion of the games this week. We’re not interesting. The three games were very good. The Roma game, the Inter game, and the Sassuolo game, there are two other games that weren’t great but still have some interest The Milan game and the Napoli game. But as a whole, it was a very potentially damaging week for Italian football. A neutral viewer. Watching what we put on display this weekend is going to think twice before coming back. Goalless draws can be interesting, but not in Italy usually. England has the best goalless draws, followed by Germany and Spain. Serie A has too much to lose and all the work that was done to rebuild the reputation of the league. We’ll be diminished if we can’t put on a show. The previous week was fantastic, and I’m not requiring every week to have every game be incredible, but more than half the games have to have a peak level of interest. We have to put on a show because We have too much to lose. I certainly hope, as a Serie A fan, that what we witnessed on match day two doesn’t occur again; we have too much to lose.

Why The Georgian Dimond Is already the League Best and Why I’m already Worried about his Exit

Khvicha Kvaratskhelia has been the star of the show in Naples through the first two games this season. Napoli may not have played the most antagonizing opponents, but Napoli has looked extremely sharp, and it appears they have a star rising in Napoli. The Georgian talent Khvicha Kvaratskhelia has been a breath of fresh air to Serie A and what he can bring to this league is tremendous. Although Napoli has this jewel in possession, his presence, his flare, and his playmaking ability is everything I know. I talked about how brutal this last week of Italian football was and why we cannot afford to have another weekend like that. However, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia Will keep eye on the league. He is such a sensational player that has lit the league on fire through the first few games of this season. He had a terrific header against Verona to open up his account on his debut. Then two absolutely superb strikes against Monza already with three strikes then season. He has a special quality that is going to make Napoli a team to watch this season. It is too early to start judging Positioning for predictions. However, because of his impact and brilliance alone, This Napoli team may return to the Champions League. After all. They lost so many critical pieces this summer, but it just might overpower because of the acquisition. He has been the player to watch in the opening two games this season. Truly a sensational talent that can do incredible things with the call. Playmaking ability, ability to dribble, putting himself in dangerous positions constantly, and so much more. He has an incredibly high ceiling and yet hasn’t even remotely started to tap into it. Just 21 years old. The Georgian kid is here to stay, but it won’t be before too long that the eyes of the world will be on him. Napoli has a luxury with the kid, and this team can potentially be something spectacular because of his involvement. It’s not even that it’s. Everyone around is getting better too. The connection between himself and Victor Osimhen has been terrific. The Nigerian striker is very injury-prone, but if he can stay sharp all season along with his Georgian counterpart Napoli as much as I don’t like to admit, it could have something special on the cards. They have yet to be placed in front of a great opponent, but there are so many teams that also have not been challenged. How he performs with a dangerous opponent will be a big qualifier of how good this Napoli team is. However, if he keeps up this pace, Napoli may have a problem in the future. Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are the best teams in the world. They are the biggest clubs right now. Khvicha is appreciated by Naples and may even fall in love with the city in due time. The question is, how long will it be before Bayern Munich or Real Madrid pick up a phone? We know that both of these clubs are willing to pay a premium price, so even if in a year’s time. Let’s say Napoli evaluates him at 105 million. For example, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid will have no problem paying the number. Even though he is on a long-term deal, they should negotiate his contract as soon as possible if he can keep this up. An outlandish release clause should be put in his contract. Regardless, at some point, they’re going to pick up the phone, and they will take him from Naples. I actually don’t think it’s out of the question that next season they pick up the phone. As fans of Italian football, we should enjoy what he brings. There is a scenario where he stays for several years, but they’re also a scenario where he’s gone next year. We have to evaluate this with some caution as talented as he is and how special he can become. He will be on the target list of Bayern Munich and Real Madrid before we know it. He is an extremely special talent that can do great things, as I do feel Napoli is just a rest stop on his way to playing for the top clubs in the world. But as a fan of this league, I hope we get to enjoy him for a few years before he’s gone. Napoli should view him as untouchable He is a special kid. 3 years ago, I saw him play in the Russian Premier League at Rubin Kazan and knew he had that something special to see him several years later. Now in a top league performing at a high level, Napoli has a superstar on their hands who has played at a world-class level. So far, The question remains. How long will he be in their possession? Who knows. That might be a question for another day, but this campaign, he is taking the league by storm, and he’s only warming up.

Juventus cant Truly go forward Until Max is gone

Juventus won’t win anything significant as long as they’re being guided by Max Allegri. This is something I’ve said almost repeatedly since he was appointed to Juventus last season. We can talk about the peak of Max Allegri leading Juventus to two champions like finals. Winning the league with AC Milan. He’s done some tremendous and incredible things in his prime. However, he’s not in his prime anymore. He went two years without even watching the game, and then he returns to management as the one to rediscover the success. He is out of his depth, and he is minimizing the teen that is in his possession. Last season AC Milan won the league and arguably the worst champion in a decade. Inter Milan choked in the most important and critical moments. Last season Juventus threw away their chance with their horrible start. He is not a pragmatic manager that is going to put people in positions to be successful. This team cannot win anything big as long as he is the captain of the ship. He has no idea what he’s actually doing. Juventus have had one of the best transfer windows in Italian football this season. Angel Di Maria, Bremen, and Vlahovic from January and the controversial Paul Pogba. You can be questioned about some of those moves, but that is a lot of quality going back into a team that already has some top players. Flip Kostic, potentially the most interesting what he has done at Frankfurt Hamburg and Stuttgart, is undeniable. He’s been one of the best facilitators in Europe for many years. Max Allegri played him this weekend at left wing. The Serbian is not a left-winger. He is not a left-back either. He is a left-wing back only. It is the only position that he plays. Even though he played all right and they were drawn against Sampdoria. The reason I bring this up is Max Allegri playing him in a position where he has flaws in it. As good as he is. The Serbian only is a player that can be used in a very specific formation. If it’s not the 532, then you just wasted the money to sign him. He is not a left-back. He is not a left winger. Those are not positions. He’s comfortable playing. If Max Allegri did his own work, maybe he would have known that. That’s only part of the battle. This Sampdoria is a team likely to be relegated. They’re going to finish in the bottom half of the table. In that game, his star striker only could have one shot on target. Well, that’s on the player that’s also on the coach. He doesn’t have leadership. He doesn’t galvanize his squad. He doesn’t have the charisma to lead this team anywhere. They are loaded and have a stacked back, however, and until he is no longer there, this Juventus will not win anything important. Take the Champions League and the league off the table until they fix this problem. As long as he is there, there’s no winning. He created a pessimistic culture. They cannot win with Max point blank. Juventus have imploded in the last 2 years. They let Paolo Dybala walk and join Roma for free. Then last summer, He created a particular type of environment that took one of their best central defenders deligt, making him want a departure. Bremen is a good signing, and he could do a good job. Meanwhile, Deligt is in Munich, coming off the bench in a happy environment. Allegri is creating a dysfunctional environment. This can be fixed in a few years’ time, but only when Max has removed himself from being in charge at Juventus can true change be made.


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