Werder Bremen scores three in 6 minutes to win at the death in Dortmund #1533

Werder 3 Dortmund 2FT

The intrigue and mystery of the Bundesliga continued into match day three on Saturday afternoon. We are in Dortmund this week at Signal Iduna Park as Dortmund welcomes newly promoted Werder Brennan for a clash in front of the yellow wall. The potential for a Bundesliga classic could be on the cards. Dortmund has picked up maximum points this season with wins against Leverkusen and Freiburg. However, there has been something left to be desired; meanwhile, the opposition Werder Brennan has been the shock of the Bundesliga season thus far. Recently promoted from Bundesliga 2. Following just a one-year absence. There were specific questions about the qualities of the squad; as many poach them as possible, relegation candidates. It ultimately has gone the other way. Showing a goal-scoring clinic away at Wolfsburg. Earning a point and fighting to the death against Stuttgart with an Oliver Burke late equalizer, two points from a possible six, may not sound impressive. Still, for a newly promoted side, they’ve handled themselves exceptionally well to start the new campaign, and May present a challenging set of circumstances for Dortmund. Title contenders collide with the new kids on the block. So what was expected to be an end-to-end affair in Dortmund. 81,000 in attendance as kickoff approaches in the NorthRhine-Westphalia region.

It was expected to be a fairly even game. Dortmund is not playing at their best despite getting the points needed. Meanwhile, Brennan has been surprising in terms of quality so far. Dortmund puts their aggressiveness early with a chance as Dahoud follows through on a deep strike had the distance and the power on strike coming close but missing the mark. Dortmund tried to build, but Bremen was not to be underestimated and did not seem the least bit intimidated by the environment. Niclas Füllkrug tried to put together an immediate response with a strike from deep, but Dortmund got in the way; it was very evenly balanced. They were challenging to separate. There wasn’t even possession control as they both had plenty of the ball trying to build into opportunities. There weren’t a lot of chances flying in the early part of the first half, but both teams had a certain way about them, with a Dortmund trying to cut into space with the explosiveness of their team and Bremen building through the back. Unfortunately, Dortmund was forced to make it change. Due to the injury regarding Dahoud. Emre Can came in, Not a huge loss because the German midfielder is capable of playing a box-to-box role within Dortmund. Bremen looked dangerous on a set piece coming from a long free kick. Marco Frito put a well-placed cross into the box, reaching the head of Jens Stage as he makes a connection but a bit high in the end. It began to become frustrating for Dortmund as Bremen were the ones pushing the pace, trying to find a way through. Dortmund once again lacks the energy and the simplicity of their team struggling to be the assertive bunch. Late in the first half, Bremen showed their relentlessness. Christian Grob sees a strike from deep blocked by only for Bremen to come through again as Leonardo Bittencourt put through Marvin Ducksch in close, but Gregory Kobel gets his hand on it. Bremen seems to be knocking on the door. Just one minute later. Nicholas fulcrum tried an ambitious strike from outside the box but put too much on it. However, they kept coming, and right before the break, he had another chance to look from deep. The Swiss goalkeeper manages to deal with it. For the last 15 or 20 minutes of that first half, Bremen were the aggressors and were the much better side. However, in stoppage time, Dortmund came up to the plate in The 45th minute. Marco Reus found Julian Brant, who hits a rocket from outside the box into the bottom corner past Palvanka can only watch Dortmund take the 1–0 lead through Julian Brandt to end the first half.

Dortmund has been playing poorly but getting results. At this point in the game, there is a sense that it probably wouldn’t work this time. However, they get to the goal at the end of the first half to put themselves in a good position. They started the well, but then it tapered off . Meanwhile, despite conceding the goal, Bremen must like where they are. They have picked up points from losing positions in both games this season. They were certainly capable of doing that again. The visitors went right after it. Trying to find a way through with Nicholas fulcrum again tries going deep after but was finding difficult time with taking advantage of those spaces. Even Dortmund looked improved in the second half. It was Bremen that looked much more dangerous. The question was, could Dortmund find a way to get another? Leonardo Bittencourt and Marvin Ducksch connect with about 30 to go hitting a well-time strike from the side of the box in a dangerous position, but Kobel’s hands on it again. Still, momentum was building for the visitors as it had been the majority of the game. Dortmund attempted to put all the stops in motion, making three changes. Hazard, Nicholas Sule, and Giovanni Reyna were introduced for BVB, while Bremen brought on Romano Schmid. After the changes were made, their midfield prowess Bittencourt again took a swipe from outside the box, leaving something to be desired. Jude Bellingham for Dortmund got into an interesting position from within range, but the defensive structure got in the way. The visitors made two more changes Nicholas Schmidt, and Lee Buchanan came in. Bremen was running the game. It looked much more antagonizing throughout, but Dortmund came through when needed. In the 77th minute, coming off a corner. Raphael Guerreiro hit a snipe from outside the box. Drilling it into the bottom corner as Dortmund took a 2–0 lead. Perhaps they have some form of winning intangibles for the first time in years. They were being outplayed, yet with their two big chances came through. It felt like Bremen was being hard done by, but they were still drama to erupt. Hazard hit from deep, but the goalkeeper dealt with the attempt to extend even further. Dortmund brought on Moukoko Bremen, Oliver Burke, the hero from last week, and Gruev. It did look like Dortmund was coasting through to another three points, but Bremen began the surge. In the 89th minute. Buchanan connected from close range into the top corner to pull a goal back for Bremen. Maybe there was a chance. Remember, this still is Dortmund. Before not too long, the walls will be crashing down. In the 93rd minute, Amos Piper sends a cross into the box only to find Nicholas Schmidt getting on the end of it, putting the ball in the roof of Gregory Kobel’s net. Absolute scenes as the Dortmund faithful, in utter disbelief, Bremen erase a two-goal deficit in the span of minutes. It’s 2–2 now; we’re still a few minutes left of stoppage time for there to still be a winner. In the 95th minute, Bremen had a late chance to do the impossible. Mitchell Wieser puts a ball into Oliver Burke on a break with a defender on his back. He thrusts forward into the box. He’s all alone with the last kick of the game Oliver Burke a face-to-face with Gregory Kobel; he’s in the box as he follows through. Oliver Burke lifts the strike into the top corner at the near post. They’ve DONE IT. Bremen, in a matter of 8 minutes, turned the tide in front of the yellow wall in Dortmund. This newly promoted side is not playing games as a threat could be among us. Oliver Burke, the hero from last week, comes off the bench and does it again as the final whistle blows as Bremen earns a historical victory that there’ll never forget. Looking around at the 81,000. The disbelief of what just happened as Dortmund hang their head in shame of a historical collapse as Bremen is just soaking up the energy in an absolute Bundesliga classic that leaves us all in awe.

We see the drama of the highest order unravel with another glowing advertisement of the quality of German football. The drama never ends in this league, and we see another example of that. The world we live in at the final whistle is an entirely different set of circumstances we were approaching before heading into the stoppage. Shambolic finish from Dortmund, who have been trying to fight against the narrative for many years, which suggests that they do not have the stomach for a legitimate title chase. They haven’t shown the winning mentality since back-to-back Bundesliga titles under Jurgen Klopp. They’ve had opportunities. They’ve had some top-class coaches, and they’ve had teams that should have got the job done. One can take some positives from their performance in the first 87 minutes, but considering how it finished, it is honestly irrelevant. They got results in their first two games when they were probably outplayed, and then they choked under pressure at home. There’s always some hype surrounding would they could do in a season, but it comes down to things like this of why I’ll never believe it. They will never, to me, be the biggest threat to the Bayern Munich throne because they don’t have the mentality needed to do that. This was another example of everything that’s wrong with Dortmund. They lead this game for 87 minutes. They throw away a two-goal lead and let the newly promoted side punk them at home. They were 81,000 fans here on Saturday in Dortmund. They were swallowed in the last 6 minutes and choked away points. In English football, there is a saying called spursy. It is correlated with Tottenham Hotspur and their inability to come through as they always seem to choke in the important moments. Dortmund is as spursy as anyone in Germany. We would like to see the new manager in charge of this ship succeed, but you cannot take Dortmund out of this. As once again, they have shown an inability to be the team to put pressure on the Bavarians. I used to refer to Werder Brennan as the most irrelevant team in Germany. They were there but not memorable, so it was as if they weren’t. They got relegated two years ago. They’ve come right back up. It is an entirely different vibe. There’s a world in which they achieve a top 10 finish. It is just three games in, and I don’t want to overstep, but five points out of a possible nine for a newly promoted side is incredible. They have been a shock to the system; the question marks surrounding the goal-scoring have been answered. In the most American way of putting this, they can score, bruh. They are not reliant on one component either. Nicholas Fulkrug is their best-attacking option. However, Oliver Burke has scored in the last two games in the most significant moments. They have found ways to execute when needed. Dortmund managed to build the lead in the game, but the visitors were never out. They made things difficult on Dortmund; looks like a menace in front of goal; three opening matches have come against Wolfsburg, Stuttgart, and Dortmund. That is a very difficult opening three games, especially for a team coming up from Bundesliga. 2. They hung around Even when things felt as if they were impossible. They never gave up and continued to fight and scratch until they got the result from the game. The performance of Bremen was astounding. They very well could be the surprise of this season. Oliver Burke, the hero again Bremen, score three goals in 6 minutes. 89th minute 93rd minute, and 95th minute. They just kept going until they had nothing left, and that’s the main difference between Bremen and Dortmund. Total collapse yet. Bremen’s unwillingness to be defeated shines through truly astounding as they get a massive three points in dramatic fashion in Dortmund.

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