Bunesliga Storylines #1548

What’s going on with Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg had an incredibly inconsistent season last year and ended up in the relegation area. Although they never fell deep down. They won their first four games of the season, then went on a huge winless run. They changed the manager. They win their first four games again, and then they collapse and implode again. The acquisition of Max Kruse in January certainly help them get through this season with a cushion between themselves and the relegation. However, this season has been an utter disaster. The Wolves currently just hold two points this season Quite honestly, it could be much worse. In the game against the royal blues, Conan Casteels saved two penalties. If that does not happen, they are in the relegation zone already. Wolfsburg isn’t expected to be a champions league team or a team fighting for European football. This just isn’t the reality that they exist in. However, what is expected is they finish in the middle of the table. While there have only been four games so far this season, they’re already in a heap of trouble. There was a sense of optimism going into the season with the attacking options they brought in last year and the upgrades they have made into this season. Max Kruse arrives from Union Berlin, Jonnas Wind from Copenhagen while still possessing Lucas Nmcha, A young striker with huge capabilities. Not to mention they brought in Matthias Svanberg from Bologna, a new manager in Kovac, Patrick Wimmer from Armenia BFF, along with a few others. They did a good job putting this team together, yet they’re having significant problems in the areas which are supposed to be their strengths. It is not going to get any easier, and the problems finding the back of the net are only going to become more severe if they can’t reach some level of inspiration with their performances. There certainly is quality in here. They may not be a European team, but certainly, a team that should be finishing not that far out of the top 10. There’s no European football this season and nothing to distract them from their ultimate goal. Finishing in mid-table is a requirement. Going through the duration of this season without having to worry about the bottom would be a very successful season for Wolfsburg; they’re already falling short in every way possible. Only two goals this season. There is a serious problem. Levitating over the Volkswagen arena. The Wolves need to figure themselves out, or else they’re going to end up having to go to battle with the bottom, which is the one thing they didn’t want to have to deal with this season.

Sherlardo Becker and Jordan Pefork Cooking in Berlin

Last week, I talked about and discussed the potential of Hoffenheim potentially making a push for the Champions League this season. I still contend with the fact that among the teams that could make a surprise appearance in the Champions League that Hoffenheim has the best shot. Obviously, discounting Freiburg because most of us expect them to be on the doorstep of the Champions League race. However, with that being said, Union Berlin has got off to the best start in club history. It is a very confusing yet intriguing situation that they currently have there. Over the last year and a half, they have lost their top two scores and their most important players. They have made some adjustments and brought in some top editions, but for the most part, Union Berlin is a club that was expected to struggle to start the season. At the moment, they are pushing the top of the league. They are on the same points as Bayern Munich. One of their wins included a counter-attacking master class against RB Leipzig. They’ve only dropped points in one game. This last weekend they put six past the royal blues away from home. They are playing at an extremely elite level this season while also having the Europa League this season, with a good possibility to go on a deep run in that competition. It’s very early in the season, but there’s just a sense that there have what it takes to keep this up and keep the momentum going. They have started as perfectly as they possibly could have. An almost perfect start to the campaign. The schedule is going to get more difficult and we haven’t really seen them tested outside of the game against RB Leipzig. When that starts to occur, we will get a better sense of what they can accomplish this season. Union Berlin solid in practically every position. A decent goalkeeper, has a strong defense, it creative midfield, and one of the best attacks in the Bundesliga so far this season. Well, they may not have the squad depth of Hoffenheim or the play style and experience of Freiburg. They are a team ready to prove that they can be one of the best teams in the league this season and qualify for the Champions League. The reason their success has been so highlighted and why they have been so impressive is because of their incredible partnership up top. Sherlardo Becker and Jordan Pefork has made them so potent. One of the best strike partnerships in Germany this season. Both of them have four goals, a piece as well as a couple of assists. The two of them are performing on a consistent basis. Week in and week out, they are showing has almost made the fans forget about the two attackers that they took into their hearts before they departed. They need to fill the gap Sherlardo Becker was there and has been for a couple of years, but he hadn’t quite taken the next step this season. He’s broken out, spreading his wings, and has the quality to operate at the highest level. On the other hand, Jordan came from young boys, and a lot of pressure was on the experienced American to come in there and stick goals in the back of the net. The big question going into the season is whether he could give Union Berlin the 15 or 20 goals that were left by the departing Awoniyi, who joined Nottingham Forest. The success and failure of the team were going to be determined on that. What we didn’t know is how Sherlardo Becker was going to perform alongside him. The answer to the question is whether or not he can get those numbers. The answer is yes. He has been elite and consistent in every facet of the game. He’s been one of the best strikers in the Bundesliga already, and with Sherlardo Becker alongside him, these two can continue to achieve new heights this season. They’re off to their best-ever start in club history. If they continue to push and ride this wave of consistency the rest of the season, a Champions League possibility may not seem improbable anymore.

Vincenzo Grifo Italy’s Disrespected Italian Asset

Freiburg continues to look like an absolute threat to the champions league picture. There’s no doubt about that. Under Christian strife and the squad that he is built, They look like a team that has the potential to reach even new heights beyond the success they had last season. Like I keep saying, these slow starts from RB Leipzig and Leverkusen open up the possibility of Champions League spots being occupied by someone else. Among the teams fighting and claiming those spots, Freiburg is a team that will pounce on that opportunity. They’re hinging on to the top of the table and deserve to be there. They are experienced with a good balance throughout the squad. They continued that winning form last Friday, and it will only continue as things progress. However, it’s something I have previously hinted at, but the biggest difference maker in this Freiburg is Vincenzo Grifo. In comparison, most people would consider this side to not really have a star player. It’s about a team that plays so well and compact together and finds ways to win games and operate at a high level. However, if you are going to acknowledge a star, It’s Vincenzo Grifo. He is an Italian international that is disrespected by the Azzuri on a regular basis. Never truly giving an opportunity to thrive. Italy failed to qualify for the world cup. If you’re wondering why it’s because of difference makers. They have some issues up top with the strikers, but difference makers in big games who can deliver on a consistent level is the true reason why they failed to qualify for the world cup. The treatment of Vincenzo Grifo is ridiculous, and Italy got what they deserved. Vincenzo Grifo, since he has been a regular at Freiburg, has 117 goal involvements. During this stretch of time, that is more than Italy’s entire midfield. He doesn’t get the love and appreciation that he deserves because he was born in Germany and plays in the Bundesliga. If he was playing for Sampdoria and he was born in Sicily. He will be picked every single game and probably would be the captain of Italy. However, apparently, when Italian players play in Germany, their passport gets lit on fire. Daniel Caligiuri, One of the best midfielders in the Bundesliga for a long time, has never been elected to represent his country, not one time. Vincenzo Grifo currently only holds nine caps in four of those games he has scored. Vincenzo Grifo is a big reason why Freiburg is a constant threat in the Champions League and why they have progressed so significantly over the last couple of years. He already has three goals in the Bundesliga season and has been the difference maker for this team. Italy needs to show him the respect he deserves. This is one of the best players in the Bundesliga and is the best midfielder. Arguably in the national team. We need to kill the stigma for players playing overseas. They still should get a fair shot. I’m not blaming anyone. In particular. I’m blaming the entire federation. Do you want to talk about facts? Last season, not one midfielder was better than him. You want to talk facts again this season. Not one midfielder in Italy was better than him. You want to talk facts again. The last two seasons, the last three seasons. Not one Italian midfielder has outperformed him. Freiburg Loves him. They worship him. They give him the opportunity to prove himself that Italy never gave him. He wanted to play for Italy given a real shot with the Italian national team. Wouldn’t give him any further. Joy, but because they don’t pay attention, they pretend he’s not Italian. He doesn’t give respect. Vincenzo Grifo is one of the best midfielder’s at this level, yet Italy never use him. So as far as not qualifying for the world cup, they got exactly what they deserved. I’m a fan of Italy, but I’m sick and tired of Vincenzo Grifo being treated as if he doesn’t exist. I hear a lot of the time in the Italian national team circle wanting and begging for it playmaker and a difference maker. Vincenzo Grifo is exactly that, yet he is ignored. He’s having a terrific season and, quite honestly, has been one of the three best players in the Bunesliga so far this campaign. It’s a shame that his country doesn’t realize the impact he could have, but Vincenzo Grifo realizes his situation and is going to continue to perform at the highest level for Freiburg.

Yann Sommer masterpice in Munich

Bayern Munich dropped their first points of the season this weekend at home at the Allianz Arena in Munich. Gladbach has always given Bayern Munich a little bit more trouble than everybody else. These Bundesliga teams that go up against Bayern Munich so often can really rock the boat and make them feel uncomfortable. At times it’s not going to happen every time, but they still know how to approach games to attempt to get under their skin. It’s not always going to work, but sometimes it does. Gladbach last season. Beat them in the cup by five goals and in the league took two points off of them. They always give them a little bit of trouble. However, what we saw this weekend was historic and magnificent. It’s not the fact that Bayern Munich dropped points against Gladbach that happens and has happened for a number of years. They dominated the game. They had 68% possession. They completed 200 plus more passes. The accuracy of their passes was 87% Gladbach’s was 67%. There was a large range of events that occurred that favored Bayern Munich. They were the better team. They outplay their counterparts. One defense of mistake allows Gladbach to take the lead. Bayern Munich assaulted the goal with 33 shots, 20 on target. They should have won this game by five goals. The reason they didn’t? Yann Sommer, The Swiss goalkeeper, put together one of the best performances you will ever see on German soil. It was a goalkeeping performance of the ages. He was, in a nutshell, a symphony of brilliance. Nothing well almost nothing, was going to get past him. He was on his day all game long Bayern Munich was at the throat for the majority of the 90 minutes. They had the ball and attacking areas constantly. While doing this Sommer made every save possibly imaginable. He broke a Bundesliga record 19 saves throughout it. Absolutely! Magical and magnificent performances. Bayern Munich tried absolutely everything to break them down, and they just couldn’t. He’s been one of the most underrated goalkeepers in European football for a long time because he’s not playing on one of the bigger teams; he gets underestimated and underappreciated in the grand scheme of things. He has been on a consistent level on par with some of the best goalkeepers in the world. There’s no denying that there’s no disputing that, but because of the team he plays for, he does not get the appreciation that his performances provide. Already has arguably to save the season. Sadio mané from close range, saving with his weak foot as he slides. There were so many top saves out of the collection that he put forth in the match. Bayern Munich could not break them down, no matter what. The Swiss international was in his bag, and there was mutually nothing that was going to get past him. That’s the level he operated at. Easily. The Bundesliga performance of the week. He was a brick wall. Almost nothing could get past him. One of the best performances we’ve seen in German football. It was like Gandalf in Lord of the rings. You shall not pass unless your name is Leroy Sane and possess a vicious left foot. When he is in a dangerous position and has space, nothing can be done. Somer was at the top level the entire game, but one flick from the left from Leroy Sane ripped through the top corner as Bayern Munich rescued the point forcing the Swiss international to stand as a statue. It happens so quickly, even though he was in Top gear all night long. Couldn’t react but still, Gladbach escaped with a point on the back of one of the greatest goalkeeping performances we’ve seen in the Bundesliga.


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