Dybala and Tammy connect on his return as Roma escape Turin with point #1542

A.S Roma 1 Juventus 1

Jose Mourinho and his new look Roma have gotten off to a terrific start to the new campaign with two back-to-back victories to open the season and a pair of clean sheets. A pair of 1–0 wins over Salernitana and Cremonese They come in this Saturday evening as they will face their first true test of the season. In one of the season’s most anticipated matches thus far, Paulo Dybala’s return to the Allianz Stadium in Turin as Roma prepares to take on Juventus in a huge match as the Argentine will get his reunion against the club he represented for eight years. In addition to that, Jose Mourinho has been a polarizing figure as a villain around these parts. As he was a European champion with Juventus’ great rivals Inter Milan in 2010 and has been an adversary to the Juventus supporters ever since. Roma would roll up in hostel territory. Hoping to silence the noise and win at Juventus for only the third time in the last half-decade. Thousands filled the stadium ahead of what was expected to be an exhilarating 90 minutes at the alliance Stadium. Juventus were coming into it with a goalless draw against Sampdoria; meanwhile, Roma dealing with two injuries Gini wijnaldum and Nicolo zaniolo were both unavailable for the Romans as things got underway at the Bianconeri and giallorossi class horns in Dybala’s return as the match got underway.

The events began to unfold at the Allianz Stadium with a test between two Italian Giants. Roma has struggled in this matchup, but there was growing confidence that they finally had a team to get a result. However, it did not get off to the best start. In fact, no fault of their own. It started as poorly as you possibly could imagine. Juventus are given a free kick inside of 2 minutes from just outside the box. Stepping over the ball, their superstar Dusan Vlahovic. The Serbian international hit an absolute sniper into the top corner in the second minute. As before, Roma could blink. They were already in a hole. Rui Patricio couldn’t have done anything about it, surveying over the Roman wall clashing into the bottom crossbar before landing in the back of the net. The Serbian is back on target with his third goal this season as Juventus took a 1–0 lead. Hoping to spoil Pablo Dybala’s return in his new colors. It was a demoralizing event to start a hugely important match and a big test. Roma had to carry on. Trying to forget about how quickly the momentum shifted. Filip Kostic attempted to pull up from outside the box minutes later, but the Roma defense got in the way. Juve’s new Serbian wingback played out of position again for the second straight game. It is an uncomfortable position for him as he is not had great success there. The Roma defense was able to read his movements before. I think it happened. Rome lacked something the injury to Zaniolo seemed evidently missed. When Lorenzo Pellegrini and Paulo Dybala had the ball, They looked dangerous but found it difficult to create much. The link-up play was a little off after such a poor start. They eventually connect as Lorenzo Pellegrini tries to find himself in a dangerous position after receiving it from Nemanja Matic. The Roman Captain rips a strike from distance at his former teammate, but it doesn’t do much as Szczesny catches the ball. Roma was not off to a good start, and it didn’t seem to get much better as things continued. After Alex Sandro misfires, Roma got themselves another crack at it. Bryan cristante off the mark coming off a corner. Juventus looked like the much more dangerous team. Even though Roma had a capable defense, they had to sit back for most of the first half because they weren’t really finding the rhythm in the middle of the park. Vlahovic looked for a second putting his head through a chance but lacking accuracy going wide for the Serbian. Juan Cuadrado took another crack from Deep missing the mark. Juventus youngster Fabio Miretti set the ball into the Colombian again. This time Rui Patricio was forced to make a save from close range. Even at 34 years old, the Portuguese international is still The best goalkeeper in Italy, showing his instincts. As we approached the half-hour, Mark Juventus got on the break releasing Manuel Locatelli, who hit an absolute rocket into the top corner as it looked as if Juventus a double their lead. However, Roma bailed out. They went to the VAR, and it showed on the replay that Vlahovic handled the ball in the buildup as the goal was taken away. It’s precisely what was needed for this Roma team to restore the confidence, as it was very sloppy from the away side. However, Juventus remained in control as Juan Cuadrado pulled up from deep but once again, Rui Patricio was there. We approached the very end of the first half as Bryan cristante came relatively close after Lorenzo Pellegrini delivered off a free kick. The first half was so gone with Juventus in control, holding a 1–0 lead in Turin.

Jose Mourinho was absolutely sick of his team’s performance during the first 45 minutes. It was revealed after the game that Mourinho told his players he was ashamed to be their coach. Just broadcasting the level of frustration pulsing through the special one. At that moment. He wasted no time making some changes. Stephan El Shaarawy coming in for Gianluca Mancini and Nicola zalewski coming in for Leo spinazzola. As Jose Mourinho looking for a different approach after providing next to nothing in the first half. Roma couldn’t put anything together. They looked lethargic butt as the second half kicked off. They started finding a bit of confidence. Paolo Dybala found a bit more pep to the step in the midfield and needed to create something for them to get back into the game. Tammy Abraham is an elite finisher in front of goal, and Roma had a difficult time getting him the ball. The change of tune from Mourinho at the start of the second half helped, but it still took a while for them to truly be threatening as Juventus had controlled most of the first half. Juan Cuadrado ripped off another in what was a problematic showing from him. Anytime he touched the ball, it rarely threatened in any way. Not long after, Nemanja Matic tried finding space from Deep, and his attempt on goal was deflected. Roma was a bit sharper in creating chances but still had some significant problems. It wasn’t their best performance thus far. Juventus was attempting to hold on to their lead, and even though they were the better team in the first half, They weren’t showing domination either as they were struggling in their own right. Considering the way Roma played in the first half, the game should already probably be over, but they stayed around just enough to keep Roma in it. Jose Mourinho makes another change. Zeki Celik was brought in to replace Rick Karsdorp. We were nearing the conclusion with less than 20 minutes to go. Tammy Abraham finally made his presents felt within the game. He gets into a dangerous position before being denied from close. In the 69th minute, Roma finally had their moment. It turned out to be a familiar face that put Roma in a position to rescue a point. A corner from Lorenzo Pellegrini falls overheating, the center of the box. However, Paolo Dybala catches it with a diving pass into Tammy Abraham. The English international catches it in the air putting it into the back of the net as Roma gets their equalizer.

Roma had struggled for large portions of the game, but Juventus’ failure to put them out comes back to haunt them as a familiar face makes the play that takes them out of the lead. It would be the first goal of the season for Roma’s leading score from a year ago. Juventus introduced new signing Arkadiusz Milik for Fabio miretti and Westin Mckennie replacing Juan Cuadrado. Roma also changed with Paolo Dybala coming off in exchange for Max Kumbulla. Near the end, Roma was provided with an opportunity to win it. Roger Ibanez came close as he struck down main Street as the Polish international made the save followed by Stephan El Shaarawy trying to hit from distance but being blocked. Juventus then brought in Nicolo Rovella and Moise Kean. In the closing minutes, Bove comes in for Captain Lorenzo Pellegrini. Roma plays out the final couple minutes as the final whistle goes with Roma going into Juventus and, despite not a great performance, leaving with a point with Paulo Dybala setting up. Tammy Abraham as Roma passes their first test of the season.

Roma this summer reloaded the majority of their squad. Even though they only spent $7 million, They made significant acquisitions as this was an all-new situation in Rome. The new look. Roma battled through the first two weeks of the season, showing their qualities. This is still a work in progress, and things will come into motion before not too long. Was still some kinks to be worked out with the new attack. Tonight they underwent their first big test of the season. All the acquisitions that Roma has made, especially the arrival of Palo Dybala, It was all done to push Roma over the top and make them a bigger threat in the league than years prior. Juventus may not have come off a great performance last week but still provided a test, especially at home. Over the previous 5 years Roma has collected maximum points against Juventus twice. Nicolo Zaniolo’s masterclass on the last day of the season several years ago and Alessandro florenzi out duking Cristiano Ronaldo in Rome. This was a significant hurdle not only because of the connections between the two sides but because Juventus, even though they may not be in their best moment. They have been a thorn in the side for Roma. Roma has outplayed Juventus in many of the recent fixtures. Highlighting the horror show last season when Roma lost a 3–1 lead in 7 minutes. This was their first hurdle, and even though they did not play particularly well, the mentality of a Marino Roma has made a huge impact on the squad. They managed to survive the night as Tammy Abraham gets that goal in the second half, as they leave Turin with something. The performance may have left something to be desired. However, the result is something Roma should be pleased with as they have taken seven of the first nine points. Juvent is typically in games like this. Have gone into the lead either very early in the game or late in the first half. Historically they got that lead and sat on it. It started the same here when Juventus took the lead in 2 minutes. But unlike in past years, Roma found a way to fight back. Even though in the first half, they offered next to nothing. They get that point, and they leave in high spirits. Roma constantly struggles against the top six. They showed their winning mentality in what was not the best performance, but they passed the first test. Roma defended well and, in the second half, looked much more alive. They couldn’t create much of anything in the first half; in the second they looked much more antagonizing. Roma was definitely missing Nicolo on that left side, as he could have ripped a hole in the defense. They eventually get the goal Paolo Dybala has his moment in his return setting up the goal as Roma survives the night and passes their first test. They should be very optimistic about their ability to look sharper in the next couple games after poor first-half showing. It’s going to take some time, but it won’t be too long before this Roma thing starts cooking


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