Jermaine Frimpong inspires Leverkusen to first points #1543

Levkerkusen 3 FSV Mainz 0FT

Bayer Leverkuen is off to one of the worst starts in club history as they have failed to get points in their opening three games of the campaign. One of the most well-built squads in German football can’t seem to find its way. They traveled to FSV Mainz this weekend in a game. They frankly can’t afford to lose. So many eyes on this particular matchup as the drama in Leverkusen has reached a crossroad of panic. Leverkusen was looking to avoid a historically bad start this weekend, while FSV Mainz was there to potentially spoil it and add more fuel to the fire hovering over the Bay arena. FSV Mainz, on the other hand, won two of their opening three games in both of their victories. They have come to an end to find a winner. They are unbeaten this season with seven points from a possible 9. Leverkusen was welcomed to co-face arena with the 28,000 in attendance. To kick off the Bundesliga weekend on Saturday. One of the surprises of the season thus far against A team looking for a way back after a horrid start to the season. Leverkusen and FSV Mainz would clash horns with a lot on the line early in this Bundesliga Kickoff got underway at Coface arena.

FSV Mainz is at home and in a confident mood after their late win last week. Assessed the pressure early and went after it in the early parts of the game. Everything was at stake for the visitors FSV Mainz went for the early blow as Karim Owniso sent a cross into the box to find Angelo Fugini with the early entry, but Leverkusen was on top of it, making the save as the goalkeeper collected. Easing a contentious beginning from the hosts. They kept the intensity and looked like the more dangerous team early. It was nearly lighthouse time in the opening 10 minutes of the game when Jordan Burkhart found himself in such an antagonizing and dangerous position finding himself in the box. However, the Leverkusen defense came to the rescue getting in the way of the attempted strike on goal. It was a less-than-ideal beginning against a Leverkusen that simply could not fall on their sword this week. They needed a result. However, eventually, it picked up for Leverkusen Mitchell Bakker with the ball at his feet. Tested the waters with a strike from outside the box. Drilling a low hit with velocity before collecting in the bottom corner. Leverkusen needed to find a way to maintain momentum and get themselves into dangerous areas. FSV Mainz is not to be played with. We have seen the qualities that they possess early in the season already. They could not allow them to continue to control Leverkusen needed a confidence boost. Need to build off their opening chance. This was easier said than done. Dominic Kohr hits from deep but runs into a stone wall defense from Leverkusen only 2 minutes later. Widmer came in from inside close range but was denied. The exact thing Leverkusen could not allow to happen was happening. As the game continued to unfold, FSV Mainz was growing in confidence. Anton Stash fires from deep but his attempt was deflected. Leverkusen was lacking confidence and belief outside of that early chance warrant involved as the hosts were dictating the pace of the game. However, sometimes and games like this. You just need a moment, and fortunately, for Leverkusen, who is in need of points. They were able to find it. In the 29th minute, Ezekiel Palacios, from deep, managed to squeeze it into the bottom corner to give them a shock lead. Taking a slight deflection off. Jonathan Burkhart as Leverkusen took a 1–0 lead. You would think refined energy and belief would settle in, but FSV was not going away quietly. Immediately after the opening goal, they continue to push, but they’re finishing in front of goal left something to be desired. Martin tries from outside the box while not testing the goalkeeper. However, Moussa Diaby found a swift transition. FSV Mainz was pushing, the ball landed at his feet, and he took everyone on, sprinting away from his defenders, causing a near one-on-one with a goalkeeper. What They didn’t pay attention to is on the other side alone was Jermaine Frimpong Moussa Diaby attracted more than one defender to try to catch him, leaving his Dutch teammate wide open at the last second Moussa Diaby Taps it to Jermaine Frimpong who scored an open goal as Bayer Leverkusen take a 2–0 leads despite not the most ideal performance so far, points were in the rearview mirror all of a sudden. In the 42nd minute, Bayer Leverkusen was in it again with the same man on the end of it after taking advantage of some vulnerability. Jermaine Frimpong goes around the goalkeeper before sending it into the back of the net, scoring twice in 2 minutes as Bayern Leverkusen all of a sudden in a manner of minutes take a 3–0 lead. FSV Mainz in a state of total confusion as they were in control the majority of the first half, but then all of a sudden, they look up, and they’re in the doghouse as the first half comes to a close.

Bayer Leverkusen all of a sudden finds themselves with a three-goal cushion due to some individual brilliance. However, FSV Mainz, for the majority of the first half, were making Leverkusen uncomfortable with the way they got into dangerous position so often. The big issue is connecting in front of goal. If they were going to have any chance of coming back in the second half, they needed to be more clinical in the dangerous areas. Leverkusen, with confidence, had a different type of energy to start the second half. We saw Patrick Schick get into dangerous positions from in close but deflected by the defense and then Kareem Demriby shot from outside was also deflected. However, FSV Mainz did provide a way back. At least they nearly did. Aaron Martin, with a vicious strike from outside the box, nearly gave his team a lifeline, but his strike clings off the bar. They kept pushing even if the game felt like it was already gone. Aaron Martin got his team in a dangerous position again, This time as the facilitator finding space to send in a cross into the box, but the strike from Tauer was blocked by the defense right in front of the goal. Leverkusen still handle themselves fairly well in the second half, but the intensity and the willingness to push forward from the hosts remained a big threat. This is a team that, even when its outreach, seems to never die. We got deep into the game, with Leverkusen holding a big advantage while just aiming for a clean sheet at this point. In the late stages of the game. Patrick Schick came close with a well-timed effort on goal. His first goal of the season will come. It’s just taking more time than I anticipated as much as Leverkusen has taken their chances in the game and deserves the points that are ultimately going to get. FSV Mainzstill pushed for that goal late, even if it was narrowly meaningless. Anton Stash misfired from deep as they really struggled to place it, especially from long distances. Then with 10 minutes to go, Karim Oniswo finds space inside the box. Can’t finish it. This unlocked a barrage of chances from Widmer putting his head through a headed past but can’t quite find the target, then comes forward again. This time connecting on a Stefan Bell cross, It just wasn’t their day. Two more late chances in the closing moments. What was already done is done. Leverkusen earned their first points of the season as individual brilliance separates the sides. Three goal victory in the end. Leverkusen will face an even bigger test next Saturday, but for the moment, they can take the points and head into next week’s games in high spirits as they finally get out of the rut.

The drought is over for Bayern Leverkusen; after 3 weeks in hell, they come out of it with three points. They’re a horrid start to the season. Has seen them unable to pick up points in their opening. Three games, one of their worst starts to the season in club history. Leverkusen finished in the top three last season and ended up being one of the great overachievers of the season. The loss of Florian Wirtz certainly has hurt them without the creativity in Central Midfield. Patrick Schick has struggled to find the back of the net as it has been a disaster thus far, putting so much pressure and importance on them to get a result. The horrid start to the season has jeopardized the club’s ambitions to maintain their Champions League status. There certainly has been pressurizing surrounding them on the verge of panic, with Freiburg and Hoffenheim eyeing a Champions League spot as Leverkusen has been in a state of panic. This was a very difficult situation to go into. After the first 3 weeks, they had very little confidence whatsoever about them. Were asked to go into FSV Mainz, a team unbeaten in their first three games, with two of those matches ending on their ability to come up late with the result. Leverkusen has shrunk in these moments this season, and going against a team that has thrived in the most critical of moments could have been a disaster on a crash course. However, Leverkusen stepped up to the plate and showed the qualities that we saw from them last season. They have some ground to make up but what they need is a performance. They did not have the means to drop points again. They didn’t have a choice. They needed to win this game, and despite being under difficult circumstances to do so, they manage. 3 weeks may have been gone, but their season starts. Now. They get a big one against a side that is going to give a lot of teams problems this season. Ezequiel Palacios sees Leverkusen off to a good start before Jermaine Frimpong went nuts. Being beautifully set up, Moussa Diaby and then adding a second with individual brilliance. FSV Mainz, despite the score line, performed extremely well but just couldn’t quite handle themselves in front of goal. With Jonathan Burkhart recently being integrated back into the team due to injury, we didn’t quite see the top-level form from last season, and Oniswo, who’s been hot this season, Couldn’t quite keep the momentum going as failing to convert in front of goal being their big downfall in this performance. This is not a team to be taken lightly and still has had a very bright start to the new campaign, but this match, in particular, was about buyer Leverkusen and getting them back on track. This victory should only ignite them going forward. Getting Schick going Will be a big part of them finding themselves. It has the potential to galvanize the team. They started as poorly as you could have imagined, but in the end, they get the job done despite too late sending-offs, and finally, for the first time this season, it will be a little momentum driving them into next weekend as they will return home in high spirits despite the monster that they will be welcoming to the Bay arena next weekend, but that’s a discussion for a different day For the moment. Leverkusen getting back on track is exactly what they needed to do with all the pressure they delivered on it.

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