Roma ladies cruise in Opener as Roma down Pomigliano #1546

The Roma ladies recently took out Glasgow City and Paris FC in the recent announcement through Champions League qualifying. They’ve gotten off to a very dramatic start of the season. The second-place finishers from last season have upgraded their squad substantially and look ready to push Juventus off the throne. The opening weekend of Serie A begins. They traveled on the road as heavy favorites against Pompeii, a squad that only nearly escaped the bottom half of the table last season. Roma expected to show up in other businesses as Roma gets their first opportunity in the league to show their seriousness surrounding their chance at the title. The events began to unfold in Pompeii as the season gets underway.

The kicked off as we saw what we would have expected from a Roman team that only was four points from the title last season. With the new additions within the team, they pushed and prodded, showing early signs of dominance forcing the opposition in their own half as there was a very dangerous element about their attack as we saw in the early goings. Cinotti Roman’s new midfielder. Collected the ball from out of the box before making the decision to fire from deep. Hoping to keep the opposition off balance. It didn’t land for her despite hitting the ball with Pace landing on the top of the net but sends a message showing their control. The majority of the ball in their possession moved it very well across the pitch and was going to be only a matter of time before they found a way through and put themselves into the league. Just 13 minutes into the new season. Roma found their way in. Sophie Hauge with ball on the outside beat her defender cutting into the corner before sending a cross into the box as Valentina Giacinti just sticks her body out as the ball goes into the back of the net. The new round signing makes her impact in her debut in the league with her new colors. One of the most prolific goal scorers in the history of the league. It’s clear why they bought her as Roma take a 1–0 lead. Pompeii was getting completely outclassed by their Roman counterparts but still wanted to find a way in. A chance into the box as the striker hits away from her body. Attempting to do something just lands in the hands of Camille Cesar. They push again, this time trying to test the from outside the box but it went horribly wrong as she sends it to the sky. They didn’t have much of the ball, so in situations like that, they need to handle them slightly better about 10 minutes before the break. Roma doubled their lead. Andressa Alves picked off and takes the ball from the defender who wasn’t able to react well after a poor pass from the goalkeeper. The Brazilian international comes through in a one-on-one. She takes her time cutting into the box before sending it into the bottom corner as Roma takes a 2–0 to end the first half of play.

As the second half gets underway, Roma remains firmly in control with a two-goal cushion. They didn’t have to do too much. They took advantage of the chances that they had and dictated the game with their possession and the way they pushed forward on the attack. Andrea Alves, on an early free kick in the second half, curls it into Sophie Hauge, and she gets on the end of it, but it fires wide in the end. The attack only kept up the intensity, This time from the other side on the break. Manuela Giuliano sends a well-timed ball into the box. Sophie clash’s heads with a defender as the hosts evacuated the situation. Roma continued to ride the momentum of the game. They found their selves in a very controlled situation but just kept going for it. Following a cross into the box that was cleared, Manuela Juliano hits it out of the air getting on the end of it. Her strike hits the bottom post. Roma, go for a follow-up. It came out again with an opportunity to stay in the net, but Roma missed the touch and the opportunity. Quite honestly, it should have been a goal, but Roma in control the game, so it won’t mean too much. Maybe another game. A situation like this is more severe, but nothing too much to worry about as it was a very hurried situation. As the game approached, getting into the late parts of the second half, substitute. Pamela Lazaro, following a defensive mistake, goes for the spectacular, hitting it out of the air away from her body. Well, hit but can’t quite find the top corner not long after, Alves finds Lazaro again, putting herself in a dangerous position but unable to extend the lead. Lazaro has been the team’s top scorer for two consecutive seasons. She was always going to get herself in a dangerous spot like this, but this time, she couldn’t crack it. Late on, Manuela Guliano hits from deep after a ball clearance but can’t quite find its way into the back of the net. Then any closing moments of the match, Manuela Giuliano looks for Lazaro on the cross but can’t quite get it to her as the defense gets the ball out of the danger area. The full-time whistle goes as Roma are 2–0 winners. In the opening day of the season. Challenges are to come, but they open their account with three points and a routine victory for the Roma ladies.

Roma handled their business in a comfortable victory. Getting the new campaign off on the right foot. The new look Roma showed their incredible qualities as they dominated the match from start to finish. The depth of options and a legitimate starting 11. That could make some serious noise this season. We get a little taste of what they could potentially do this upcoming season. We already saw them in the Champions League matches, but they took an extra step in the opening match of the Italian football season. The girls in the new colors look sharp as we see it. Valentina Giacinti scored in her first league game with Roma. Roma handled the summer very well, and we see the quality that they’re putting together. Controlled and dominated the majority of the game. Camellia Caesar didn’t have much to do as they took the game by the scruff of the net and shoved it down the throat of the opposition. Just the two goals in it. Perhaps a little sharper in front of goal is needed, but overall they controlled and dominated the match without too much difficulty. They are unbeaten in their last 19 games in the league while showing exactly why they’ve been such a difficult team to deal with. They will be thrown into the fire over the next two weeks with games against AC. Milan and Juventus, in two weeks’ time, will truly get to see what they are, but they looked incredibly sharp and up for the challenge. They start strong as we hope. Alexandra Spugna and the Roma ladies will keep her going.


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