Roma vs Monza Talking Points #1549

Roma’s Crowning Jeal: Paulo Dybala’s Night

Roma put together a convincing victory last night in Rome. The special one has put together a very special team. The best squad Rome has had in a long time. A real opportunity in the chance to push for the league title in the near future and being contention this season. Roma is expected to be a big threat in the title, race, and in the Europa League’s upcoming campaign. They started very encouragingly with seven points from the first nine games. But only scored a goal in each of the games. There was always a sense. It was going to take some time. Everything didn’t necessarily click right away. Rome, or playing well and defensively, were elite but weren’t scoring the number of goals that you would expect to see from a team that has Paulo Dybala, Tammy Abraham, Lorenzo Pellegrini, and Nicolo Zaniolo. Paolo Dybala was a huge acquisition from the summer. Coming to Rome on free all of a sudden made Roma look in a totally different light as their possibility to contend became much more realistic. They’d already done a good job of building up a team before he arrived, but the Paulo Dybala deal opened up a world of possibilities. The fans celebrated in one of the most insane introductions that football has ever seen. A lot of people mocked Roma for celebrating Paolo Dybala in this way, but the Argentine has been one of the best players in the league for a long time. Roma pulling off that acquisition was a bigger deal than most people realized. He showed qualities in the opening games. Looking magical with the ball. Hit the post in the first match. Had some chances in the second game. An incredible assist against Juventus that got Roma the equalizer last weekend but on Tuesday night. Pablo Dybala truly made his mark in his new colors. He finally finds the back of the net in front of the Roma faithful. 60,000 Romanistas were in attendance to see the show that Paolo Dybala put on in Rome on Tuesday. A truly tremendous introduction to the new fans in his new colors. Pablo scored his first goal for Roma. A beautiful clearance from Zalewski Tammy Abraham’s header cleared the pathway for Paulo Dybala to take on the defense on a counterattack, leaving them in the dust before rocketing a shot into the bottom corner to score his first Roma goal. Then got himself another in the first half, completing a first-half brace. Tammy Abraham, on a one-on-one with Dybala, positioned himself beside him perfectly. The keeper makes the save. Dybala is in the right place at the right time to tuck it into the back of the net. His 100th goal in Serie A. While also earning his first brace in the Roman colors. There was so much expectation and excitement surrounding his arrival. It was all for that moment. Will we see the qualities that this team can have as a collective unit. It was Paolo Dybala’s night. He was absolutely spectacular, even beyond the goal scoring, the playmaking ability, so constantly putting Roma into places to be effective. His connecting with Tammy already Elite between then. Just a truly outstanding performance but most of all. Roma won with ease as they looked like a truly dangerous group this season. It took a few games for everything to start to click, and we’ll see if that continues in the next couple of games thing certainly looks like they’re going to start to cook in the Italian capital. Paulo Dybala with an incredible performance. A lot of people were questioning why Roma got so excited. What we saw from him last night is exactly why this team is very difficult to contend with. When the attack gets going, it will make Roma that much more dangerous for the performance itself. With spectacular last night was about Pablo Dybala, making his mark on a Roma team that seemed to have found their crowing jewel

Monza’s Quality not shown up

Monza was recently promoted from Serie B, playing in the top flight for the first time in 110 years. Such a vital and important moment for the club’s history and tradition moving forward. Monza was among theee teams that made their return this season, along with Lecce and Cremonese. However, among the three, Monza has built the team with the highest ceiling. The majority of their players have Serie A experience, having done it at the top level. If you look through this team, Monza has quality. Stefano Sensei, Matteo Pessina, Gianluca Capari, Andrea Ranocchia, Alisso Cragno, Andrea Pentgana and Marlos. They have built themselves a great foundation to survive this upcoming season. They have more proven quality within their squad than any of the other teams that have been promoted. However, They currently sit at the bottom of the table, seeming to be struggling to grab points so far this campaign. You could argue their schedule has been a little unkind to them with Roma, Napoli, and Fiorentina. However, there is certainly enough in there, opening games, to have at least grabbed some points so far this season. It’s a little bit of a confusing scenario because it’s not exactly working thus far. Despite the top quality that they do have an experience that they have within their squad, they’re still finding things difficult. They were outclassed on Tuesday night. Despite the fact that they had control and possession. They really couldn’t find anything to do with it. It wasn’t a horrible performance from the visitors, but It’s still simply wasn’t good enough. The match was over after 30 minutes. They were missing some pieces from it, but if you look at the squad that they have put together, it’s hard to make sense of what is happening. They have the quality required, and they’re just not performing. Maybe it’s the manager, or maybe this collection of players doesn’t mesh well with each other. It’s hard to say The quality is there though They just haven’t gotten the points. They lost their first four games. They’re already in a difficult situation which is going to only put pressure on them to get results in the upcoming weeks. They need to start picking up points. They’re already kind of in trouble which is mind-boggling considering the squad they put together. Rovella has just signed on loan, only adding to firepower Relegation can not happen now. Time to fix it and start gathering.

The Impact of Matic on Roma’s great defensive Record

The presence and the impact of Nemanja Matic has already been a hugely influential part of Roma’s early success this season. He is the player that has played under Jose Mourinho the most out of any other. It’s not necessarily surprising that he is having a terrific start to the season under his favorite manager. However, the overall influence it’s having over the team and the midfield. It’s hard to ignore as he has been one of the brightest spots of this Roma team during the early portions of the season. Roma’s midfield was the biggest cause of concern ahead of the new season. Last season it put Roma in vulnerable positions far too often. As the defense and Rui Patricio had to deal with more because of the lack of a holding midfielder that can somewhat do the role that we saw from radja nainggolan for the years he wore the Roma shirt. Roma has sold many parts of that midfield. In addition, they have brought in some new blood. Along with Nemanja Matic, in addition to wijnaldum, unfortunately, will be out for several months due to injury. Roma also brought in Mady Kamara from Olympiacos, who has arrived today as a reinforcement for Roma’s midfield. The mainstay, Bryan Cristante, is still there, while Lorenzo Pellegrini occasionally plays in that area but often joins the attack in the way Roma play. Roma has conceded just one goal this season. Last Saturday, off the free kick to one of the most gifted players in Italian football. Outside of that, they’ve had three clean sheets, and very rarely are they threatened. What I mean is when you watch this Roma team play, Rui Patricio, more often than not, is not asked to do a lot and doesn’t need to do a lot. The defensive structure of this Roma team is elite. We have seen consistency in the backline with Roger Ibanez and Chris Smalling, along with big improvements from Gianluca Mancini, that has proven to be a hot head in years past, and this season has yet to be booked. We have seen incredible adaptability from this Roma team. In addition to this, we have seen them operate on a different dimension. Roger Ibanez, in the first four games, has pushed forward and almost join the midfield to a certain extent to help the attack get into dangerous areas. The reason Roma had this capability and the reason Roma has only conceded one goal this season so far is because of the Serbian Nemanja Matic. He joined for free from Manchester United. He might be 34 years old, but he has been so influential to the Roma team, and because of his impact Rome are able to operate in a totally different way. Nemanja Matic defensive capabilities in the midfield allow Roma to hold themselves in place and very rarely get caught out in vulnerable positions. While he does join the attack and his passing has been on display, The way he has handled himself in holding the midfield together has been one of the main reasons why. Roger Ibanez has the license to go forward, and why Roma has very rarely been threatened. He keeps everything together compact while allowing service to the attacking players. Throughout the first couple of games of the season, he has been elite and so important till it won’t Roma have done. A box-to-box in midfielder that keeps everyone in line. In addition to the role, he is playing in this team. He is also a leader, a proven winner, and is exactly what was needed in the midfield. While he may not present a long-term option, he can be a huge part of short-term success in the coming years in the Roma shirt. He may not do things that show up on the score sheet, but the impact he has had already on a Roma team that doesn’t concede goals. If you’re asking why this is the case, Nemanja Matic is the reason why.


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