Serie A Storylines #1551

Torino and Atalanta Promising start

Atalanta and Torino have had a surprisingly hot start to the season. Even though these teams clash horns on Wednesday night, with Atalanta collecting the points, both sides have had a very impressive start to the new season. There weren’t a ton of expectations on either of them. Even though Atalanta has had a very productive tenure at the peak of the powers over the last couple of years, The team has been depleted and continues to take steps backward. They have lost critical parts of the squad that took the league by storm. Gasparini appears to still have a little magic in Bergamo even though it is expected to be a competitive season, especially at the summit; a Champions League place might be difficult to get into, but this is a team that finished in eighth last season without a glimmer of European football. This could refocus them to potentially grab a Europa League spot if it becomes available. If one of the bigger teams fades down, or Fiorentina doesn’t take the next step quite yet. They have had a very hot start to the season. A very new team with so many different new pieces within the squad, such as Ederson, Lookmon, and components of the team that are building on the arrivals they made last year with Jermaine Boga and Teun Koopmeiners. Gasparini always seems to find a way through adversity. Even though he is partly to blame for why Atlanta fell through the cracks. However, with a newly put-together team, they have found ways to be effective and be a dangerous component. They may not have looked elite in every game. They played what they’ve shown their qualities, even getting a point from a big team in AC. Milan. It’s very encouraging to see Gasparini still has a little bit of magic left. They are currently sitting at the top of the table, with Roma at 10 points. That will be another huge test for them as the Roma have only conceded one goal. It’s two weeks away, but it will be a great drawing point for what they will be this season. No European football could be very beneficial to potentially an overachieving season. On the other hand, Torino has done more of the same. They’ve lost some pieces, and they don’t have the same level of a squad that they had last season. Ivan Juric is one of the best managers in Italian football. He has been a master when it comes to the ability to build a team with lesser talent and make them reach different levels of consistency that they weren’t expected to. In the years he spent at Hellas Verona, he lost a key player almost every season and continued to keep them in the top 10. Torino nearly got relegated, finishing 17th in Serie A. He got them all the way up to 9th. An incredible example of what has made him such a hot commodity in Italian football. He has been my manager of the season three of the last four years for a good reason. Much like Gasparini, he’s able to build some Elite players out of nothing might be even slightly more impressive because he’s working with less, yet not surprising since they once worked together. In one year, he turned Bremen from a decent defender into a bulldozer. Ultimately making the move to Juventus and getting upwards of 50 million from the deal. He also lost Andrea Belotti, who joined Roma on free. There is plenty of reasons to have been skeptical surrounding whether he could pull the strings again. But we have to remember his standout performance from that squad. Most of them are gone, but he’s been doing this so precisely for so long. They’ve also made some really good signings. Bremen left the brought-in Perr Schuurs, A young defender from Ajax that has consistently performed at a high level. He can bring him to the level we saw him take Bremen. The reason is coming into Torino, he is already a better player than Bremen was when Juric got his hands on him. You look at the squad. There’s There’s quality. I really rate the signing of Miranchuk. Currently, even though they lost against Atalanta, they are pushing the top of the table. Torino was unbeaten until tonight, and the level of discipline defensively doesn’t have the most creative players but has found ways to get the best out of them. That is what makes Gasparini and Ivan Juric such elite coaches. They have been exceptional in working with less desired players and making them into stars. Torino is right there up with Atalanta, Inter, and Roma. So far this season. They’re going to be a difficult team to deal with because of the discipline and decision-making. We see from an Ivan Juric side. He will always find ways to recoup even when he loses key players. Torino and Atalanta both look like they have the tools to overachieve with the squads that currently sit there. Torino’s last talented, so probably won’t do as well. But if they could finish in the top 10 again, it would justify his elite coaching. Meanwhile, if Atalanta gets back into Europe, they will be back where they belong. Two of the most underrated coaches in the league doing absolute bits early in the season.

Napoli lost their sizzle

Napoli had a sizzling start to the season. Nine goals in the first two games. The competition that was put in front of them may not have been the most difficult. However, their performances could not be denied. They were playing at an elite level and begging the question of whether more people should have seen them as a champions league team. They lost so much quality in so many areas. It seemed like a return to the champions league was impossible. However, with all things considered, they looked like a different class during the first two games of the season. They put five past Verona and four past Monza. The acquisitions that they had made this season looked to be paying off in a big way. One of the most sought out after players in Eastern Europe Khvicha Kvaratskhelia. He had been talked about for a number of years, and he even caught my eye a few years ago while playing in Russia for Kuzin. He has all the qualities to be one of the best players in the league and through two games. He looked that way. The connection between himself and Victor Osimhen seemed like an indestructible duo. They were ripping apart their opposition and couldn’t find any answer for them. Multiple other resources came in and showed up in those moments as well. They look like they were going to go on a big run to start the season. Maybe justifying the questions, we had all asked about this Napoli team. It is a great club with great tradition as they genuinely look like a side that has potential with the right pieces around it. The criticism was they didn’t have the right pieces at this moment, and the acquisition of raspadori is a great coup, but in the end, there was a sense that this was a different Napoli. That they weren’t going to phase out that they could sustain a legitimate chase at the title. They certainly looked that way. They looked like a Champions League team. Then over the next two games, they took on Fiorentina and Lecce. Over the last two games, they have scored one goal and have gotten two points. It is hard to believe because it’s only four games into the season, but the decision-making has been poor. The physicality seems to be a bother for the Khvicha and Victor Osimhen hasn’t looked as sharp as he did in the first two games. Remember, he took on two teams that are going to struggle this season. Fiorentina is a top side, and you look at the work that Dodo did to Napoli. It was exceptional. Dropping points against Fiorentina world as they are a strong team with great character and components with a well-rounded coach that knows what he’s doing. However, even though Lecce. Deserve a certain level of respect. They couldn’t shut them down. Problems that we all expected. All of a sudden just showed up. The stars that were leading this team forward in the first 180 minutes of the season seemed ineffective. I still rate both of them and think they’re going to have outstanding seasons but in a matter of games. The danger they created in the attack comes from toleration being less effective. They hit a rut over the last two games. They can turn it around, and they have what it takes to make things happen. However, Napoli always has been a team that thrives on confidence, and when that confidence is broken, it can fall apart. It is too early in the season for them to do that. The question remains which is the real Napoli. Is it the one we saw through the first two games or the last two? Because it’s been night and day in comparison over the next couple of weeks, we should find out which one is a true representation of Naples because, honestly, there’s no evidence to suggest that this team is any different than the last season I like the individuals They put together and I like some of the signings they have made, but it doesn’t overshadow what walked out the door. We’re going to see Napoli hot and cold this season. It’s too early to make a big judgment on this campaign; next weekend, they could light the league on fire again, but I fear inconsistency will ultimately be the dark cloud hovering over Naples.

Roma’s Crowning Jeal: Paulo Dybala’s Night

Roma put together a convincing victory last night in Rome. The special one has put together a very special team. The best squad Rome has had in a long time. A real opportunity in the chance to push for the league title in the near future and being contention this season. Roma is expected to be a big threat in the title, race, and in the Europa League’s upcoming campaign. They started very encouragingly with seven points from the first nine games. But only scored a goal in each of the games. There was always a sense. It was going to take some time. Everything didn’t necessarily click right away. Rome, or playing well and defensively, were elite but weren’t scoring the number of goals that you would expect to see from a team that has Paulo Dybala, Tammy Abraham, Lorenzo Pellegrini, and Nicolo Zaniolo. Paolo Dybala was a huge acquisition from the summer. Coming to Rome on free all of a sudden made Roma look in a totally different light as their possibility to contend became much more realistic. They’d already done a good job of building up a team before he arrived, but the Paulo Dybala deal opened up a world of possibilities. The fans celebrated in one of the most insane introductions that football has ever seen. A lot of people mocked Roma for celebrating Paolo Dybala in this way, but the Argentine has been one of the best players in the league for a long time. Roma pulling off that acquisition was a bigger deal than most people realized. He showed qualities in the opening games. Looking magical with the ball. Hit the post in the first match. Had some chances in the second game. An incredible assist against Juventus that got Roma the equalizer last weekend but on Tuesday night. Pablo Dybala truly made his mark in his new colors. He finally finds the back of the net in front of the Roma faithful. 60,000 Romanistas were in attendance to see the show that Paolo Dybala put on in Rome on Tuesday. A truly tremendous introduction to the new fans in his new colors. Pablo scored his first goal for Roma. A beautiful clearance from Zalewski Tammy Abraham’s header cleared the pathway for Paulo Dybala to take on the defense on a counterattack, leaving them in the dust before rocketing a shot into the bottom corner to score his first Roma goal. Then got himself another in the first half, completing a first-half brace. Tammy Abraham, on a one-on-one with Dybala, positioned himself beside him perfectly. The keeper makes the save. Dybala is in the right place at the right time to tuck it into the back of the net. His 100th goal in Serie A. While also earning his first brace in the Roman colors. There was so much expectation and excitement surrounding his arrival. It was all for that moment. Will we see the qualities that this team can have as a collective unit. It was Paolo Dybala’s night. He was absolutely spectacular, even beyond the goal scoring, the playmaking ability, so constantly putting Roma into places to be effective. His connecting with Tammy already Elite between then. Just a truly outstanding performance but most of all. Roma won with ease as they looked like a truly dangerous group this season. It took a few games for everything to start to click, and we’ll see if that continues in the next couple of games thing certainly looks like they’re going to start to cook in the Italian capital. Paulo Dybala with an incredible performance. A lot of people were questioning why Roma got so excited. What we saw from him last night is exactly why this team is very difficult to contend with. When the attack gets going, it will make Roma that much more dangerous for the performance itself. With spectacular last night was about Pablo Dybala, making his mark on a Roma team that seemed to have found their crowing jewel


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