Thriller In Munich late Penatly sees Stuttgart overshadow Mathys Tel’s Historic Day

Bayern 2 Stuttgart 2

It has been an extremely competitive Bundesliga season thus far. Arguably the most compelling league in European football to date. The Bundesliga has always been very competitive and unpredictable, but early in this season, there is a level of excitement, especially at the summit. Bayern Munich has dropped points in their last two games again. So Union Berlin and Gladbach two top sides that bit off all they could chew against the Rein of terror. Bayern Munich this week would be at home at the Allianz Arena in Munich. They are coming off a dominating display against Inter Milan at the San Siro in the Champions League as they look to take that momentum into League action. While also having to be cautious as the match against corrupt Barcelona is sandwiched in between Saturday afternoon’s clash against Stuttgart. It would be a battle at the top and near the bottom of the Bundesliga table. While Stuttgart has managed to get points, they still are without a win in this new season while having lost their top scorer and best player near the end of the window. A big clash resulted on both sides of it. Bayern Munich trying to reclaim the top of the table as Freiburg currently sits on top. Meanwhile, Stuttgart trying to continue to get points to avoid the bottom. It would be the best team in the world and be most historic Bayern Munich against a Bundesliga champion in the early 2000s in Stuttgart as 75,000 filled out the Allianz arena as kickoff approached in Bavaria.

A atmosphere filled with passionate supporters from both sides rang through the stadium in Munich at the start. Certainly, with the prospect of having an impact on their respective teams. Stuttgart understood that they were going to be outmanned, and if they were going to get something from the game, they would have to risk losing trying to get something. It’s a risk. Many of us did not expect them to take it, but they took a swipe at it anyways. Bayern Munich had controlled possession and moved the ball extremely well to start the game. Really trying to find their way in the early going to get things rolling. However. Stuttgart has one of the best keepers in the Bundesliga, Florian Muller, and the Stuttgart defense played their part. Sosa found space in the box as he was looking for the game’s first chance. The Bayern defense tracked his movements very well, as despite getting a good look, couldn’t squeeze it in as Manuel Neuer didn’t need a reaction. A couple of minutes later. Bayern Munich would get a free kick from a dangerous position. Joshua kimmich is a Marksman from that position as we have seen him already deliver from range this season. However, on this occasion didn’t have the touch required as it costs over. It turned out to be a very physical game, with Stuttgart really up for that challenge due to the physicality of the game. It made it difficult for the playmakers to put their attacking units in dangerous areas to be effective. It took a little bit of time for the game to get off the ground. At least in the attacking perspective. The physical battle was halting the barrage of chances we might have had. Stuttgart was playing this extremely well. Even though they had the potential to get blown out, their approach kept them alive. For how long is the question? At the half-hour, Mark Mathys Tel was delivered a cross from Mazraoui The teenage rising Star managed to get a crack at Florian Muller, but the quick hands denied him from close. Bayern Munich was built into it, and we’re really starting to look dangerous as the match continues to unfold. Serge gnabry finds himself inside the box as he tries to drive the ball into the bottom corner, but Muller gets to it. Joshua kimmich and serge gnabry both test the waters from outside the box, coming close while applying pressure on Stuttgart. There was a sense that they were taking the game over in the most vital moments. Then it happened in the 36th minute Mathys Tel was put through by Alfonso Davies; the teenager guided the ball into the bottom corner as Bayern Munich took a 1–0 lead. Mathys Tel becomes the youngest goal scorer in club history, surpassing Jamal Musiala. The 30 million they dropped to sign him now makes sense. Stuttgart managed to muster two chances to end the first half, but a strike from Thiago Tomas that Manuel Neuer got to end of the first half with Bayern Munich holding a 1–0 lead.

The teenager has Bayern Munich in front, and the Bavarians really did start to look dangerous late in The first half as they built themselves in position. However, it still wasn’t a dominating Bayern Munich performance, and even though Stuttgart did manage to concede They were approach to the game was working. They were still alive. They let Bayern Munich have the ball, and when they got possession, they pressed them, Maybe putting them in a vulnerable position, but a defensive mistake wasn’t the reason that they conceded when they truly went for it. They managed to keep themselves within their distance. At the start of the second half, Bayern Munich was looking to pick up where they left off. Just a few minutes into it, Leon goretzka playthroughs Serge gnabry, but his missile can’t quite get there from the side of the box. 2 minutes later, it looked like Stuttgart had scored. They found the back of the net after some less than stellar concentration from the back line, however, on the goal. Joshua kimmich had his shirt pulled. Incredibly softly, I might add. However, the letter of the law is if you’re shirt is pulled in a goal-scoring opportunity that, the goal cannot stand. Still very soft, but the correct call nonetheless. However, Stuttgart showed its resiliency. Just a few minutes later, in the 57th minute, Mavropanos found Chris Führich in the box. This time it would stand as they find the back of the net, getting the equalizer. However, it didn’t last very long. In the 60th minute, coming off a set piece, Jamal Musiala received the ball classically, putting his move from the outside of the box a little cut before filleting the ball into the top corner, leaving Florian Mueller. No chance, just like that Bayern Munich or retake the lead with their young star yet again, showing how much of a revelation he has been this season. Very harsh on Stuttgart as they have a goal chopped off. Then they score only for Bayern Munich to have an immediate reply. Jamal Musiala connects with Serge gnabry, but Florian Muller stays on top of it. Bayern Munich pushes again this time, and Jamal Musiala collects the ball from Alfonso Davis. The youngster hits a stinger from outside the box but couldn’t capitalize as a Muller is there again. Bayern Munich, we’re soaking up the pressure. Leon goretzka has a good look from outside the box but puts a little bit too much on it; then Bayern Munich nearly hits on the counter as Alfonso Davis follows through but can’t quite put it away. A couple of minutes later, substitute Leroy sane attempts to shovel a strike from a dangerous position but fails to extend the lead. Stuttgart did a really good job of keeping Bayern within arm’s length, but in the end, Munich looked too tough for them, fortunately. Stuttgart found a way back in. An erratic error from Mathias Deligt gave Stuttgart a lifeline as a penalty was given in the 89th minute Guirassy hits a well-placed penalty into the top right corner as Stuttgart got their equalizer with only minutes left to spare. It is a four-goal draw in Munich as the Bavarians, for the third straight week, have a drawn. The quality of the Bundesliga this season has been exceptional, but it was the approach made by Stuttgart that sees them rescue a point in Munich.

The match that we were subjected to on Saturday afternoon between Bayern Munich and Stuttgart turned out to be a blessing in disguise in the terms of results as it was a glowing advertisement for The immense quality and competitiveness of the Bundesliga. German football has been rinsed by foreign fans as a farmer’s league. As you know, this is one of the things that drives me up the wall. The notion that is not competitive or intriguing is absolute nonsense for the last 5 years consecutively. It has been the most intriguing in European football. Bayern Munich, or champions of the elitist, would win the league in most European countries as frequently as they have in Germany. The league’s quality was unfolding. The display really showed that the farmer leagues argument is absolute nonsense. It was important that they put on a show and display to the outside world that the Bundesliga is the best league in the world. Queen Elizabeth passed away this week at 96 years old; the premier League canceled their games this weekend, meaning the fans tuned in to German and Italian football this weekend. What we saw between Bayern Munich and Stuttgart was exactly the type of show they needed to see. Now they can understand What I have been saying for a long time. It was very competitive in all aspects. In a sense, Bayern Munich did dominate possession and had a bulk of chances. They looked antagonizing, went in dangerous positions and still were relatively sharp even if it wasn’t their best performance. They allowed Stuttgart to hang around far too long, and the strategy and game plan from the visitors was ballsy but turned out to be effective. While this has no impact on Bayern Munich status, it was exceptional to see. Bayern Munich is the best team in the world and should win the Champions League. They are better this season without Robert. The problem is the rest of the league has upped it, and even though it is said a lot of times, they often take the best players from other teams. They are still loaded up, and it looks to be a very intensely contested Bundesliga season. Stuttgart, without a win and losing their best player, needed a result. Something to keep them going. If they’re not careful, they can be dragged down to the bottom. A place where they spent much less season before barely surviving. They do not want to live in that world anymore, which is why it matches like this. It’s important. Stuttgart took risks that a lot of teams would not feel comfortable. Taking. Was this game was against Manchester City? Pep guardiola’s super team would not have approached this game the way Stuttgart did. We have seen many times teams in the lower half of the table get results against Bayern Munich. The way they do it is to press them from the start to get them off their game and disoriented. However, these occurrences typically happen when Bayern Munich is not the home team. They found a way to really pressurize them in their own backyard. They knew the type of risk that they were taking and what it turned out to pay off. Bayern Munich still played outstanding. Mathys Tel became the youngest Bayern Munich goal scorer ever. Stuttgart hit back repeatedly. Had two goals disallowed, and even though the chances may not have been free and flowing as much as Munich, they still found ways to take advantage when it counted. Jamal Musiala with another ridiculous performance and a near perfect goal. But Stuttgart never backs down, and they found a way to get a point in this game. Still, without a victory, they have managed to handle themselves in the big games very well. The hope is Stuttgart will be fired up by the result and kick them on to see them. Start winning some games this season. On the other side, Bayern Munich has drawn their third consecutive game. The quality of the league has really had an uptick this season. There are no easy games in German football after tonight. I hope people really realize that. Julie nagelsman is the best manager in Germany and one of the best in the world. He’s still put his team in a position to get there, but they had an opponent that would not be denied. Munich still is the best team in the world but had to be cautious with an important match against corrupt Barcelona in midweek. A big reason why sadio mané did not make an appearance until 10 minutes to the end. An absolute Bundesliga classic should open the eyes of the world. Munich is better than they were last season, To me. There’s no doubt about that in every way. You look at it; however, Stuttgart pressed them in Munich and manage to survive a true element as Stuttgart celebrated a very important point. No reason to panic in Munich. They are still the best, but even Sturtgatt managed to escape with something.

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