Udine’s adulation to Roman Misery as Udineese stomp Roma #1553

Roma has had a nearly perfect start to the season with 10 points of a possible 12. As Jose Mourinho and Roma have gotten off to a flying start as he was given Serie A manager of the month for August. Wins against Cremonese, Salernitana, and Monza while only conceding one goal this season. Following the victory on the weekend at home. Roma Head onto the road against an inform Udinesse that looks sharp so far this season with two wins in three. As they should provide a very interesting test to the Romans, who got off the mark in flamboyant style with Paulo Dybala scoring a brace and opening up his account in the new colors while also reaching 100 league goals. Roma has an astounding record against Udinesse, with 20 of their last 24 games against one another ending in a Roman victory, however, three of them have come in recent history. It is unclear who has the historical advantage at the moment. The Darcy arena was filled a 27,000 in attendance for a clash between two teams pushing the top half of the table. Somewhat picking the interest of English manager Garrett Southgate, who was in attendance to watch Tammy, Abraham, and Chris Smalling on the Roman side. Things would get underway in a Sunday night clash in Udin

Roma kicks things off with a pair of chances to start off the contest. Paulo Dybala with an early chance after striking from outside the box. A few minutes later. Bryan Cristante got his head on the end of a cross that missed the mark. Udinesse had enormous control of possession and looked dangerous despite having to deal with too early chances from the Romans. It turned out to be a Roman nightmare for the majority of the game. They did start well, but it all went crashing down very quickly in the fifth minute with a cross coming from outside the box. Rick Karsdorp makes a heinous error while trying to control the ball with his chest. Destiny Hodge jumps in front of him, putting his foot through the strike after the error into the top corner to give Udine a 1–0 lead. Roma makes a huge and critical mistake in a very early portion of the game, which may have flipped the tide in the end. Roma was not in control as they didn’t have that much of the ball and had to take advantage of the chances that came their way because it didn’t seem like Udine was going to back down. Leo Spinazzola played in Paulo Dybala with a through ball but ultimately was denied. Udine was embracing their rapid start as they moved the ball very well. At the 20-minute mark, Deulofeu strikes on a free kick in a dangerous position, unable to hit the mark. However, they kept coming not long after on another set piece. Ivan Success gets his head on the end of a cross into the box. Unable to convert. Then it was Deulofeu went again, this time from deep, but the result was the same. Unable to capitalize. Roma managed a couple of chances laid in the first half through Tammy Abraham on a set piece. He misses the mark from inside the box. Then a few minutes later. Gianluca Mancini on a header that misfires. Roman provided next to nothing throughout the first half, and we’re being severely played off the park. Roberto Pereyra was denied by Rudy Patricio to end the first half as Udine held a one-goal lead at home against Jose Mourinho’s Roma.

It was a miserable opening half from Roma. They were playing against a very good team but still not putting their best foot forward as they were dominated in the first half. This prompted Mourinho to make two changes bringing in Celk and Andrea Belotti. Hoping to turn the tide early in the second half in hopes of finding their way back into the game. Roma, who nearly found a way back in Celk, was played into the box when he was pushed from behind as the Turkish international ended up on the ground. Instead of giving a penalty, the referee calls it a simulation. Despite the fact that there is video evidence showing the defender pushing him in the box as Roma is furious. Roma had not played well enough to earn a goal, but the opportunity they should have had at that moment Maybe could have changed the outcome of the game in the end. Soft or not, a push from the back is a penalty unless he dove, which he did not. It wasn’t before too long that Udine got themselves another one in the 56th minute. Lazar Samorovic Hits a beautiful strike from outside the box into the back of the net as it is deflected off a rude Patricio. It is plausible to say that the Portuguese shot-stopper should have done better but still, a blistering strike from outside the box with a fantastic goal as the hosts opened up a two-goal lead against Roma. Roughly 10 minutes later, Roma provided some pressure in hopes of getting a goal back. Gianluca Mancini hits the post coming off the corner. They try to keep momentum, pushing with Nemanja Matic Very nearly finding the back of the net. Was very unlucky not to do so. Then. Tammy Abraham was played by Paolo Dybala, but the Englishman fires wide. Roma looked for a stretch, decent enough to get themselves a goal. However. Udine still remained the ones in control as they continued to look very dangerous when it came down to it. It never was back and forth because Udine had most of the ball. But then, late in the second half, it got worse. In the 76 minutes, they got themselves a third. Following poor defensive shape, Roberto Pereyra comes in and beats Rui Patricio for a third. Then, later in the 82nd minute, Roma got caught out and hit on the counter Sandi Lovric made it four for Udine, As Roma collapsed in humiliating themselves in the biggest ways in a truly embarrassing performance, but perhaps a defeat that was necessary as Udine goes nuts with a 4–0 victory.

It was a night of humiliation and embarrassment. We can respect that. The hosts are a top side and may have a pathway for European football next season. It was a rude awakening, but the performance itself was completely unacceptable regarding what this team wants to accomplish this season. It’s very early in the season, and there’s no reason to panic as of yet. We shouldn’t be making bold statements about what is wrong with the team, necessarily at least from an individual perspective from a collective. It was a horrific performance away from home. However, individual mistakes cost them the game. The host,s despite historically not having a good run of form against Roma. In recent years they managed to have success, and they showed themselves in great colors. This is the second time in several years that they have taken Roma to the shed. There’s nothing optimistically positive. You can come up with from this performance. From Roma. It wasn’t good enough. Anyway, you measure it. Individual mistakes cost them Udinesse and put Roma under pressure. Constantly controlled the possession dramatically in the first half and took advantage of their chances. Rui Patricio was put in vulnerable positions and had a lot to deal with all game long. You look at any aspect of this performance. It is down to the individual errors that were made. Well, I don’t believe drastic changes need to be made based on performance. Jose Mourinho will have something in a plan to prevent this from happening again. He will make a statement to his team in hopes of turning things around. They have a Europa League clash on Thursday and then at home against Empoli. They have the means and opportunity to turn this around. We didn’t learn anything specific about Roma from this. It’s too early in the season to be making any sort of long-term judgments. It’s going to depend on how they react to it. As humiliating and astonishing as it was, a lot of respect needs to be given to the opposition, who played an incredible game plan. Ripping Roma to shreds. After an incredibly frustrating and painful performance, I will say this. It was a humiliating performance, but this was a necessary defeat. Roma has big ambitions. So what happens Sunday night was necessary for Roma to endure. Losing one game 4–0 isn’t worse than losing four games 1–0. It was brutal in all senses of the word, especially with Gareth Southgate and attendance, but ultimately this needed to happen.

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