Welcome to my Blog Ladies and Gentlemen I am 25 Year-Old Sports Writer from Minnesota In America I have only been doing this for about two years although I have been very involved in the Sports World for a long portion of my life. I previously was a Hip Hop music artist prior to my Career as a Writer and Journalist. I Published 136 songs in a Six Year career as a music artist ranging from 2009-2015 My career as a music artist ended abruptly in the Summer of 2014 however didn’t official retire from Music until 2015. My step dad and role model Marc Breton passed away on July 28th 2014 after a four year battle with cancer he was just 56 years old I was crushed emotionally and I just couldn’t do music anymore after doing a few tribute songs for him I couldn’t do it anymore my heart wasn’t in it. I took the next year trying to recover from such a big loss to my life before I ended up embarking a new career. In August of 2015 I started a blog on Sportsblog.com something that was suggested to me by Marc several year ago but at the time didn’t believe it was something I could do. So I became a writer I wasn’t really all that active the first year as a writer I did some really great stories but I just wasn’t consistent enough I would go long periods of time without posting articles I just sorta wrote them when something came to me. In the summer of 2016 I did a complete preview of Euro 2016 a 10 article series in 17 days these were the articles that launched me I ended up picking the correct Team and score as I picked Portugal to beat France 1-0 in the final which they did. The following season I decided I was going to do post game analysis and do coverage of my Football club Roma throughout the season this is when I started taking things series. I wrote 56 post game articles for Roma last season. At the end of the season I decided after two years with Sportsblog.com I was ready for a bigger platform as I moved to wordpress.com I did have to repost all of my articles which wasn’t fun but it was part of the journey. Near the end of the season last year I started getting really good I wrote 17 articles this summer prior tot he season starting and just reached my #100 article. Then in September of 2017 I was offered to be a writer for Intup.com this season I have been doing Pregame Previews as well as my regular content I am one of the best up and coming bloggers on the Web and one of the most prominent voices in the media of AS ROMA Welcome to My Arena FORZA ROMA