Poor officiating and Misfiring Roma lead to upset at the Olimpico as Torino top Roma #730

Torino 2 Roma 0FT


Following the end of 2019 and a two-week winter break Italian football is back and Rollin. On Saturday night Roma would play host to Torino after a 4-1 defeat to Florentina prior to winter break. Torino had very little success at the Stadio olimpico in the past decade. Their last League win against Roma in this Stadium dated back all the way to 2007. Roma continue to be in the fight for the title and Champions League while Torino try to find their way back to the way they played last season. It turned out to be a very frustrating performance by Roma. Not only by their own display but by some of the circumstances of the match that favored Torino. Roma had a multitude of opportunities in the first half and it seemed like they were going to break away at some point. The Torino defense and Sirigu was playing at an unbelievable level and with another goalkeeper Roma probably would have put themselves in front. Late in the first half the controversy hit for the first time of many in this match. Stoppage time had already passed despite the fact that Torino had already gone minutes past it. The referee allowed time to resume and continue Torino scored an absolute screamer from Andrea Belotti. However stoppage time had already run and there was no reason it to justify letting play continue. An egregious decision takes place as Torino go into the second half with a 1-0 lead. In the second half Roma continue to pressurize and showed incredible quality. However the defense and goalkeeper were on their best game and there was a bit of Misfortune. Roma certainly should have found their way back into the game. However it just didn’t happen as the referee broke up a Roma counter attack to give Torino a penalty with another disrespectful decision as Torino win 2-0  winning a match they probably didn’t deserve.


Roma would line up a very similarly to the way they ended 2019. Out of Paulo Foncesa’s 4-2-3-1 formation as always would be in goal Pau Lopez. This Roma team would consist of a back line of at left-back Alex Kolarov. Beside him would be the centre-back partnership of Gianluca Mancini and Chris Smalling while patrolling  the right back postion would be Roma Captain Alessandro Florenzi. With Bryan Cristante still out Roma defensive Midfield in Duo would stay the same with Jordan Veretout and Diawara. In the attacking Midfield controlling the central position would be Lorenzo Pellegrini. Besides him would be Diego Perotti who continues to fill in for the injured Justin kluivert. Then on the opposite side would be Roma’s youngster Nicolo Zaniolo. Upfront As Roma’s main Striker as always would be Edin Dzeko. While Hendrick Mkhitaryan and Cengiz under would be available Off the Bench.



After preparations and predictions we were just about to get underway at the Stadio Olimpico as football returns after a two-week break. Roma had the momentum in the very early part of this game. They controlled possession they got forward and were in dangerous areas very frequently. Nicolo Zaniolo just minutes into the game Struck from Deep misfiring as  Sylvester Sirigu dealt with it something that would be a very common occurrence in this game. Just a few minutes later Roma Captain Alessandro Florenzi would strike from the side of the would strike from the side of the box but again the Torino goalkeeper made the save. For the majority of the first half Roma had control however there was a few spurts in which Torino made Pau Lopez work for it Simon Verdi sent a through ball to Andrea Belotti in which very could of been the opening goal  the striker was mono e mono with Pau Lopez but the Spaniard made the save. Less than a minute later Andrea Belotti was in space yet again however once again Paul Lopez made to save extending his body pushing the ball into the post as it went out. Just like that to a really good chances there would even be another one as Lorenzo de Silvestri trird to sneak his header past the far post but Lopez again denied them. After they’re short spurt Roma retook momentum. Roma came close coming off a corner with Chris Smalling’s header just barely missing Roma kept that momentum as Alex Kolarov narrowly missing after being set up by Diawara. Roma continued to try to break open the match.  Kolarov Miss fired from a dangerous free-kick in close range. Roma were in complete control as the ball was in Torino’s danger area almost on a frequent basis. Late in the first half Lorenzo Pellegrini gave Roma a late gave Roma a late chance but once again Sirigu came through with the save. However they would be late controversy as Andrea belotti scored with an absolutely thunder strike right before halftime to give a Torino the 1-0 lead. The problem with that was this goal was scored with two minutes passed the amount of stoppage time and they called for. In addition to that there was nothing that happened that would have Justified the referee extending an extra 2 minutes. Very poor refereeing as we would see at many points in this game as the referee favored Torino throughout the match. Despite the controversial circumstances Torino had a 1-0 lead after 45 minutes.


It was a very frustrating way to end the first half but Roma still had 45 minutes to try to find their way back into the game. Despite the goal Roma had been a much better team throughout the opening half. It started early and it just kept going throughout the entire match. Edin Dzeko got his head to the ball but misfired. This a few minutes later Diego Perotti put himself in great position coming really close but his strike didn’t hit have enough on it. Roma just continued and continued to Chip Away at the lead. They dominated possession and created so many chances throughout. They had any ridiculous amount of corners and still found it difficult to convert. Jordan Veretout tried striking off a set piece but missed. Roma would try to change things up as Hendrick Mkhitaryan came in for Jordan Veretout which was an unusual change. Mostly because Mikatarian existed inside of the defensive Midfield position after he came on. The Armenian is an attacking Winger just a little bit strange but the chances continue to come regardless. Gianluca Mancini came really close to equalizing for Roma a little better look in front of goal and better connection would have made a difference. Immediately after Lorenzo Pellegrini from very close range just nearly missed. Roma created yet another chance that surely should have put Roma back in the game but Sirigu came up with a brilliant save on Lorenzo Pellegrini. Minutes later Edin Dzeko saw his header misfire coming off another corner. It seemed like time was running out on Roma’s ability to come back. Despite the fact that they were the better team throughout the entire match and created twice as many chances it was a struggle. It was chance after chance for Roma Edin Dzeko couldn’t connect on a header Hendrick Mkhitaryan saw his shot save.  Kolarov came close on a free kick. Then finally just a few minutes after Nicolo Zaniolo and the Roma we’re driving on a counter that looked perfect. In an incredibly childish decision by the referee he stopped the play in the middle of a Counterattack to check the VAR review for a previous penalty call. the penalty was ultimately given to Torino Andrea Belotti converted as Torino took a 2-0 lead. However really poor integrity and childish behavior displayed by the referee. No matter what the situation is you cannot stop a counter attack in the middle of the field to check video review. The ball needs to be dead for them to do that. The referee was taking Torino side on everything. Roma tried to get one back As they came close on several opportunities in the closing moments of the game. Even on top of everything that had already happened only 7 Minutes of stoppage time was given despite the fact that they started the clock before an injured player was dealt with. All-around horrendous officiating but Roma did more than enough to win this game and should feel like they could have done more as they fall to Torino 2-0 at the Stadio Olimpico largely from their own doing and a referee circumstances. Without some of the situations that occurred Roma would at least have gotten a point in the game not exactly the way Roma would have likes to start the new year.


Roma went into the winter break with a lot of momentum and confidence within the team. On the other hand Torino found themselves getting some form after a poor start to the season. It turned out to be a controversial and disheartening performance by Roma who unfortunately were upset at the Stadio Olimpico. Torino won their first game in Rome in the league since 2007. Torino weren’t necessarily outstanding they had a few chances that mattered on both goals they were controversy circumstances surrounding them. Roman inability to finish may have highlighted the match but circumstances for Torino truly were astounding. It was a very poorly officiated game as the referee favored Torino in almost every sequence. On top of that both goals came under questionable circumstances. Andrea Belotti scored and absolutely Sensational strike. However this occurred 3 minutes after the scheduled stopagetime. The referee should have called it before this occurred. Roma really good throughout the game though they just couldn’t finish off their chances. An outstanding 37 shots 19 of which Hit the Target. In front of goal Roma just didn’t do well enough. However there were many instances in which it was brilliant goalkeeping from Sirigu that ultimately denied Roma. Then in the second half  Torino scored again in another controversial scenario. Roma were on the counter attack moving forward when all of a sudden the referee called to make a video review ultimately Roma where given a penalty against them Torino scored and that’s all she wrote. It was a very childish decision by the referee who legitimately ended a Counterattack by something that had happened previously. He is allowed to go back and review that call but to do it in the matter in which he did was absolutely extraordinary inappropriate. However with all that being said Roma did have far too many opportunities not to win this game. Diego perotti was Roma’s best player who got into dangerous areas very frequently. Roma get upset at home something that will leave a bitter taste in the mouth after controversial circumstances sway the result of the match. What makes things worse as they go on the road next week to play Juventus. Torino played really good defense and their goalkeeper was outstanding however the three points they got was not justified with their performance but by circumstances.




MAN OF THE MATCH: Diego Perotti



Top of the table

Juventus 14-3-1 45Pts
Inter Milan 12-3-1 39Pts
Lazio 11-3-2 39pts
A.S Roma 10-5-2 35Pts
Atalanta 10-4-4 34Pts


Bottom of the table

Lecce 3-7-8 16Pts
Sampdoria 4-4-10 16Pts
Brescia 4-2-12 14pts
Brescia 4-1-13Pts
Genoa 3-5-10 14Pts
SPAL 2-3-11 9pts


Next Match: vs Juventus Sunday, January 12th, 2020 1:45

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