Chelsea Turns over Leicester City at the King Power to stay top of the league #1325 (Late)

After the International break, the return to the Premier League kicked off this Saturday morning with Chelsea taking a trip to the King Power Stadium to take on Leicester City, who are mightily struggling this season. A clash between the top of the league and one of the most disappointing teams this season. It was a rematch of the FA Cup Final from last season, but on early Saturday morning, it was a very different result than what we saw in that game when the foxes won the FA Cup. It was all Chelsea in what continues to be a miserable season for Leicester City. Chelsea took the lead very early as Antonio Rudiger scored off a corner to give Chelsea a 1–0 lead. Midway through the first half, Chelsea would get another one. Chelsea found the back of the net from an unlikely score has Ngolo Kante converts a strike from outside the box as Chelsea gets their second. Leicester City did not register a shot on goal during the first half as Chelsea was a complete control; after 45 minutes, Chelsea held a 2–0 lead. In the second half, it didn’t get much better from Leicester city, although it opened up a little bit. Mendy called into action a few times to deal with James Madison. However, Chelsea was still insistent as the breakthrough he had again with a pair of substitutes Hakim Ziyech and Christian Pulisic connecting to get themselves a third as Chelsea handle business as they remain at the top of the pile following a 3–0 victory at Leicester City at the foxes continue to be living a life of misery this season.

After preparations and predictions, the match got underway at the King Power Stadium in Leicester as the Premier League returned with Leicester City hosting League leaders Chelsea. Chelsea was still without Romelu Lukaku, but it hasn’t seemed to stunt their progress as they have still been able to pick up points without the striker up top. This match was no different as they asserted themselves very early in the contest. In an opening couple of minutes, Chelsea nearly broke through. Four minutes into the game, Ben Chilwell made a great run inside the box before striking a well hit the ball; he ended up Hitting off the crossbar, really putting early pressure on Leicester City. Leicester City I’ve had a challenging season so far, and it was evident early in this game that they look very different from the last couple of years when they pushed for Champions League football. Chelsea had control of the game, and it didn’t seem to waver in the first half; they were moving the ball well, getting into dangerous spaces pretty regularly has Leicester city found it difficult to halt the pressure they were putting on them. It was only going to be a matter of time before they broke through. Leicester City didn’t have won a pretty solid chance. Still, Antonio Rudiger dealt with it then the moment would arrive for Chelsea coming off a corner kick Antonio Rudiger who just made a defensive clearance minutes earlier, rose up, putting his head through a cross into the top left corner, giving Kasper Schmeichel very little chance to save it as Chelsea ran out to a 1–0 lead it would be the fifth headed goal from Chelsea this season which is the best in the Premier League. Meanwhile, Leicester City fails to get a clean sheet for the 11th consecutive game as there are certainly some issues at the King Power Stadium. Leicester City did have a spurt of energy, and it looked like they had taken the game back with a goal, but to look men was called offside, and rightfully so. Outside of that, Chelsea was dictating the pace of the game and seemed in total control. Just a few minutes after the goal, Ngolo Kante put his foot through a Jorginho through ball; the French midfielder had a good look and followed through the Kasper Schmeichel denied him. 5 minutes later on a free-kick, Mason mount tried to extend the lead very well hit from just outside the box. Still, the English midfielder saw his attempt on goal just miss as it was a little over. However, in the 28th minute, Chelsea would extend their lead at the King Power Stadium six minutes later. Jorginho was pulling the strings once again, setting up Ngolo Kante, and from outside the box, the midfielder that rarely scores beats Kasper Schmeichel to give Chelsea a 2–0 lead. Ngolo Kante it’s one of the best defensive midfielders in World football. However, he only scored a very minimal number of goals; it was a well-constructed strike that left Kasper Schmeichel reaching when he found the back of the net. Leicester City continues to see their struggles escalate as they struggle to find much creativity throughout the first half. Kasper Schmeichel made a horrific mistake giving the ball away inside his own area, luckily for him, though Chelsea could not capitalize on it. At the very end of the first half, Ngolo Kante was on the verge of scoring once again as he connected on a cross coming from Ben Chilwell. Still, ultimately Kasper Schmeichel was able to save after the opening 45 minutes an unenthusiastic Leicester City found themselves behind as Chelsea led 2–0 at the break, the goals coming from Antonio Rudiger and Ngolo Kante.

It was a very dominating first-half display from Chelsea. Still, Leicester City somewhat was allowing Chelsea to dictate the game, continuing to give them far too much space and time to operate, which led to the number of chances that Chelsea created in the first half at the King Power Stadium. Brendan Rodgers side continues to struggle to see and already found themselves in a hole much as they did in the Arsenal game a couple of weeks ago. This forced the foxes to make a couple of changes to start the second half. Chelsea started the second half the same way the end of the first half, creating chances and showing their dominance in the game. Ben Chilwell was denied from close to start the second half. Just two minutes later, Hudson Odoi attempted a strike from the side of the box but was denied by Kasper Schmeichel. As James Madison tested Mendy from Deep a well-hit strike, Leicester City responded, but the Cameroon goalkeeper made a brilliant save to keep the clean sheet impact. Chelsea will get right back after it, through Hudson-Odoi misfiring from the side of the box. Chelsea is still fairly comfortable in their performance for all intensive purposes, but Lester said he was opening up a little bit, attempting to get themselves back into it. It was a mountain to climb, and they were fighting against the clock; there was still time left, but the longer the equalizer waits, the more difficult it would become. Jamie Vardy tried to get on the end are they cross, but his header was a bit High. Chelsea had control; they were starting to break through as Hakim Ziyech orchestrated a chance for Christian Pulisic; the American was in on goal, but it was a poor finish; it was at a complicated angle, but he should have certainly done better. However, in the 71st minute, the two would connect again; this time, they would find it at the back of the net. An incredible run into the box from Hakim Ziyech with Defenders surrounding him he dribbles through the gaps finding enough space to thread the ball to Christian Pulisic, and what was a crafty finish from America as Chelsea kill off the game once and for all as they take a 3–0 lead at the King Power Stadium. With eight minutes left, it looks like James Madison was at least going to get a goal back another tremendous hit from outside the box, but Mendy made another terrific save; he was not called into action very often but when he was the Chelsea goalkeeper, manage the situation and the closing moments Ben Chilwell had a chance add another goal for Chelsea but was unable to capitalize. Chelsea takes a trip to the King Power Stadium and comes away with a dominating 3–0 victory only to add more misery on Brendan Rodgers and Leicester City.

Chelsea continues to win without romelu Lukaku; we certainly will take them to a different level when he returns from injury. Before the International break, Chelsea had to drop two points in a 1–1 draw to Burnley; they could stay at the top of the pile with Manchester City not far behind, but it was a very disheartening performance. They came out guns blazing against Leicester City, were in total control, and killed the game off in the opening 30 minutes. While this may have been more about Leicester City’s misery than Chelsea’s brilliance, they handled the game very precisely away at the King Power Stadium, the team that had beaten them in the FA Cup Final last year. In a sense, they get that Revenge getting a big three points against Jamie Vardy and Company. This is a game at Chelsea did not need to try all that complex Leicester city provided a mutually nothing going forward. Between the two, this result is probably down to the misery of Leicester city and their total inconsistency this season. Chelsea made things look relatively easy; even though Leicester city didn’t do themselves any favor, they never wavered and were in control throughout. Antonio Rudiger and Ngolo Kante score in the first half. Hakim Ziyech and Christian pulisic hook up in the second half for a third goal as Chelsea manage what appeared to me as a very routine 3 points for the Blues. None of their performance seemed challenging. Leicester City had a few chances occasionally but did not put any pressure on Chelsea whatsoever. The man of the match this afternoon for me goes to Ngolo Kante; he scored a superb goal for a player that rarely scores; it was quite impressive, not to mention the rest of his performance was Top Class contributing both in the defensive and attacking areas was largely contributing and at Chelsea’s at passing efficiency leading into the air attack. Leicester city drops down to 12th in the league has things just become even worse for them this season. Chelsea continues to mount a title challenge as they get yet another three points without the presence of romelu Lukaku Liverpool cooled off in their last two games, promptly putting Chelsea back on the Forefront of the title race at this moment in time they are the favorites for the premier league title. They could become rather scary when romelu Lukaku returns; this isn’t a match; that was a masterpiece. Still, it was a very routine victory at Chelsea Rebound with important points at the King Power Stadium has Leicester city only watched on that Chelsea handled them. I will be back next week for a clash between Arsenal and Newcastle United.

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