Roma hangs 7 on Verona in Rome Champions league closes in #1433

A.S Roma 7 Hellas Verona 1FT

The Roma women are in impeccable form as we approach the season’s final matches. Last weekend their unbeaten streak reached 17 games as they dispatched sassuolo with a 3–0 victory away from home as they stepped closer to Champions League qualification. Roma currently sits in second place in the league, Five Points clear as the Champions League dream is at their fingertips. It has been a marvelous season, arguably the best campaign in club history. After their Victory last weekend, they returned home to Rome to take on the bottom of the league. Hellas Verona wasn’t expected to give Roma any problems, just four points this season with a -43 goal difference; the route to the Champions League was a red carpet with all of the remaining on their schedule at the bottom of the table. Hellas Verona, with not much to play for with the relegation, already confirmed it was inevitable what was about to happen. The league title still has a slight possibility, but these last four games are more about confirming their Champions League status more than anything else. Anna Serturini would still be missing from the team due to covid Spugna ultimately decided to rotate the squad giving some opportunities to some players that do not get a game-time regularly. The game was still taken seriously, but considering the lopsidedness of all of it, the Roma manager was able to switch things up as the match was prepared to kick off in Rome, a battle between a Roma team that’s in the best form in the league against already-relegated Hellas Verona it was going to be a wild ride at least for one of these teams as things got underway.

The way the game started shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone. Roma dominated from kickoff and never looked back. The giallorossi head over 70% possession moved the ball swiftly up and down the field; the link-up Play Between the Midfield and the attack was highly Sharp. Meanwhile, on the other side of things, Hellas Verona barely had anything going for them it was a rarity when they had the ball at their feet, and with all due respect, they played Just Like A team that had nothing left to play for. Roma was in complete control. Hellas Verona is a team severely overmatched; they did what they could to put up a wall, but Roma was ultimately going to kick it down. Roma started fast, and it got ugly quickly. In the opening minutes of the game, a beautiful through ball was put through from Sophie Haug as Bernadetta Glionna collected the ball before firing a powerful shot at the goalkeeper. She couldn’t score, but the rapid start showed that what was coming was inevitable. In the ninth minute, Glionna lost possession near the corner flag before Bartoli managed to regain control before finding Andressa Alves as the Brazilian took one touch setting up Manuela Giugliano, who then connected on a cross from just outside the box, finding Milica Mijatović who caught the ball out of the air sending it into the roof in the net to give Roma a 1–0 lead. Roma’s domination just continued; they were relentless in their attack, and defensively they did not have much to do with it. They had Verona Pinback in their box, and Hellas Verona couldn’t coexist defensively. In the 23rd minute, Glionna, who was on the right-wing, sends a beautiful cross into the box as she finds Milica Mijatović once again, who flies through the air; her diving header rips into the top of the net as Roma took a 2–0 lead. A dramatic finish by Serbian International but the pinpoint accuracy and placement of the Cross was something to see. The domination of the Roma team did not go away; they were not going to be denied no matter what. The whistle blew for half-time; after 45 minutes, Roma had a 2–0 lead in what could have been way worse.

Milica Mijatović opens her Roma account with two first-half strikes as Roma running

The Roma ladies scored twice in the first half-hour, practically having the points all but secured already. They had total control of the game; the ball was at their feet constantly and was not threatened by the opposition. Once the second half started, it was clear, though, and they were warming up, and it showed as humiliation became the fitting explanation of the second half. In the 51st minute, Joyce Borini hit the ball towards Greggi, who collected it before sending a beautiful path to Lazaro as the Spaniard sent a beautiful pass putting through Andressa Alves on goal; she supplies a touch in front of goal as she’s cleaned out by the goalkeeper however her strike ended up looping over the goalkeeper into the back of the net as Roma took a 3–0 lead her sixth goal of the season. 7 minutes later, they scored again in the 59th-minute Borini was alone on the left side before sending a cross into the box, finding Lazaro, that got a touch on it, beating the goalkeeper as Roma took a 4–0 lead in the 10th goal of the season for Pamela Lazaro her second consecutive season with at least 10 goals she has been a vital piece of this Roma team in its development the last two years. In the 71st minute, Verona got themselves a goal for pride as they could convert on a set piece to make it 4–1. It was short-lived; in the 75th minute, Sophie Haug sent a through ball, leading Valeria Pirone into a one-on-one with a keeper; she makes no mistakes converting with ease. Her seventh goal of the season. 2 minutes later, Glionna, on a breakaway against the goalkeeper, in an almost identical situation, scores with no issues as Roma took a 6–1 lead. Then they finished off with even more humiliation in the 84th minute as Glionna pushed the ball into the box found Pirone, who then swung it towards Haug, who scored an open goal as Roma finished off in what was a dominating 7–1 victory taking advantage of the bottom of the table in the process. Taking Roma’s unbeaten run to 18 games Champions League is nearly in the bag as they could confirm it as early as next weekend.

Roma run through Verona with a 7-Goal showing for the RED HOT Romans

Roma with an incredibly dominating performance and what was their biggest margin of victory in the league they have ever had. There’s not too much to be made out of doing this to the bottom of the league, but they keep their unbeaten run going as they’re looking to finish the season strong and qualify for the Champions League, which could happen sooner rather than later. One blotched game from AC Milan ultimately sees them officially qualify for the Champions League over the next two weeks. There is a 5-point difference between themselves and AC Milan, so basically, it’s all said and done; it’s just the matter of waiting for a fishhook confirmation. These girls will be playing Champions League football next season. Roma’s remaining three games are Fiorentina, sampdoria and Lazio. All three of those teams are outside of the top five. The only one that could be difficult is the game against Sampdoria; they have a decent side that could give them a little bit of trouble, but at this point, this Roma team hasn’t lost a game in ages. To find their last defeat, you got to go back to October. Roma should fly through the remaining games this season and officially confirm their spot in next year’s Champions League. They also have the Coppa Italia to worry about as they play the second leg of the semi-final on April 30th as they hold a 1–0 advantage over Empoli. They should take care of business and make a return to the Coppa Italia final, where they would likely meet up with Juventus, which has a 6–1 lead against AC Milan in the other semi-final. Even though this Roman team couldn’t quite get the title this season, they have shown this season that they are coming in the games against Juventus that they have played; they have been the better team on both occasions. Unfortunately, Juventus is slightly more talented than the big separator in their two games against them. Roma has progressed so much to season, and the way they’ve scored as many goals as they did in this game with so many different goal scorers is incredible. Lazaro is the top scorer in the team with 10 goals; however, Roma has 13 different goal scorers in the league this season, and if you want to go further and count the Coppa Italia, then they have 16 different ones; they are just a different team this season, and they have proven it again there without Anna Serturini again their best player and they didn’t struggle a bit it was the bottom of the league, but you win with such conviction was incredible to see. Fiorentina is next up had. Pamela Lazaro & Company will be ready to keep this unbeaten run alive as they are in the best form in Italy with no signs of slowing down.

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