Roman control denied late as Inter Milan gifted an undeserved point #858

Score: A.S Roma 2 Inter Milan


Following three consecutive wins, Roma finds themselves in their best form since the restart. The adjustment to the back 3 has made Roma a much more efficient team. After quality wins against Verona and Parma. Roma was undoubtedly ready for the most significant challenge left this season. Antonio Conte and Inter Milan made the trip to the Stadio Olimpico in Rome for their second meeting of the season. In the first meeting, Chris Smalling overwhelmed romelu Lukaku and Lataro Martinez despite being in poor form Roma earned a goalless draw in Milan. This match would be much more appetizing; this was the best time for Roma to get points against Inter Milan. Romo went into this game with optimism having started playing as a team. Inter Milan had the opportunity to make things a little closer in the title race. Despite some early chances from Roma Inter Milan ended up pushing themselves in front of the match. Coming off a corner, Stefan de vrij gave Inter Milan a 1-0 lead. It was a back-and-forth between two Fantastic teams, but despite the lead, Rome did seem to have more control in the game. Inter Milan had their lead, but at the end of the half, Roma managed to equalize. Coming off a counter-attack largely fueled by Dzeko Mkhitaryan and Leo spinazzola Roma Drew level as Leo took Roma level. In the second half, it was less back and forth, as Roma did seem to have significant superiority throughout. Roma had the momentum, and it looked like they were driving it towards all three points. Edin Dzeko & Mkhitaryan hooked up On a counter-attack that saw the Armenian keep up his fine form, pushing Roma into the lead to 2-1. Roma squandered some big chances down the stretch with ultimately in the end. In the closing moments of the game, a strange call inside Roma’s box. Leo spinazzola and Victor Moses ended up knocking each other over as the Romans Defender Miss time the ball. A penalty was given as Inter Milan get a gift Romelu Lukaku stepped up and converted the penalty in what was the final moments of a 2-2 draw as Inter Milan get an undeserved point. Roma was the better team throughout the match, but unfortunately, little mistakes and missed chances ended up costing them. In Dramatic in a 2-2 draw as points are split.
Paulo Fonseca once again came out of their new formation in the 3-4-2-1. It is the exact team that picked up three-point against Hellas Verona at the Olimpico earlier in the week. In goal as always was the Spaniard Pau Lopez. At left-back was the Serbian Alex Kolarov. At center-back was the rising star Rodger Ibanez then next to him at right-back would it be Gianluca Mancini. In front of the defense as the wing-back would be once again Leo spinazzola & Bruno Peres In Roma’s defensive Midfield would be the usual pairing of Jordan veretout and Diawara. Been upfront in the attacking Midfield would be Hendrik Mkhitaryan and Lorenzo Pellegrini. Then upfront in as the central Striker will be Roma captain the big Bosnian edin Dzeko. Nicolo zaniolo would not be an option Off the Bench tonight after picking up a minor injury. However, Chris Smalling makes the Roma bench as he returns from his injury.
After preparations and predictions, the match was just about to get underway at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. As Roma look to take down Inter Milan in what was going to be a battle between two teams that do not like each other all that much. Both sides came into this game with momentum. Even though Inter Milan control possession as Antonio Conte teams typically do Roma look dangerous going forward and presented themselves with dangerous opportunities. Gianluca Mancini came close for Roma as he provided the game’s first chance. However, his header was off. It did looked like a swift start for Roma. Roma got on the break; they can be exceptionally dangerous. However, in the 15th minute, Inter Milan took advantage coming off the corner Stefan de vrij was left more or less primarily unmarked to the fault of Alex Kolarov as the Dutch Defender rose up and gave Inter Milan a 1-0 lead. Outside of that, Roma looked excellent. The Possession may not have gone in their favor, at least in the early part of the game, but when they got forward and pressed high up, they look antagonizing. They had a few opportunities down the stretch in the first half to take the lead. Henrikh Mkhitaryan can close on an ambitious strike. The Inter Milan backline had a problem dealing with the Armenian all night. He is too fast too quick and too smart, which really goes against all of the strength that Inter Milan have defensively. Roma was the better team in a game that did not have a lot of chances, especially early. Still, they just looked more dangerous Inter Milan outside of the first goal that largely was attributed to a mistake they had a hard time catching momentum in the game. Marcelo brozovic was denied from close range by Lopez. Inter Milan didn’t create a lot while Roma even though there weren’t a lot of chances by either team really looks like a much stronger side they defended at an exceptionally high rate. They pushed forward communicated through the Midfield; they just looked like a different class. In the last minute of stoppage time to end the first half, Henrikh Mkhitaryan edin Dzeko connected up before supplying the ball to the feet of Leo spinazzola. Hit a great strike from the side of the box it did require a deflection from Stefan de vrij, but it ended up in the back of the net as Roma equalize on the last kick of the ball of the first half. It was 1-1 after 45 minutes thanks to Leo spinazzola and Stefan de vrij; everything was square in the capital.
Leo Spinazolla draws Roma level at the end of the first half. 
Outside of Roma conceding an early goal, they looked like the munch better team and were able to get back into it with an equalizer at the end of the first half. Roma will try to continue to drive this momentum throughout the rest of the game with the possibility of taking the points. At the very beginning of the second half, a shot from Jordan veretout was dealt with by Samir handanovic. Denying the Frenchman from close range. However, Roma just shortly after manage to put themselves in front. In the 57th minute, Roma hit Inter Milan on the counter-attack. Once again, it was Mkhitaryan Edin Dzeko and Lorenzo Pellegrini coming forward as a unit. As well as the wing-backs supplying them. They ended up cutting into the box almost getting in each other’s as Edin Dzeko lays it off at the last second Mkhitaryan to smash his strike into the top of the net to give Roma a 2-1 lead both Miki and Dzeko tried to strike it. Still, they managed to get the goal anyways. Roma deservingly had their lead. Mkhitaryan scores his 8th goal of the season. They were out playing Antonio Conte & Inter Milan despite the difference in quality Roma was proven to be superior. Inter Milan tried to hit back through Martinez, who saw his header misfire. This wasn’t a game that had a lot of opportunities, but Roma seemed to be the better team. Roma had some excellent chances down the stretch that were either blocked or misfired. Roma has to do better in these types of situations. Bryan cristante came on as a sub in the second half, and Chris Smalling also returned coming off the bench. Roma really looked strong and the final minutes with Inter Milan trying to muster anything they could to get back into the game; however late Leo spinazzola concedes a penalty at the end of striking Victor Moses. A large portion of people thought it was a dumb play by Leo, which I agree with; however, given the circumstances of the penalty, I believe it should have been an indirect free kick Inside the Box, not a penalty, but it wasn’t a bad call. Romelu Lukaku steps up and converts. Roma had a few chances in the closing moments, but the damage has already been done has Inter Milan earned a point they absolutely did not deserve. A fabulous performance from the Romans but unfortunately didn’t get the points they deserved.
Henrikh Mkhitaryan second-half goal should have been enough, but it wasn’t 
Roma went into the game tonight with Incredible optimism and a high level of confidence.  Roma’s recent victories have come against some really tough opponents that Inter Milan had struggled with. While Inter Milan head come off wins against relegation sides. So going into this game, there was a lot of reasons for Roma to feel good about themselves and the optimism of getting all three points. The performance itself was Sensational, another excellent performance all around the Romans. Certain aspects of the game Roma made some mistakes, but as a collective performance, I thought Roma, for the most part, was superb. The errors need to be cut out and need to convert more of their chances in front of goal. There’s no reason this Match with the points being in the shared. Inter Milan did take the early lead and momentum, but only temporarily, poor defensive execution on the corner kick allowed Stefan de vrij to put Inter in front. Roma throughout the match was superb defensively outside of a few situations; they were more or less Flawless. In fact, the backline that looked more at risk was Inter Milan. Roma looked great; they pressed, and they did a great job pushing forward didn’t create as much as maybe they could have, but they created opportunities. The big issue for Roma was with converting on them. Don’t get me wrong they did convert on some of their chances. There was a lot of creativity, primarily through the attack and entire Midfield worked together as a unit the defense continued to play well, and it was an all-around great performance. Roma was the better team, and it wasn’t even a little close. Romo could have put this away at many points throughout the game. They let Inter hang in there until the very end as they got the luck of the Irish on a late penalty. Lorenzo Pellegrini, Mikitryan, and edin Dzeko were all brilliant going forward. All Things Considered, it was a positive performance that should give the team continued confidence. However, Inter Milan was getting a lot of calls, and Roma we’re being ignored to a certain extent. There were several calls throughout this game that Roma didn’t get the whistle in similar situations Inter Milan did. Now just so we’re clear, Roma did beat themselves by being unable to convert down the stretch, but the penalty at the and certainly was questionable. Leo spinazzola had a great game, but in the end, he did concede a penalty the question I have is whether or not it was one. There’s no question; it certainly was a foul, but given the circumstances, the play that did not include the ball and two guys basically ran into each other. Leo did swing his foot and connected with Victor Moses, but the kind of just ran into each other’s way before that. The correct call in my eyes was an indirect kick from inside the box; given the nature of the call, it’s unclear whether it was the right decision. I don’t blame the referee for making that call because it’s one of those 50-50 calls that can go either way. But we wouldn’t be saying this if Leo decided to clear the ball up the flank instead of going inside. Collectively it was a solid performance outplayed a team in the scudetto race that has a superior quality to Roma. It does feel like it was two points lost, given how much control and domination they displayed throughout the game. The man of the match goes to Henrikh Mkhitaryan as he continues to have a sensational season. However, Edin Dzeko also had a world-class performance with two assists. Roma has to be disappointed about the ultimate results, but the performance will only give them more confidence throughout the rest of the season. Roma just didn’t get the points they deserved.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Henrikh Mkhitaryan


Top Of Table

1. Juvnetus 24-5-4 77Pts
2. Atalanta 21-7-5 70Pts
3. Lazio 21-6-6 69Pts
4. Inter Milan 20-9-4 69Pts
5. Roma 17-7-10 58Pts

Bottom of Table
16. Udinesse 9-9-16 36Pts
17. Genoa 8-9-17 33Pts
18. Lecce 7-8-19 29Pts
19. Brescia 6-6-22 24Pts
20. SPAL 5-4-23 19Pts

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