Match Report: Serturini or Bust Good but not good enough as skid Continues #983

Score: A.S Roma 1 San Gimignano 1FT


The Roma women have not had the season we expected from them. In terms of talent level, they are one of the best in Italian football. Yet this season, they have found themselves short of the mark. It’s unclear exactly what’s going on, but you can assume they will be changes ahead of the next season. Coming into this game against San Gimignano, the Roma women had only one win in their last four games. Not only that, they had led in several of the game they had dropped. They have dominated and controlled most of their matches but, for whatever reason, cannot close the deal. Even with the fact that the Roma women do have three of the best players in the league, it seems like there’s a missing component. They are coming into this game after a loss against AC Milan and a victory in a Coppa Italia. Roma finds itself outside of the top five, and it only looks like it’s going to become more difficult. this team had aspirations to finish in the top three after securing a top-four finish last season; it’s still in the cards for them to finish in that part of the table but based on the roster that was constructed, it did look like this was a Roma team capable of mounting a title challenge. It was always going to be difficult against a team like Juventus and AC Milan, but Roma seems to have all the ingredients to get the job done from a talent point of view. It was going to be another test last weekend against San Gimignano. A team they are significantly better than it was going to take a challenge, but they were very capable of getting three points; this was a great opportunity for them to do that, but it was an afternoon the misfortune. Roma did everything right, but sometimes it’s just not enough. Roma might lack some momentum and confidence, but there was no reason why going into this game, they shouldn’t have felt like they could get maximum points. Roma hit on the break early and often just 3 minutes into the game, the ever so dynamic certain cut into the Box looking dangerous as she looked for that bottom corner she had the touch but just missed time her run by a little bit as the ball just narrowly didn’t have the distance. Despite not scoring, it was a brilliant start for Roma. San Gimignano tried to hit back with a strike. Camelia Caesar attempted to make us a, but the shot was wide. Roma did seem to have that confidence driving them as they dominated the game, looking dangerous almost regularly. Serturini went on another run into the Box, trying to pick out a pass for Claudia Cotati but once again just a little off. However, you could feel that goal was coming certain cut down the wing again inside the Box for a third time this time she found that bottom corner slotting the ball into the back of the net to give Roma a 1-0 lead. Her sixth game of the season in her 100 game in Serie A Swifty finish as Roma are on the front. Camellia Caesar made it outrageous save shortly after as San Gimignano tried to hit back a header was cleared with a one-handed save, pushing the ball over as Roma keep themselves in the driver’s seat. 2 minutes later, Roma could have put the game away once and for all Serturini SENT the ball down the wing before the ball is passed right in front of the goal to Pamela Lazaro who was in point-blank range somehow someway she missed an open net. She has been Roma’s best player this season, but she’s got to do better just follow-through, and Roma get the points. a couple of minutes later, Roma has yet another chance to extend their lead through Serturini once again a great strike just outside the Box clanged off the crossbar, a moment of true misfortune. Serturini set up Bonfantini at the end of the first half with a through ball; the young striker had the space to kill off the game, but a poor finish kept the game at 1:0 at halftime. Things only continue to heat up in the second half. early in the second half in another break, Roma Captain Bartoli tried to strike but hit the side netting as the score remained the same. Camila Caesar made another big save, followed by Manuela Giuliano’s powerful strike from inside the Box dealt with by the goalkeeper. 2 minutes later, Camila Caesar came up with an absolutely outrageous save. The San Gimignano Striker tried on an audacious effort, a very well hit strike that led to Camila Caesar making the save of the season, denying San Gimignano with a breathtaking save displaying her elevation in getting to the ball that was heading into the top corner. the Romanian goalkeeper would be outrageous in the match unfortunately her defense would let her down 2 minutes later an attacker in the Box from San Gimignano was left unmarked as she put away across with her head to level the scores. Roma had dominated the entire length of the game despite some heroics by Caesar; they weren’t under control; they were on the verge of losing that. Late on, Roma did everything they could to try to break free. Pamela Lazaro tries to put her head through a cross, but the Spaniard’s header went a bit wide just over. With two minutes left, Serturini cut into the Box before supplying a ball to Alice Corelli, who hit a thunderous shot that hit the bottom of the post, denying Roma three points. It has gone from bad to worse Roma always perform at a high level; they are very rarely outplayed; the problem is they can’t finish it off; they always make a mistake down the stretch that kills them; the Roma women have only one win in the last five, and unless they go in a deep run it’s hard to imagine them finishing in the top four. It is just devastating to see one of the most talented teams in the league underachieve to such an extent. The woman of the match goes to Camila Caesar; she made every save imaginable did everything she was asked to do unfortunately, a defensive mistake put her in an unsolvable position. Serturini was also outstanding as well as most of the team. Roma hit the bar twice, denying what could have been three points a match of misfortune, but also a mistake down the stretch truly killed any chance of collecting maximum. Roma needs to get on a run before finishing in the top four becomes an illusion more than an expectation.

Something is Very Wrong In need of new Direction 


Something is going on with Roma this season. I’m not sure what it is as I have stated from a talent perspective, Rome is up there with Juventus and AC Milan. They have three of the best players in the league and many other good supporting parts but still find themselves in this peculiar situation. Roma had expectations to challenge for the lead title, not necessarily win it but at least be in that conversation trying to at least Advance a little further this season with maybe a top-three finish. It was always going to be tough with some of the strong teams in the league, but it was something that was Roma is capable of given the strength of their squad. You can highlight the individuals who have been outstanding the season Pamela Lazaro and Serturini have been two of the best players in Italian football; they have been absolutely Sensational; however, they have been providing almost everything for the club this season. It logically does not make a lot of sense that Rome is even in this position. If you just look at the team that’s in place right now, they are as talented as many of the team better in front of them. There was a sense of belief that they could do a lot better than they did last season, and last season was a very productive campaign. Not only that, Roma was 10 points clear the fifth place last year something going on, and I’m not sure what it is. Given the status of all of their club, they should not be in this situation. Roma has only 13 points from nine games Juventus, the league leaders have 27 just to provide some perspective. They have only one win in the last five and three drawers over that stretch. There are only four teams in the league in the current form, and in the worst form, that’s the problem. I don’t know what needs to change; you can talk about the points, but the fact of the matter is they are outperforming most of the teams are playing; they just can’t close the deal or sometimes make a mistake down the stretch; this seems to be the case this season they have the quality they have the team the lack of Direction may be part of the problem. I don’t know enough about woman’s coaches in women’s football, but Roma they need to be looking for a different solution because what they’re doing right now is down to the mentality of it rather than that the team just isn’t good enough they can’t close the deal, and that’s the biggest problem potentially Roma should look for another coach because the talents there the performances they’re the reason they lose games or don’t get the points is because of little mistakes that drag them down and big moments. Roma need to get things together quickly, or else things could implode more than they already have


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