Roma vs Sampdoria Matchday 19 Preview #1358

Sampdoria Injury Problems

Sampdoria has had a challenging season so far; they find themselves near the bottom of the table, and even though some teams below them are significantly in worse shape than them, points will become substantially more critical especially going into the second half of the season as Sampdoria will have a collection of difficult matches starting with Wednesday night’s Clash against Roma at the Stadio Olimpico. Roma is coming off a very emotionally inspiring Victory against Atalanta ripping them apart just a few days ago. This will be a difficult task for them regardless, considering they have only won two of their last five games. However, the match itself will now be much more difficult. Emile aduro Sampdoria, keeper, will be unavailable because of a thigh issue. This means Sampdoria’s backup keeper will have to fill in for him. The number two has only appeared in one game this season in the Coppa Italia. Emile aduro is one of the most underrated goalkeepers in Italy; when he is at his best, he can be fantastic and be very defining in matters of great importance. This blow makes the job of samp much more difficult now; a Roma team in a confident mood with momentum will have a backup goalkeeper put in front of them. It will be a significant loss, especially in a match like this. However, unfortunately, that may not be the only absentee from Sampdoria. Emile aduro has been confirmed as out for this upcoming matchup. Sampdoria second-leading scorer this season with four goals. Manolo Gabbiadini is also in doubt for the upcoming match. He has been a player that historically speaking, has always played well against Roma and could have made a big difference in a game like this. There is still a possibility that he could play the game or potentially come off the bench, but it is a demoralizing situation because even if he plays he is unlikely to be at 100%. Everything kind of flowing into a big moment against Roma Sampdoria, and now we will have to rely on Antonio candreva to overpower a banged-up Sampdoria side. Francesco Caputo is another weapon they might have at their disposal, but he’s been somewhat inconsistent this season. This puts Sampdoria particularly in a difficult situation with their starting goalkeeper out and potentially their second-leading goal scorer also missing the game; it’s going to be a challenging task a trip to the Stadio Olimpico, under those circumstances, is going to be hard to deal with Sampdoria are going to have to dig deep to hold off a very confident Roma ready for the challenge.

Importance for Continued Momentum for Roma

Roma stunned Atalanta at the Bergamo last weekend. It was the first time they had beaten Atalanta since 2017; it was an unbelievable performance orchestrated by vintage Mourinho as he put it through a Master Class in Bergamo on Saturday. Roma had not been playing all that well up to that point, and it was a very defining match for potentially re-entering the Champions League race. I think 5th place is probably where they will finish. I don’t see them making the Champions League this season, considering how the squad is constructed. However, the win was vital; it would give them a sense of confidence going forward. It is an emotional high, and not only that; the attack was ruthless, something we haven’t really seen from them at many points this season, especially without Lorenzo Pellegrini. This is a must-win, the reason being after a short break Roma will have to play to challenging games back to back just put a lot of pressure on Roma to get the points tomorrow night. On January 6rd they will travel to the San Siro to take on AC Milan, a team that is not in great form right now, and there’s an opportunity there to win, but it will be challenging that you can bet, especially at the San Siro. Then on January 9th, they will welcome a Juventus to the Stadio Olimpico, a team that has struggled this season but is heating up at the right time; this will be another problematic battle that Roma will have to endure. Considering what Roma will have to deal with over there next to the games, they put a lot of importance on Roma’s ability to secure maximum points at home against Sampdoria. This match should not give them too many issues, the reason being Sampdoria are at the bottom of the table they’re not in good form and on top of all that they will be without their starting goalkeeper and potentially without their second-leading goal scorer. Meanwhile, Stephan El Shaarawy has an opportunity to return to the team tomorrow night. It’s unlikely to be in the starting lineup, but he’s available off the bench. According to romapress Lorenzo Pellegrini will be back for the game against AC Milan, and we will start to see Roma’s best player return to the side. Again what’s happening over the next two games is essential, but the level of focus needs to be there against Sampdoria; it’s an excellent opportunity to build some momentum again. There are more confident right now, and they got a little momentum after that big victory, but Roma still has to remain focused can handle the situation that is in front of them. Sampdoria is banged up; the possibility of three consecutive wins is sitting there for them. Over the last two games, they have defended well, and Chris Smalling has scored in back-to-back games; this should bode well for a test against a Sampdoria at home. They have to take the emotions of Saturday’s victory and build on that into this game. Roma is still 4-5 points outside of the Champions League; however, if results start rolling their way, Roma wants to put themselves in the best position to climb the table if that is to happen. Samp has good players. I do not deny that, but this game should not give Roma much difficulty; they’re defending well for the first time this season, and Mou’s tactics on Saturday were brilliant; if he can repeat a similar performance from a tactical standpoint, Roma can and should swallow them.

A game built for Tammy Abraham and Nicolo Zaniolo

Tammy Abraham is one of the League’s most in-form players over this last stretch. Since Thanksgiving, he has scored seven goals in all competitions, has been playing at an incredibly high level, and only continues to build on that. He now has 12 goals in all competitions, is Roma’s top scorer this season, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Scored his first Serie A brace on Saturday, and against a struggling Sampdoria, very well could go his way. In addition to that, Nicolo zaniolo, who has struggled this season, finally found the back of the net on Saturday; it was his first goal in the league since 2019. Nicolo zaniolo has everything needed to become a superstar in this league. He showed the promise before his two knee injuries; he can still become something extraordinary in Italy. That first goal will give him more confidence for the upcoming games as he need to keep it going, potentially trying to get on the scoresheet a few more times over the next couple of games. Tammy Abraham has been Roma’s Superstar this season, along with Lorenzo Pellegrini. After Saturday’s game, Tammy Abraham talked about how much fun it is to play with the young Italian. Tammy Abraham can help in some way Nicolo zaniolo get back on track with the repertoire on the pitch and the vibe that they have between one another, which has been quite promising. They must use Sampdoria as a platform for the youngster to get more confidence back. When Lorenzo Pellegrini returns, we want to feel in a situation where we can rely on both of them to provide along with the Roma captain. Tammy Abraham, in his absence, has been terrific, and it’s holding up his side of the bargain. And even though Nicolo zaniolo did score over the weekend, we need more of that before it can be compelling that he can do his part in this Roma attack. Amazing goal on Saturday, but we need to keep building on that and keep showing what he is capable of. Tammy Abraham and Lorenzo Pellegrini are entirely secured in Roma’s project. Nicolo zaniolo is likely to be a part of it as well; he does not have the security of the other two. He needs to build on the confidence and the momentum from Saturday and continue to play well. The reason is did decision-making still has a lot of work to be done; he has made some pretty erratic decisions, also showing flashes. Finding the back of the net more regularly and improving his decision-making will go a long way. What I mean by secure I am referring to whether or not he will be viewed as Untouchable by the club. Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham are very untouchable, along with the goalkeeper rui Patricio. Nicolo zaniolo hasn’t quite reached that status, yet I hope it’s to come. I think there’s a good possibility if he continues to play well. Still, at the moment, with the right offer, Roma would consider this is why improving his decision making and scoring more goals will rewire the framework Nicolo zaniolo if he can keep this up and continue to play well with Tammy and Lorenzo. He could become Untouchable as well like he was two years ago when he was at his best and firing on all cylinders. Sampdoria could be the platform to prove even further that he is still a prized asset.

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