Roma vs AC Milan Talking Points #1364

Mancini and Karsdorp both send off

Roma’s performance last night against AC Milan was miserable all around. Roma was second-best on the night, thoroughly struggling throughout; other than a brief stretch, it looked like Roma was going to break through; outside of that, it was a truly miserable situation that they found themselves in. However, despite all the mistakes made, Roma has now made things very difficult on themselves. Roma will be at home against Juventus on Sunday night; it is rather ridiculous for any of these teams to have to play two challenging games without the appropriate time to prepare. Italian football wants to get its best product they need to allow teams to have enough rest time between big matches. It’s not just Roma several teams this week that have two massive games back-to-back with essentially very little rest time. However, given the situation is what it is, there was a certain level of importance for Roma to have a clean game and not make too many errors. We can talk about the mistakes that led to the goals, but the most detrimental thing about this entire experience at the San Siro wasn’t simply about their performance. Rick karsdorp and Gianluca Mancini received red cards, making them unavailable for the match against Juventus. Juventus started the season very poorly, but all in all, they find themselves back on track. Playing Juventus at home was going to be exceptionally difficult regardless. Now that Rick karsdorp and Gianluca Mancini will be unavailable, it will be mutually impossible for Roma to get anything from that game. The Performance against AC Milan was terrible; that’s fair enough but losing two of their Defenders before a massive match against Juventus is simply unacceptable. Rick karsdorp is rarely booked; last night, he received two yellows. Gianluca Mancini always is at risk for suspension because of how often he picks up yellow cards; even though he is crucial to this Roma backline, he should have had better judgment. Some are complaining about the nature of his second Yellow Card. I refuse to. If you bring up the officials every time, Roma loses not looking at the entire picture. The official made some bad decisions, but it did not impact the results. It doesn’t excuse the fact that Mancini was booked twice in a matter of like 10 minutes, and now he will miss the Juventus match as well. Meaning Bryan Cristante might have to play center back, or Matias Vina will have to drop down; it’s unclear how they’re going to handle the situation; one option is putting Stephan El Shaarawy as one of the wing-backs and putting Mathias Vina as the other if Maitland-Niles is available they might be forced to use him. Regardless the lack of discipline largely has contributed to Roma to lack of availability in one of the biggest matches of the season against Juventus.

AC Milan Confidence Restored

AC Milan was dealing with a complicated situation last night with the amount of covid cases that they have in their team. AC Milan still fielded a very strong 11, but the team they put out was nowhere near their best. On top of that, AC Milan had not been playing all that well; as of late, some discussions were being made about the fact that AC Milan, if they don’t get their stuff together, could drop out of the Champions League altogether. It was going to be a defining match regardless of the result. AC Milan at the San Siro was expected to get the job done; however, they needed to get the points because a loss to Roma last night could have demoralized AC Milan’s confidence entirely. AC Milan is not really challenging for the scudetto anymore but getting back to the champions league is something that they should be primarily focused on. Considering how close it can become in a big match like this, it was vital that they got the results in the end. They had control the majority of the game even though Roma fought back AC Milan handled themselves remarkably well, considering the circumstances, a quick start put them in a situation where all they needed to do was see the game out and that’s exactly what they did. It is unclear the lasting effects of last night’s performance for AC Milan’s Champions League ambitions; however, after last night, AC Milan’s confidence should be fully restored. They thrived under challenging circumstances. Had they come up short, it would have been understandable considering how many they had out, but in the end, they still found a way through which should give them the exact energy that they’ll need for the second half of the season because the Champions League race is far from over.

Defining Result

AC Milan capitalized very early in the game, and they never looked back, giving Roma a disaster to deal with almost immediately. Olivier Giroud scored a penalty, and then Junior took advantage of a Roma mistake to put AC Milan firmly in the driver’s seat. By the time Roma got things going, they were already down by two goals. The way they started this game dictated how the match went. Roma made mistakes along the way and put themselves in this situation, but the fact that they started so poorly primarily attributed to the disaster that took place in Milan on Thursday night. It puts them in the wrong mind frame ahead of Hosting Juventus in two days. Essentially spoiling the return of Pellegrini that has been sidelined for a significant amount of time. Roma came back, and Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham hooked up right before halftime. Then at the very beginning of the second half, it was about a 10-minute stretch where Roma looked as if they were going to break through; that was the opportunity for Roma to get something the draw was up for grabs in that game during that moment. Instead, Roma was reduced following the sending-off, and then another one as AC Milan scored to kill off a game; if Roma approached this differently, perhaps the result could have been different had they been more mistake-free in the early parts of the game who knows what could have transpired. The horrid start and the mistakes dictated the result. It’s not the fact that Roma lost this game in the way they did; everyone makes mistakes in football; it happens from time to time, but Roma continually make the same mistakes over and over again. Roma need to learn from these mistakes and push forward we’ve seen this in the game against Atalanta, but somehow, ever since then, there’s something off, and I’m not sure what it is this is a team in a rebuilding process; this is a project that Jose Mourinho has his hands on getting Roma into a winning team is going to take some time there’s no doubt about that, but while they are building this they can’t continually make the same mistakes they have to learn from this and progress forward rather than reopening the same wounds.

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