Roma Dominate Milan but misfortune leads to spilt points in Rome #1427

A.S Roma 1 Milan 1FT

The Roma ladies would return home after a battle with Juventus at their training facility in what was an incredibly productive and dominant display. Although Roma was in utter control throughout the 90 minutes out playing in Juventus away from home, the points were shared last weekend. Roma was looking to get back into winning ways as they undergo a challenging part of the schedule. Roma has heavy ambitions for the Champions League next season and is trying to hold on to an unlikely title charge. Their next couple of games is a rather challenging last weekend yet. Another worthy opponent was placed in front of them. It would be a battle between 2nd and 4th, a rematch of last year’s Coppa Italia final, as it was AC Milan that rolled up and was ready to lock horns with this very formidable Roma side. Roma had gone through a 10-game winning streak before the game against Juventus. The Roma ladies wanted to prove their intent showing the rest of Italy that a league title still is a possibility. Roma utterly dominated the Run of play from start to finish. However, that doesn’t always equate to maximum points. Roma moved the ball swiftly, passing at a highly high-level AC Milan at did not have many chances in the game. Still, former Roma star Lindsay Thomas would put AC Milan in front just past the half-hour mark; despite the lackluster product on the pitch, they took advantage of a chance, and despite their erratic play AC Milan we’re in front. AC Milan carried the lead into the second half, but Roma has only increased their pressure and eventually would breakthrough. Andressa Alves gave Roma that sense of inspiration, getting the equalizer at a very crucial time. Roma wants to finish in the top two even if they don’t win the title, and beyond that, the players are motivated to at least get something from it. Andressa Alves’s goal would push Romo on into the game’s late stages. Roma completely dominated AC Milan, but unfortunately, due to their inability to finish the chances, they suffer from it as it is another split point in back-to-back weeks. The possibility of winning the title may have been dented, But ultimately it is still there for Roma to make next year’s Champions League. This coming weekend it’s not going to get much easier; it will be a battle between second and third Roma on 39 points will go on the road hoping to do the double against Sassuolo, who are just three points back it could be a very defining moment of their season Roma has been without question the best team outside of the Juventus this season they dominated their last two games but have had to leave with just two points against Juventus and AC Milan it will be a platform for them to prove their worth, but it’s no secret Roma. They are disappointed unable to close the deal against AC Milan.

After preparations and predictions, the match got underway in Rome in a crucial fixture at the top of the table. Roma came out as the more effective team as they were seemingly trying to bolster their control. Very significant possession advantages and the way they were moving the ball and communicating with one another. It was an auspicious start for the Roma Milan didn’t seem as precise with the way they were playing. However, AC Milan would manage to muster up a few opportunities. Just passed the 10-minute mark on a set piece AC Milan at nearly take advantage. After a scramble in the box coming off a corner, the ball eventually Falls to Lindsey Thomas, who takes a ripping shot at Camelia Caesar, trying to out best her former teammate Roma’s Romanian shot-stopper manages to corral it. Just two minutes later, Roma would explode on a counterattack. Anna Serturini ran down the wing space and time; she was being pressurized by the AC Milan defense but still found enough space to run down the wing before crossing the ball into the box. Pamela Lazaro got on the end of it as she connected with her head but could not accurately place it as her header fired wide. AC Milan did have that early chance but found themselves having difficulty finding themselves in the game. Their passes were incredibly inaccurate, not moving the ball swiftly for the most part. Occasionally they would find themselves on the counterattack, but their movement in the build-up was relatively poor. Less than 10 minutes later, Roma nearly capitalized and probably should have scored. Anna Serturni being the creator, once again slung the ball to Pamela Lazaro. The goalkeeper came out at the last second Lazaro spread the ball towards Bernadetta Glionna, who had a clean look at a nearly empty she fired on target but hit the post in what should have been the opening goal. 2 minutes later, Manuela Guliano sends the ball into the box. Pamela Lazaro got her head on the end of it again, but the goalkeeper collected it. Roma was playing flawlessly; they were dominating, for the most part, they were looking really good in all aspects of the game. Unfortunately, sometimes it can bounce the opponent’s way in a game like this. In the 31st minute coming off a corner, lucky Milan fortunate Milan was able to get on the end of it as Lindsey Thomas puts in her opener with a header beating Camellia Caesar to give AC Milan a 1–0 lead. AC Milan’s first half was Dreadful, unfortunate so many mistakes; their passing was so erratic they were incredibly lucky to be in front as they were playing so poorly. Romo got on the break not long after; as Glionna threads the ball to Anna on the break, she would have an open look the Italian International follow through as the ball was heading for the back of the net until the AC Milan defense stuck a foot out and got a deflection. Talk about misfortunate but incredible defense at the same time. Glionna on a free kick near the scores in stoppage-time, hitting the post for the second time in the first half. As AC Milan held a 1–0 lead going into the second half. Roma dominated them in total control and was the better team in the game by far, but a little luck went the way of AC Milan. It was more of the same going into the second half. Roma was in total control and was dominating AC Milan, but it took a while for them to draw level. Still, eventually, they did in the 64th minute Andressa Alves strike from outside the box, a low connection hitting the right post before sliding the other direction into the bottom left corner as she has the equalizer for Roma as the Brazilian gives Roma an opportunity to now and go win it.

All of a sudden, AC Milan came back to life, at least in short sequences. Lindsay Thomas was played in Point Blank Range, and Camellia Caesar got her hands on the end of it again. Manuel Guliano replied with a deep strike from outside the box; tremendous play saved by the goalkeeper keeps it even. Minutes later, AC Milan, got themselves in a one-on-one, but Caesar denied Thomas yet again when she came outside the box to attend to the attack, saving before Angela Sofia cleared the ball out. With not much time left, managed to put together a couple of chances coming from a corner that was cleared out it would fall to Norwegian International Haavi, who followed through on a terrific strike but was a little off range. Moments later, Angela Sofia beat her Defender from just inside the box before following through the AC Milan goalkeeper made to save, pushing it into the crossbar. AC Milan got on the break at the end of the game; a cross came from inside the box, meeting Lindsay Thomas, but Camellia Caesar saves to end the action. Roma AC Milan split the points while the title Ambitions may have been dented. Roma keeps themselves in second place; unfortunately, luck was not on their side; despite manhandling AC Milan, they only get a point out of it.

Roma had an extensive and lengthy 10-game winning streak prior to the last two weeks. Just possible that Roma’s league title Ambitions might be a year away. However, this team will be ready to take the crown from Juventus next season. There’s still a slight possibility that they can do it this season, but after the last two results, that made it difficult. They have drawn with Juventus and AC Milan. Roma was significantly the better team in both of those games and had to deal with some unfortunate luck. The own goal against Juventus is the one that sticks out, and then this last weekend against AC Milan hitting the crossbar three times and AC Milan scoring off a set piece that was quite fortunate to begin with. The performance of the two goalkeepers with absolutely astounding AC Milan did not create a ton of chances, but when they did most of the time, it ended Camellia Caesar making a tremendous save. Roma outclassed them from start to finish, but the goals just weren’t there for them in the way that had been in past weeks. The performances haven’t been different; they’ve been consistent for the last 12 to 13 games; the difference is luck hasn’t been on their side in their last two games their performances have been excellent but finishing in front of goal against AC Milan You could argue was slightly an issue. Still, they hit the crossbar on three different occasions and AC Milan’s how-to-go line clearance. Collectively AC Milan’s performance was dreadful and lethargic. Less than 30% possession and their passing accuracy were at 54%. Roma absolutely was great, but unfortunately, due to excellent goalkeeping and dumb luck, the Roma women cannot collect maximum points. Next week they will take on 3rd place with a victory they can create separation and mutually confirm Champions League football next season it is a big match that they should have no problem getting to in the end. Roma has to be disappointed not to achieve maximum points. Still, their performances have not worsened, so they’ll be ready and out for any challenge that you put in front of them the rest of the season mind you, the Coppa Italia is something they very well could retain they got one foot in the door where they will meet one of the two teams that they have just played. Roma will be disappointed, but they will make the proper adjustments to finish the season strong.

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