Bernadetta Glionna Stars as Roma’s European Adventure starts with an Impressive win in Scotland #1532

A.S Roma 3 Glasgow City 1 FT

The Roma ladies qualified for the UEFA Champions League for the first time in club history as the giallorossi began their European adventure. In the qualifying phase of the Champions League. Roma has been busy bees in the transfer market, upgrading their squad significantly as they now believe they have the depth and quality to challenge Juventus for the throne this upcoming season. Some massive deals that will only help develop themselves in what could be a potentially successful European campaign this season. However, before the Roma ladies can get into the group stage, they would have to go through two rounds of qualifying to make it to the main event. On Thursday night, Spugna and a new look Roma traveled to Scotland for a meeting at Petershill Park in Glasgow to take on Glasgow City, the champions of Scotland last season. A must-win game. All the work that they have done over the last 18 months has led up to this moment. As a victory here in Scotland earns them the right for a Sunday night clash against Paris FC in Paris with the possibility of coming through and qualifying for the group stage. This is what it is all about as the European adventure begins.

The Champions League preliminary rounds got underway as things kicked off in Scotland with everything on the line. A new experience for the Romans, but they took to the game quite well. Despite the lack of experience, the new refined quality of the team showed its colors. Glasgow City not undergoing their first rodeo; they’ve been here before. Even though it didn’t necessarily end in success, The competition is familiar while Roma is playing their first games in European competitions. Glasgow City initiated the pressure early before Roma started finding themselves freely in the game. Glasgow City came reasonably close in the early parts of the game when the Scottish champions tried to pull a fast one on the inexperienced Roma. Hooking a corner going directly for goal as the curler only narrowly missing, gliding over the left post. Roma would hit back, though. Looking to find a way into the game, coming inches away from the opening goal. New signing Giacinti. Fed the ball towards Bartoli, the Roma captain struck, connecting on the wall veering for the bottom corner, but she couldn’t quite connect the way she would have liked. However, it wasn’t for too long before the Romans were in control. Pushing the tempo on the counterattack and finding ways to take advantage of some defensive vulnerability. Bernadetta Glionna collect the ball as she took everyone on, beating multiple Glasgow City players as she cuts into the box before rippling a shot at the keeper while taking a slight deflection. It ends up in the bottom corner as Roma would take a 1–0 lead.

It would be the inexperienced Italians that struck first, but there was still much to be done. Before not too long, the Scottish champions found a way back through. The high-pressing Glasgow attack put Roma on the back foot as they send across from the left blank into the box. The Roma defense and the Glasgow attack clashed on a collision course with both. Trying to get a touch on the ball, Unfortunately. Roma’s new defender Moeka Minami recently signed from Urawa Reds, tried to get a touch while being pressured, and ended up putting it into the back of her own net. As the own goal levels the match for Glasgow City. However, Roma wasn’t discouraged as they continued to get after it and put pressure on the hosts in Scotland. After a poor pass. Manuela Giugliano collects the ball before ripping a strike from a long distance, cutting through the Scottish defense, but the goalkeeper manages to collect. Before not too long, they were in again. Brazilian international Andressa Alves was given the ball in traffic as Glasgow City stacked the box. She tries to fire on goal, but a deflection causes a corner. Coming off the corner, It happens to land at the feet of Bernadetta Glionna as she connects on a deep strike attempting to steer it into the bottom corner. But once again, the Scottish goalkeeper manages to get her hands on it. As time expired in the first half, Glasgow City came close as they sent a crossing from a deep free kick. Managing to get on the end of it, but the late touch towers over the goal. Time expires in the first half of this Champions League Qualifier, with the Scottish Champions and the Italians on level terms with a big 45 minutes remaining.

Considering Roma’s inexperience, they looked strong in the first half. Even though Glasgow City presented a significant challenge that the Romans would have to face front-on in the second half, this is Champions League football. They found themselves dealing with a real challenge, but one that they showed glimpses in that first half that they could handle and breakthrough. Glasgow City came out very aggressive in the very early portions of the second half. With their high press that came in numbers pinning Roma back in their own box. They came on a break, but great Roma defense causes Glasgow City to hit a very disoriented shot that just goes into the arms of Camilla Caesar. Bernadetta Glionna attempted to get the game back in Roma’s control when she nearly scored an absolute stunner. Coming off the wing, She cuts inside before making her move, then attempting to hit a strike with pace curling into the bottom corner. However, even though she hit it as perfectly as possible, She didn’t quite hit the mark as it came very close to finding the bottom corner. Roma continued to be the more ambitious of the two sides, with their inexperience not having any bearing on their performance. Andressa Alves showed the Brazilian flare outsmarting her defender and looking for that top corner. A well-hit strike but hit the top post. It really seemed as if Roma were really soaking up the pressure and were going to find a way through eventually. Then the moment arrived through The incredible skills and footwork of Pamela Lazaro. The Spanish striker, who has been Roma’s top scorer the last two seasons, channeled her inner Neymar. At the top of the box showed some incredible flashy footwork going in and around the defender protecting the top of the box before sending a through ball into Bernadetta Glionna, who converted a strike into the bottom corner after being set up beautifully by the Spaniard as Roma took the 2–1 lead. Glasgow City tries to break through and come back. They push the ball forward before striking. A very powerful hit ball from just inside the box. However, the Romanian keeper Camellia Caesar made a last-ditch save, keeping the Italians in front. Then before not too long. Roma would put an exclamation point on the victory. Bernadette Glionna breaks out of the defense as Lazaro times her run perfectly. The Italian delivers the ball to Lazaro, who followed through as her strike is buried down main street. Roma’s Spaniard poses as Roma more or less confirm their advancement to the next round. The referee blew its whistle as Roma is through to the playoff round of the Champions League with one win away from the group stage of this year’s competition.

Roma’s inexperience in European football didn’t show. As for large proportions of the game, they were the more assertive side that always looked as if they were on the verge of a breakthrough. Glasgow City had experience in this competition. They were at home in Scotland, but the Italians were able to overcome them, starting their European adventure on the right foot. Collectively the squad looked tough and seasoned and could coexist with the pressures of the competition. They get through with an impressive showing in a 3–1 victory. Bernadette Glionna looked fantastic in her movements, her execution, her playmaking ability already looking like it was in mid-season form, getting herself a brace and then sending it to bed. Applying Lazaro with a third. Sunday night, their Champions League journey will take another tail in the playoff round. They will stay in Scotland as they will clash with Paris FC on Sunday in hopes of securing a place in the group stage of the Champions League. Glasgow City will still have a chance to go through if they are to beat Swiss side Servette in the 3/4 place playoff. Roma’s opponent Paris FC has two incredible individuals that Roma must be ready to challenge and contend with. Clara Matteo in midfield is a serious threat, and Chiamaka Nnadozie as a safe pair of hands in goal are two big difficulties they could face. Paris FC finished third in the French League last season will be a challenging test for the inexperienced Italians. However, Roma looked strong and confident as their first Champions League match goes smoothly on their way to the next round of this competition. Paris FC will be a whole another test but a test they will be yearning for. A victory on Sunday and a spot in the group stage is there for the taking.


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