Secimic Arrival Serie A’s Best Valentina Giacinti Joins the SheWolf #1507

The Roma women have been very active this summer. They have made their intention quite clear. Roma has already acquired Carina Wenninger, One of the best defenders in the world, on loan from Bayern Munich, Elin Landstrom joining from Inter Milan, and Norma Cinotti coming from Empoli as she will work with Spugna once again. They’ve already done a tremendous job of putting a team together that can take the throne off the head of the old lady. Just as Paolo Dybala signs with Roma in a massive power shift in the eternal City. The women have made an equally impactful move that could see Roma get into their gear and take the crown. ROMA BRINGS A TRUE SUPERSTAR INTO THE MIX. A 3-time league top scorer and, in my opinion, the best player in the league Valentina Giacinti.

One of the Most Prolific Goal Scorers In Serie A History

Valentina Giacinti is one of the most dangerous attackers in Italian football; she is as demoralizing in front of goal. She started scoring goals from a very young age and hasn’t looked back; she’s played for four different Serie A teams and has been a constant connection in front of goals. We’re talking about a player who is one of the most historic strikers in women’s Italian football. A true superstar that can carve open any defense. Valentina Giacinti is approaching 200 goals in Serie A with still plenty of room to grow and plenty of quality to give; being only 28 years old, she is coming into a prime at exactly the right time, almost cushioning the move to Roma. While making an incredible statement toward the rest Roma is on a mission to rip the crown off the old lady. Valentina Giacinti grew up in Bergamo, going through the youth setup at Atalanta. They were in Serie A, then ended up making her debut at 16. The youngest player to ever play a match in the Italian top flight. For most of her time, there was in the second division 3 years playing for her hometown. She scored 34 goals in 56 games. Ultimately prompting a move to Napoli, she only spent one year in Naples, scoring 17 goals in her lone season there. She left Italy to play in America with Seattle; she won a cup before finding a route back to Italy. Returning to her hometown, joining Mozzanica, a Bergamo-based club. She spent four seasons at the club. This is where she exploded; she scored 86 goals in 96 games in 2015–16, being her finest winning the Golden Boot as the top scorer in the league with 32 goals in 22 games. It wasn’t potential anymore. She morphed herself into a superstar in Italian football. She left her hometown again, this time joining Empoli. She experienced her first Champions League matches during her time at Empoli; it was short-lived though she scored 21 goals and captured the super cup before grabbing the attention of AC Milan. In her last season at Empoli into The start at AC Milan, she became arguably the best player in the league, and in my opinion, that’s exactly what she’s been ever since. Having already won the Golden Boot twice, she was the top scorer again in her first season at AC Milan with 22 goals. In her five years at AC Milan, she captured historical landmarks being the club’s first-ever player to reach 50 goals. She also became captain and was the most prolific thing in Italian. An executioner in front of goal was second to none, and it didn’t stop anywhere she went. No matter what club, she is a mammoth of a goal Scorer that only needs half a chance to find the back of the net. One of the most dangerous attacking forces in Italy, and there are no signs that that will change anytime soon. She was a part of the AC Milan team that lost the Copa Italia final against Roma 2 years ago. It seems almost ironic that now she will wear the Roman colors. During January last season, Roma tried to negotiate a deal to bring her earlier, but Roma wanted an option to buy at the end of the loan, so they ended up backing out. However, she did go to Fiorentina, only playing seven games, scoring three goals before the move to Roma finally materialized. Roma already has a very potent attack with the various weapons they have. Valentina’s arrival here changes absolutely everything. Roma is a much more difficult team now that they have just secured the best player in the league. Some will say I’m incorrect, but I will stand on the table and say it with my chest. She is a prolific goal scorer that can thrive in mutually any system, has the gift of clinical finishing, and is an absolute monster. This is the best goal scorer in the league. Look at the number 183 goals in the league at 28 years old on top of all that, she has an imposing goal-scoring record for Italy. She was at the last European championships and participated in the previous world cup scoring 18 times in 54 games. She also scored a goal in the round of 16 in that tournament. In her career thus far, she has 234 goals. In total, We are talking about an extreme level that has proven it and done it at the very top of the game and now is joining a team that will only take it to another level.

A True Adversary Joins the SheWolves

Valentina Giacinti wore the AC Milan colors for many years, constantly being an inconvenience to Roma. As a club should have nothing but respect for the way she operated and how she conducted herself on the pitch. However, we can’t sit up here and say she wasn’t an adversary to the Roman team for a long time. Valentina is a goal-scoring machine, a lethal combination of athleticism movement and clinical finishing ability. Valentine is an absolute menace in front of goal, as I have broken down already. However, whenever she came up against Roma, she took that extra step to obliterate us. She was an enemy, but an enemy that we respect. Valentina has the second most goals against Roma out of any other player showing the level she brought when AC Milan took on Roma. She did come up on the short end of the stick in the Copa Italia final two years ago; it was a sense that Roma got the better of her at that very moment. It’s funny how situations can change and how things can evolve in the game. The musical chairs or moving parts of all of it. It’s hard to imagine the emotion she felt after losing that final against Roma that she would be playing for them in two years’ time, but that’s exactly how everything has evolved and come into play. But for those who don’t remember, she used to be a thorn in the side against Roma. She always came to play and put her best foot forward against the Shewolf. It’s hard even to comprehend or imagine. Then now, she’s going to put on that jersey that she terrorized the most. Valentina will now come into this wearing the shirt she has had the most success playing against. From a Roma perspective, pulling this off feels like a masterstroke. There was some disconnect between Valentina and AC Milan. It wasn’t a great relationship in the end, and it ended up contributing to potentially the downfall of what was an extremely top AC Milan side. She’s not the only Domino to fall, but in the coming years, I think we’ll see this is the one that will hurt the most. AC Milan may have brought in Kosovare Asllani, an incredibly top player for real Madrid but let me tell you something. She isn’t Valentina, and she won’t be able to contribute the way Valentina did. To even try to comprehend the decision to let Valentina go on loan to Florence Midway through last season when they were fighting for Champions League just blows my mind. She is the biggest difference maker on AC Milan and has been for many years. It’s not the only reason that AC Milan missed out on the Champions League, and it’s not the only reason Roma managed it. However, letting her contribute elsewhere was an erratic mistake in every sense of it. I don’t quite understand the entire situation, but if you’re trying to chase down the champions league spot. You have the best player in the league on your team, The fact that AC Milan couldn’t put it aside and figure out a way to make it work and instead sacrificed their best player in doing so, seeing the champions league dream crumble at the expense of the team that Valentina is joining. Valentina will have a point to prove, especially against AC Milan next season, but also wants to contribute to Roma potentially winning their first League title in club history. She was on the losing side against Roma in 2019. Now she will have a chance to make history and make amends for all of it. AC. Milan has managed to do terrific business over the years. This is one of the moments that AC Milan will not be fond of in the future. They let go of Camellia Caesar, one of the best goalkeepers in the league, Manuela Guliano. The best midfielder in the league and now Valentina. After being an enemy for so long. Valentina will directly link up with her former teammates, hoping to push the next step for Roma only. Adding to the history rivals for years but now. Valentina is an asset to this Roma team.

Experienced and Proven

Roma is undergoing their first season in The Champions League. I suspect it is going to be a difficult challenge. They are up for but still will be the new girls on the block in this year’s Champions League. They already have received their first playoff in hopes of getting into the group stage as they will take on Paris FC. Assuming they will get through, They will need a couple of players with certain aspects that could be very influential in them having a successful campaign in Europe. Valentina is one of the elite strikers in Europe. There’s no questioning that looking at the resume evaluates what she’s been able to achieve at the top level. Coming into this situation next season regarding both the Champions League and the league, she has exactly what is needed. Valentina is experienced. She’s played in the Champions League; she has tested herself at various different clubs, undergoing different types of coaches that play different systems. Her ability to adapt is a big part of that. The Champions League is about adaptability. There might be a concrete plan and place sometimes against European Giants. It’s going to go off the rails and need players within the squad veterans that can pick the girls up and get them going in the proper manner. Valentina has won trophies in Italy and abroad; she’s played at the world cup and European championships. She’s been physically, emotionally, and mentally tested in many different situations. Those type of qualities could prove to be a lot, especially regarding a team going into their first campaign of Champions League football and a Roma side that have expectations to win the league. Her experience in different things she has been through during her long career. Certainly could significantly impact a Roma team with extremely high expectations.

The Best Player In the League: Valentina Giacinti takes Roma to the Throne

Valentina Giacinti is one of the most prolific attackers in Italian football. I’ve kind of been beating this drum, but I’m trying to represent the implications of how massive this is. She has played on several different teams throughout Italy. No matter what the circumstances are, she always concisely delivers. She is a gifted goal scorer; We already know this. Yet this makes a considerable state that Roma already has the quality from back to front and has done a terrific job upgrading their squad, adding more depth by the day they could go after the best player in the league and secure a deal. Valentina Giacinti is a difference maker correlated with the ambitions that the club will have there’s upcoming season. It is clear as day that there is a significant gap between Juventus Roma and everybody else, regardless of what has been brought in by the other teams surrounding them; this will be a fight until the end. The only thing that seemed to be missing from this Roma team ahead of the season was a superstar that could guarantee 15+ goals per season. Roma had superstar power in their attack before this deal getting done, but a player like Valentina Giacinti gives Roma another element. It could potentially push them over the top and even give them a slight edge against Juventus. Valentina Giacinti has over 180 league goals. The numbers speak for themselves not to ignore the fact that everywhere she is gone, she has dominated. She arrives in a perfect situation with certain familiarity with the squad. Roma now has depth across the board with a player who can make the difference in the season’s biggest games. Valentina Giacinti lives and thrives for the big games. She is unfazed, and those types of moments with extreme pressure and expectation. There are times when it’s just time to win, and she will have the right mentality to get it done, and in that sense, she reminds me a little bit of Damian Lillard in the sense that when she is firing and is at her peak.She’s almost impossible to stop. She is gifted and an unstoppable goal scorer. We already know this; however, putting her into a team that already has formidable pieces around her. It will give her an opportunity with a high potential to score many goals and be an impact performer in Roma’s biggest games in the Champions League and the league as they plan to fight for the title. Think about the formidable attack that they already have. Anna Serturini One of the most athletic and quick wingers in the league that has a knack for goals, especially on the curler. When she hits it with the right velocity, it is almost impossible to even get a hand on it. On the other side. Bernadetta Gilonna is a magician with the ball, especially in counter-attacking situations. Not to mention Pamela Lazaro’s 10-plus goals two years running. Alves in behind as a creator while also knowing how to find the back of the net. The midfield maestro Giuliano the best midfielder in the league and is so comfortable on the ball, is the orchestrator of what Roma does. Everything in starts and ends with her. Not to forget the defense that is strong, and Roma has upgraded the midfield and the defensive position this summer. She’s going to be surrounded by top players everywhere. She looks Roma also has the squad depth with quality on their bench that can make a difference. The scoring ability is granted. Performing in big games is granted. On top of that, you’re talking about a player with a lot of experience in Italy who has proven to be a factor for many years. Both on the club level and internationally. She’s played against the best players; she has played with the best players. Her skill set is remarkable, and now for the first time in her career, she’s surrounded by a team with quality everywhere. There doesn’t seem to be a significant weakness, and right now, Juventus might be the favorites, but Roma can go play for player in a lot of areas and have the advantage. It is in truly incredible Coop that Roma had pulled this off. The aggressiveness to go with this approach. Trying to take Roma up a notch, even more so in pulling off a deal. Getting a player of her quality is astounding. Valentina Giacinti is the best player in this league, and some will try to protest against this, but I’ve said this for a long time. There is not a player that brings as much daily as Valentina. She is purely in a class almost by herself. Girelli is incredible. One of the top players in the league, but if you evaluate everything that is happening, Roma now has the best player in the league. Valentina is a surgical goal. Scorer with service or without it. This season Roma has the team that will get her the ball regularly, putting her in attacking positions, but she doesn’t need it. She has the dribbling skills of a midfielder, the passing ability of an explosive winger, the movement and versatility of a false nine, and the determination and effort of a center-back All swiveled up together. She is especially deadly on the counter-attack. This season, Roma will get on counters; adding her into the mix makes the Roma attack impossible to stop. She can hold a high line as an attacking forward. We’re also can slip in behind. She can adapt to any situation that they have. She’s versatile; she can score a goal in any conceivable way and is as consistent as anyone. We are talking about the most dangerous goal scorer in Italy, and now all of a sudden, she is surrounded by playmakers that will make this Roma team the team to beat Roma outplayed Juventus in two of their three meetings. Misfortune stood in the way. What stood in the way was a superstar that would get up to the big games and take over with Valentina in Rome. Everyone’s in trouble


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