Europe’s Biggest Stories #1550

Erling Haaland Will Break every Record if He stays long enough

Erling haaland is already proving to be an absolute machine in English football. He has proven himself to perform at a high level as a natural goal scorer in Austria, Norway, Germany, and now England. Manchester City has a prize that might be what is needed to finally get the monkey off their back and win the Champions League. Bayern Munich and Real Madrid should remain favorites for the trophy because of their history in this competition. But this could be the year Manchester City finally answers the bell. All the negativity and pessimism surrounding his arrival to the Premier League has been answered and accounted for. The claims that were being made were quite honestly ridiculous..When he signed for Manchester City, he walks into that league as the best striker, with all due respect to Harry Kane. Erling Haaland Is just a different type of level. The myth that you have to play in the Premier League to be a great player is ridiculous, so people questioned whether or not he could adapt to English football. The Norwegian freight train is 6’4 physically imposing of steel, and is rapid as any player at this position. Yet those had the audacity to think somehow he would struggle to flourish in a league that only favors his strengths. It is a league of athleticism, pace, and power. All things that he does. Score a hat trick on his Champions League debut and scored a hat trick on his Bundesliga debut. He is truly a specimen. They don’t make players like this. His combination of skills and physical gifts is outrageous. Another thing that was said is he wouldn’t be able to adapt to pep Guardiola’s Manchester City and the style of play. They have won the Premier League the last several years without a striker, and now they have one of the best in the world, and somehow there are those that thought Erling Haaland wouldn’t be able to adapt. He has a big miss against Liverpool in the community shield, and all of a sudden, people start claiming that this isn’t going to work. What does he do next? Two goals against West Ham, a goal against Newcastle United that inspired a comeback to see them. Get a point; last weekend, down by two against Crystal Palace, scored a hat trick to inspire a comeback again. Tonight against Nottingham Forest. He scores a hat trick again. He is an absolute machine that is going to be scoring at an extremely high level. Win the Golden Boot without hesitation. In the history of the Premier League, at least in the last 10 years, This has been the most obvious golden boot winner. He is going to score 30 goals in the Premier League, and he could go for 40 to 50 goals in all competitions. This is a future Ballon d’Or winner. I believe his long-term future resides at the Santiago Bernabeu; however, if it doesn’t, and he stays at Manchester City for a long period of time, he will break every single goal-scoring record in Premier League history. He’s going to be such a commodity in the next couple of years, developing himself as one of the best players in the world already, that Real Madrid won’t have a choice when Benzema is no longer there at a top level erling haaland Will be his replacement. I am almost certain of this. This will probably not occur for a couple of years, but I believe that’s where his destiny lies. However, if it does not, every record that currently stands will fall. You look at every record that exists in Premier League football for a striker. He will obliterate every single one. Erling haaland Isn’t quite at the level of Karim Benzema and Robert Lewandowski. However, as it stands, he is not far off from it. He’s a world-class player but only is going to grow and thrive in a team that is full of ballers. He is already answered every critic that has been on his back, every last one. He will tear a hole in the Premier League as he is already done. Nine goals in five games, and the season has barely started. The Norwegian freight train is coming and very well could be the difference in the Champions League. We are looking at a potential 50-goal scorer this season, and he’s only getting warmed up.

Chelsea’s at Fault for Lukaku and Timo Werner’s Demise

Chelsea is on the verge of implosion already this season. Seemingly have significant issues throughout their team despite the money they have spent and the name they have brought in. It’s very early in the Premier League season, but serious doubts begin to hover over Chelsea’s ability to qualify for the Champions League. Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich was sanctioned before Todd Boley took over as Chelsea’s majority owner. Before any of that happened, They made some grave mistakes along the way that leads them to this moment. In 2020 they brought Timo Werner from RB Leipzig for 49 million. A year later, Romelu Lukaku returned to Chelsea for 97 million Kai havertz was brought in from Leverkusen for 80 million. Certainly, a lot of money to invest in three attacking players that were supposed to take them to the next level and get them to the promised land with the hope of inching them closer to Liverpool and Manchester City. Chelsea may have won the Champions League and got into an FA cup final. Thomas Tuchel came into this team with success, but problems have followed. Chelsea has made poor decisions on a regular basis. They are still miles off Liverpool and Manchester City, even more so now than ever before. They have used Lukaku and Timo Werner as the scapegoat for the collapse and downfall at Chelsea. They were ultimately unsuccessful in their time at Stanford bridge. It won’t be before too long that Kai Havertz is also held somewhat responsible too. The three of them may have underperformed. None of them can really be considered a success, but not all of it was their own doing. Each of them does need to take a level of responsibility, but if we ask the question that the answer will be unflattering. Lukaku, Timo Werner, and Kai havertz lack of success at Chelsea is not their part; Chelsea is to blame for all of them. None of them were put in a position to be successful. They were set up to fail. The three of them will then be used as a scapegoat to justify changes that were eventually made. Lukaku is a system-based player. Even though it is the truth in the 352, he is elite and one of the best in the world when played correctly when he is the essential piece of the puzzle. Chelsea was lacking a striker, and none better than Lukaku. However, he was the team’s top score in all competitions. In addition to that, not once was the formation that Lukaku is designed to play truly used. He wasn’t given a fair shot. Lukaku then broke the silence about his departure from Inter Milan and his regrets over the way he handled the decision. The English Media and the Chelsea fans made it all about Chelsea when it had nothing to do with them. The interview he gave didn’t do him any favors and did have something to do with the demise, but that is not why Lukaku didn’t work at Chelsea. He wasn’t put in a position to succeed. Timo Werner was a scoring machine at RB Leipzig. Similarly, he hasn’t played in a way that suited his strength. He missed a lot of big chances at Chelsea yet had some incredible moments. His impact on the Chelsea team during the Champions League run is undeniable. His record with Chelsea when he started as an almost spotless record. Werner is a striker that likes a partner next to him that likes to move in behind and drift wide putting a winger next to him neutralizes his strength. He can thrive by himself. He was constantly played out of position, and when he struggled, the Chelsea fans ate him alive. Instead of putting their arms around him, they obliterated his morale and confidence. Essentially the entire time he was there. While the issue with him wasn’t his system, they didn’t really put him in a space where he felt like he could thrive. The second he had a bad game. They killing the spirit of a player that needed some confidence. He never was able to have that. Even though he’s considered a huge failure, if you look at the impact he has made in big games, It’s not just goals and assists, the runs. he makes the movement induced in a positive way to Chelsea. Kai has yet to be used as a scapegoat, but he will. Kai Havertz has never played in his position, not once. Now while he did score the Champions League-winning goal and hasn’t really been a flop, he hasn’t been what he was supposed to be. The reason for this is he is not a false nine, and he is not a striker. He is a central attacking midfielder; that is his craft that his element while he played at those positions. Occasionally his best work is done in the central attacking midfield role. So Chelsea can blame whatever they want. But Timo Werner has four goals already in his return to Leipzig, Lukaku a goal and assist already with inter Milan and Kai havertz a player that remains. Remains but ultimately will get phased out and will get blamed for the implosion. Chelsea has a striker. The exact players that they let walk out the door are the exact ones that they need.They have spent a ton of money with only seven points to show for it. They got obliterated by Leeds United and couldn’t beat Southampton. This is a team no longer in a Champions League conversation. They’re going to be fighting with Manchester United for Europa League football. Even though Thomas Tuchel’s immediate success, his situation is imploding. The new owners, sooner rather than later, will want to make their own appointment. They inherited him. It wasn’t someone they chose. They’ve already gone off to a horrific start to the season. They’re in a situation where they have to dig themselves out of a hole. The very ones they have used as a scapegoat are the ones they need right now. Chelsea can blame whoever they want. That’s not my business, but if you want a real answer of who was responsible for Timo Werner Lukaku and Kai havertz failing at Chelsea, It seems like it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Robert Lewandowski is still the World’s Best

Robert Lewandowski remains to be the best player in the world. Karim Benzema is a close. Second, those two are on an island by themselves. However, there are so many great players throughout European football that will be taking the reins of the top within a matter of time. Robert Lewandowski and Karim Benzema are on a level all by themselves. Karim Benzema will win the Ballon D’or and even though it is a lot closer in comparison than people realize because of the champions league performances. Kareem Benzema should win the Ballon d’Or. However, Robert Lewandowski is still the best player on the planet. We have seen what he has done in Munich for so many years, and now Benzema and Lewandowski are in the same league. Robert has arrived in La Liga and has lifted Barcelona to an extremely high level already. There’s no doubt these two will be fighting for the league title. Robert was on pace to be the highest-scoring player in the history of German football. A Bayern Munich gave him a team that certainly, with Robert still there, would have won the Champions League. However, for Robert, it was more important to him to experience something different. It was not the most professional way to handle himself, and ultimately he will live to regret it, at least partly when Bayern Munich won the Champions League without him. However, he got his move eventually, and he got off running with four goals and three games. He has scored a brace in back-to-back games and is cooking in Barcelona. He continues to show his incredible quality, and even though I have a little less love for him for making the move, he is still the best player in the world, and he is showing it weekend and week out. Barcelona is probably the most corrupt Football club in the world. They have been able to spend 200 million when they are in so much debt that in any other situation, they will be prevented from making signings. It is a great team, but there’s no self-respect left at the Camp Nou. However, it does not underline the fact that Robert is performing at an incredibly elite level already. He’s gone into a different country in just a few games into Spanish football. He is already shown his unbelievable abilities that have been displayed on a regular basis. The Ballon D’or dream is probably dead as history robbed him of winning this award twice. However, he’s gone into a new country and is already been putting in work on a regular basis. Benzema is elite, One of the best players in the world, but Robert still remains to me on the top of that mountain. In Barcelona, a brand new club, he is hit the ground running with no hesitation. Barcelona is in the group of death in the Champions League. They will be meeting Bayern Munich. They will not be them. Bayern Munich will take maximum points, but a champion league run could be on the cards just based on his presence alone. Without Robert Lewandowski, this Barcelona team is not scaring anyone. Even though they have some incredible quality within the squad, The reason they will be mounting a title chase this season is because of Robert Lewandowski. There’s no other way around it. He is the most valuable asset that they have, and he is just warming up to what he can potentially do. Once he gets more of a feel for his teammates that’s around him; he will continue to take this to another level. He may be playing for the most corrupt, but he still is the best of the best.


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