Roma vs Juventus Talking Points#1544

Winning Mentality Mourinho Brought to Rome

Jose Mourinho has changed absolutely everything in this Roma side. We can talk about the upgrades that Roma has made since his arrival. The incredible summer that Roma just had as they continue to add high-quality additions. While not spending a lot of money, They have been shrewd operators in the Mercato. However, I’m talking about the other things that he brings into every club that he’s involved in. There have been situations where the special one hasn’t been given a fair shot. He has an incredible support system around him, and the club has given him a real opportunity to build something very different than what he is accustomed to. With the other jobs that he has had, The expectation has been to win immediately. He is building something with this Roma project. There’s plenty of time to build this into a winner and got off to a roaring start. Despite finishing six last season, the conference League title was important. We can talk about his style of play the squad he has put together the way he played with his team. However, that’s not what I want to focus on here. Saturday night. Roma went into Allianz Stadium in Turin. They managed to escape with a point. We can talk about the lack of performance, but Roma still gets something from this game. This is the influence of the winning mentality that the special one possesses prior to his arrival. Roma has been horrendous against the top six. Last season Roma did the double against Atalanta, a team that hadn’t beaten in 5 years. He wins the Derby last and showed qualities against the more difficult teams in the league. In recent memory, Roma never really stood a chance of beating Juventus; only on two occasions had Roma found a way through to earn the points. This is the impact he has had. In the very mental part of the game, his team fights until the end and manages to find a way through. Even if the performance lacks something to be desired, he is harsh, but the players certainly benefit from it after the first half with absolutely no creativity. He told his team he was ashamed to be their coach. In his post-game interview, he criticized Tammy Abraham’s play. He is not afraid, to be honest, as brutal as it may sound. The Romans have taken to this, and it has been a huge part of his success. This approach did not work at Manchester United. Luke Shaw, in particular, did not like this way of management. There are so many things that Roma in that game, but They were able to dig deep and find a way through. Paolo Dybala connects with Tammy Abraham as they leave with the point. They were a completely different team in second half, but still, the game started so poorly, and because I’m mentality and attitude, they dug themselves out of it and take a point. That is 7 points from a possible 9. A wicked start to the season as Roma has three winnable games before the big clash in October against Inter Milan. Even in the low moments of that performance, the mentality and attitude of the team are night and day. In comparison, Roma felt like a club that didn’t really have a future as the direction was unclear. The new ownership and the arrival of Jose changed the mentality and attitude of Roma. They do not come back in that game and get a point prior to his arrival. His impact really shines through and even in a game with poor performance, they managed to get through it. That was the first test, and even though they did not play particularly well, they passed the test, getting a point against Juventus in their first true challenge of the season in a game. They did not play well. They still leave with something that is a testament to Jose Mourinho and what he is building.

Where is this Juve Going with Allegri?

Juventus simply do not strike the fear into teams the way they used to. Juventus ran Italian football for a long time. It eventually imploded as they are undergoing back-to-back seasons where they weren’t really a part of the title race. The decision to bring Max Allegri back has caused major mayhem within Juventus. He is part of the implosion that we have seen, As Juventus has become the polar opposite of what they were. When you’re talking about history and tradition in Italian football, Juventus symbolizes that they are the biggest club and the most successful team in Italian football history. They dominated this league, and now it is really unclear where they are going. Under. Sarri won the league and had the potential to be something special. They never gave him the time to build the squad. They have made rash decisions, and the culture and winning intangibles. They once had doesn’t really exist in the same way. Max Allegri has turned Juventus into a toxic and dysfunctional environment and doesn’t really have a sense of the qualities in his team and how to get the best out of it. If Juventus had any balls whatsoever, they would make a decision before it gets any worse. Max Allegri has always been surrounded by extreme talent. There’s a lot of quality on this side, but it doesn’t have the level of standard that some of his past years he had. He doesn’t have a sense of direction with this team. He’s ripping Juventus from the inside, even if he’s not meaning to do so. He is not equipped to captain this ship unless the plan is to captain it into the ground. Juventus should have won the game on Saturday. They started as well as they possibly could have imagined, scoring inside 2 minutes with Vlahovic coming up big yet again. The game plan didn’t work, and Juventus didn’t have a plan B. Typically speaking, against Roma at home, they score early and take control. That is what they attempted to do, but it was clear. Roma made some changes in the second half that began to push the need a little more. Rome was brutal in the first half in Juventus. Should have scored more goals under those circumstances. In the second half, Rome was arguably the better team. They didn’t deserve maximum points, but they were much sharper in that second half, and the chances rue by Juventus prevented them from doing so. Their approach and strategy have remained unchanged in this particular matchup. Honestly, going into the game, that is the approach they should have taken but when it started to go off the rails, max Allegri didn’t make the adjustments needed. Furthermore, the finishing in front of goal on Saturday was not up to standard. Juventus need to be really careful now. They have dropped important points in their last two games, and even though they are a well-balanced squad with a team capable of challenging for the league title, They lack the certain materials that have always made. Juventus is great. In the past, when Juventus had played poorly, they still managed to get a result. Now when they’re playing poorly, they’re getting exactly what they deserve. They have plenty of time to rebound from this and still have a very successful season. However, this is an internal problem now. Max Allegri, even with the talent he has, isn’t getting the best of it and seems to be driving this right into the iceberg. They looked average all over the pitch for large portions of the game outside of the individual world-class players they possess as a team. They didn’t provide much into the killed-the-game long before they let Roma back into it. The iceberg seems to be exactly where this team is heading.

Poor Attacking Performance

Roma showed their mentality and mental strength on their way to stealing a point. However, the performance left something to be desired. It was an erratic 45 minutes. They nearly lost in the first half hour. If it wasn’t for the handball on the second goal, Roma would never have been even given an opportunity to break through. They started poorly, and the momentum was with Juventus most of the game. Despite all the issues that Juventus clearly has, Roma did not handle themselves nearly well enough. They rarely back in the second half and looked much sharper, but the first-half performance was completely unacceptable. Even though they have the qualities, especially in attacking areas, They found it very difficult to create much of anything. In the first half, the only chance they had was Lorenzo Pellegrini’s strike that fell into the goalkeeper’s hands. A wild hit by Cristante and an off-target header from Roger Ibanez. There are plenty of positives. You can take the mentality, the way they thought back, and the defensive structure. But Roma has one of the best-attacking personnel in the league. Zaniolo wasn’t there as he was injured but even without him. Roma should have been much more dangerous in creating chances for the squad. Paolo Dybala headed to terrific performance, getting that assist and doing everything he can to essentially pull the strings. However, anything Roma was doing in the creative areas didn’t lead to anything. They were let down by that aspect. It wasn’t that they were unprepared. They were prepared. They just didn’t show up in the way they absolutely needed to. Luckily they survived the night and get that point, but their first-half performance is concerning. Like I said last week, this is a new team. It’s going to take a while for things to click, but Tammy Abraham isn’t a new player. I absolutely love Tammy Abraham. He is one of the most likable players on the squad and has become a fan favorite. However, despite getting the goal, he did not put his best performance forward. He was essentially invisible until the last 25 minutes. He didn’t have the best service, which found things difficult, but he didn’t put his best forward either. We’re going to need Tammy Abraham at his sharpest on Saturday didn’t show him in the best light. He became the third highest English goal scorer in Italy. All time with his important goal. However, as a collective, he wasn’t sharp enough. We need him at his best for this Roma team to truly be the danger that they are capable of becoming this season. The entire attack really struggled with any sort of stability or inventiveness. Ultimately, Roma does get the point in the end, but the performance wasn’t inducive of the result. The midfield did almost nothing. The connection between them and the attack was non-existent. It really was a concerning aspect. I stand by what I said last week. It is going to take time for them to click together. They’re going to be a dangerous team in the attacking constellation. There’s no doubt about that, but ultimately on the night it was an embarrassing opening half. Everything changed in the second half. It was so bad. There’s going to be a lot of pressure on this Roma team, and they can handle it. They have to learn from the mistakes they made in that first half and assess it to the next couple of games. Andrea Belotti has arrived in Rome which only adds another ounce of pressure as he is another attacking talent being added to an already stacked deck. Roma must avoid this type of display. They managed to get something from it, but they have to be better. Simple as that.


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